What are the Best Sex Toys for Women?

What are the best sex toys for the ladies? It all depends, no two women are the same of course. But with the said there are some that stand out as being really good and they are all listed in this post…

Before I tell you my thoughts on the top female adult toys I want to share a little secret with you. I LOVE my toy collection! I think all women should have plenty of choice when it comes to their toys. After all they don’t hurt anyone, they are good fun and the give a LOT of pleasure!

Check out this list of the top ten best toys for the ladies:

    1. The top luxury vibrators for womenLuxury vibrators – With vibrators, you get what you pay for. Don’t get me wrong cheaper vibes will make you cum, but the top brands are so much better. They work better, they feel better, they last much, much longer, they come with rechargeable batteries and they look so much sexier! If you can afford to splash out on a more luxurious vibe you wont regret it. (You will probably save money in the long run as well).
    2. Glass dildos and vibrators – Wow! These are great. I love them for two reasons. Firstly because they are so hard and rigid I can use them to hit exactly the spot I want. (Plastic or rubber toys sometimes have a bit of give in them which can make me miss the magic spot). Secondly, they can be warmed up or cooled down to enjoy some sexy temperature play. If you haven’t tried this you NEED to!
    3. G-spot toys – G-spot orgasms are amazing and in my opinion so much better than  clitoral ones. Thankfully for us ladies the sex toy engineers have created special vibes and dildos that make it much, much easier for us to find this powerful spot for the BEST orgasms!
    4. Fucking machines – Be careful if you buy one of these you might just end up ditching your lover! 😉 . Sex machines are basically a box with a thrusting metal rod which is attached to a dildo. The machines are mains powered and have remote controls to vary the speed and depth of the thrusting motion. They never get tired, they never suffer from premature ejaculation and they never complain… The perfect lover perhaps? 😉
    5. Sex swings – Strapping with a seat attached, designed to hold someone in place while they are fucked senseless! Great for long sessions and finding those perfect sex positions when propping up some cushions just wont do. If you like having long sex sessions these are a must in my opinion.
  1. Remote controlled vibrators – I LOVE THESE TOYS. Either internal or clitoral vibes, put in place under clothes and then worn out to parties, bars, clubs or wherever you chose to have fun. One person wears the toy and the other uses it to drive them wild (all in public and with no one else knowing what is going on!)
  2. Strap-on dildos – Some women love nothing more than to be fucked by another lady wearing a nice big strap-on cock. Other ladies love nothing more than to fuck someone (man or woman) with a plastic cock on a strap on harness. Either way strap-ons are seriously kinky and a lot of fun. My tip is to start of with a small one and then work your way up to an absolute monster!
  3. Magic massagers – These super powerful massagers are mains powered and can be used for massage but also for extremely intense vaginal stimulation. Ladies that own these swear by them. They aren’t the cheapest adult toy but they are A LOT OF FUN! Just like the sex machines, if you buy one of these you might find yourself staying home alone a lot. 😉
  4. Anal beads – Super cheap, super easy to use and super fun! Simply insert the toy into the butt and then pull it out at the point of maximum climax for an earth moving, mind blowing  orgasm. These have to be used to understand how awesome they are and best of all the are sooooooo cheap to buy!
  5. Butt plugs – Great for two things. Helping the butt relax to prepare it for anal sex. Or just as a nice fun sex toy on it’s own. They come in a huge range of sizes from cute to terrifying (and trust me when I say terrifying, I mean terrifying!)

PS – One final tip when playing around with the best women’s adult toys. Never forget hygiene is very important. If you don’t clean them after every use they can easily get a build up of nasty bacteria. So I suggest you invest in some sex toy cleaner and then most importantly don’t forget to use it!

PPS  – Feel to check out this video to get you excited about your new toys..!
Finally this article has some great advice for buying kinky toys and this one has great advice about sexual health in general.

Sex Swings – Seriously Good Fun!

Sex swings are great. They are a really cool way to get into all sorts of sexy positions that you wouldn’t normally be able to! If that sounds like fun then check out this blog post for more info and ideas…

Everything you should know before buying

Before you invest your hard earned cash in a sex swing you might want to know a little bit more about them…

  • What are they?
  • How do you use them?
  • What is so cool about them?
  • Where can you buy them from?
  • How much do they cost?
  • How do you hang them? Do you need special equipment?

What are they? – A sex swing is specially manufactured harness designed to be sat in during sex. One person sits in the swing and can move freely while the other partner kneels or stands.

Some are hung from doors, some are fixed to the ceiling and some come with a special stand (similar to the stand you might see on a kiddie’s garden version).

How do you use them? – There are easy to use. The first thing to do is to follow the instructions and make sure they are safely and correctly mounted. After this one person is suspended in the swing and the other is on the ground. Beyond that well, whatever feels good is all good baby! 😉

What is so cool about them? – Because it takes all the weight of the person sitting in it, it is really easy to have sex. The person doing the fucking can really easily move the person in the sling so it’s great for long sessions or sexy intercourse.

Where can you buy them from? – That one is easy we have a wide range of these and other furniture for sale in our in-house toy store.

How much do they cost? – From thirty buck to over four hundred. Of course it’s up to you and your budget which ones you go for but I suggest you spend as much as you can. Unlike some adult toys the more you spend the better quality you get.

How do you hang them? – Do you need special equipment? – It all depends on the type of swing that you buy. Some can easily be hung from a door. Some require an eye-bolt fixing in the ceiling and some come with a metal frame that the swing can be suspended from. All you have to do is pick the best option for you and your home (or dungeon 😉 ).

So now you have learned a bit more about them check out our in-house sex toy store and find the best swing to suit your needs…

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Need Advice on Sex Toys for Beginners?

There are so many toys on the market these days. What are the best adult toys for beginners? For men, women, couples?

Everything you need to know…

Owning an adult store and website means I get asked a lot of questions about toys for beginners. Some common questions are…

  • What are the best sex toys for beginners?
  • What toys are best for couples to experiment with?
  • What toys are good for men and for women?

Check out this list of my top ten adult toys for newbies…

  1. Clitoral vibrators – The absolute classic sex toy. Clit vibes deliver a powerful buzzing sensation when applied to the clit and can create intense orgasms in most Green adult toywomen. They are really cheap, really effective and really easy to use. Every girl should have one (or two, or three tee hee 😉 ).
  2. G-spot vibes and dildos – If you can’t find your g-spot click here for some easy to follow advice. G-spot vibes are my all time favorite toys. They have a slight curve in them which allows easy and accurate stimulation of the seriously sexy spot inside the pussy. Great fun and highly recommended.
  3. Prostrate vibrators – The prostrate gland is also known as the male g-spot or the p-spot. When stimulated with a vibe or anal toy it can produce intense orgasms in men. P-spot vibes are designed to hit this spot with variable intensity giving just the right amount of pleasure exactly where it’s needed.
  4. Fifty Shades Bondage Kit – One of our most popular choices. Named after the hugely popular romance/erotica novel the kit is great for couples who want to experiment with bondage, light S&M, spanking, etc.
  5. Remote control vibrators – Another of my all time fave adult toys. The lady wears the toy (either inside her or on her clit) and her partner can give her powerful waves of pleasure at the push of a button. Of course these toys can be used anywhere and this only adds to the fun and excitement!
  6. Butt plugs – If you want to try anal sex but are worried about the pain butt plugs are the answer. When inserted they help the butt to relax and stretch open so that when intercourse begins there is much less pain because the muscles are really relaxed.
  7. Spanking paddles and riding crops – Spanking by hand is great fun (I love spanking and being spanked). But with whips and paddles it is even more fun. First of all your hand won’t get sore, also you can spank harder and faster, finally using a spanking toy makes it feel even more kinky and naughty!
  8. Anal beads – Insert the beads into the butt during sex, then on the point of climax pull the beads out. This creates huge sensations of pleasure and massively increases the power of the climax. Great for both men and women, anal beads are super cheap and a great sex toy for beginner to play with.
  9. Cock rings – Cock rings restrict the flow of blood to the erection, this creates a larger, firmer more engorged penis. They also help the man to last longer and have much more powerful climaxes. If you buy one with a vibrator on it as well the woman can grind her clit against it while she is being fucked.
  10. Strap ons – Not for everyone but some guys and girls love being fucked with a plastic cock. Most women who wear and use one say they find it a huge turn on being the man for a change!

Click here to browse through our range of toys and take yourself on a sexy adventure…

What are some good tips for beginners?Blue butt plug

  1. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a good toy. A simple thirty dollar vibe can give you a lot of pleasure.
  2. It’s better to buy a few cheap toys than one top of the range toy. Buy lots of cheaper toys, see which ones you like and then maybe invest in a deluxe model or two.
  3. Always invest in lube, especially for anal play. Lube always makes sex better and for any anal fun it is vital. Buy lots and use it a lot.
  4. Hygiene is really important, so make sure you keep them super clean. Sex toy cleaner is ideal for this.
  5. As with all sexual skills practice makes perfect. Yes that’s right the more you play with your toys the more fun you can have with them..!
  6. For couples, communication is always the way to have better sex. The more you talk about your sex life the better it will be. It really is that simple.

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Advice and Tips on How to Use Sex Toys

Do you want to experiment with adult toys? Either on your own or with your partner? Check out this advice on how to use sex toys for beginners…

If you want to know how to play with adult toys there are some simple tips and advice you can follow no matter what toys you are using and whether you are flying solo or with a partner.

  1. Have a good look around and decide what you want to play with – Over the past few years the range of toys available to buy has exploded. From sex machines to remote controlled vibrators. From face dildos (yes they really do exist) to purposely designed sex furniture. With so much to choose from the best thing to do is have a good browse and see what tickles your fancy.
  2. Make sure you can use them in privacy without being disturbed – Some are noisy and some are hard to conceal. With or without a partner, make sure you wont be disturbed when having a play and then you will be able to relax, let go and really enjoy yourself.
  3. Practice makes perfect – Using adult toys is like any other skill. It takes practice (the more the better). But to be honest I don’t think this is a bad thing!?! You get to play with the toys a lot and as you play you get better and better!
  4. Cleanliness is very important – Keep your toys clean! Invest in a good cleaner to make sure they are safe and hygienic (especially if you use them with multiple partners).
  5. Advice for couples – As with pretty much everything to do with both sex and relationships, communication is the key to making things better. Talk about what toys you want to use, how you want to use them and how they can be used to make your sex life even better for both of you.
  6. Don’t take it too seriously and just have fun – They are called toys for a reason! Play, play, play!
  7. Experiment A LOT – You never know what you might like until you try it! Have you ever looked at type of food and thought it looked horrible. But when you try it you realize that it’s really tasty and delicious? Well it’s the same with adult toys, they might not look appealing but don’t let that put you off, just give them a go and you might just be very pleasantly surprised!
  8. Anal play needs lots of lube – If you are new to anal play always remember to use lots and lots of lube. The butt doesn’t create its own lubrication so it’s really important to add lube. This will stop it from being painful and make sure it is much, much more fun.

Now you have had some advice check out our store and find the perfect toy for you to play and experiment with...

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Sex Toys for Boys

What are the very best sex toys for boys? There is such a huge range of adult toys for men on the market and it is difficult to know which ones to go for…

For many years adult toys for the boys  were way behind women’s in both range of choice and in quality. But that has all changed and the choice of adult toys for men and women is now pretty equal.

I think this can only be a good thing. In my opinion the more people there are in the world having better sex the better we will all be!

Check out this list of the best adult toys for the boys…

Anal vibes – The man’s prostrate gland (aka the male g-spot or the p-spot) is similar to the female g-spot. If stimulated with the right amount of pressure and vibration it can give an intense orgasm to a man. (Even without any stimulation to his cock!).

Plastic pussies – While there used to be a certain amount of stigma about plastic pussies they are now becoming more accepted and popular. In my opinion this is about time and only fair. After all us ladies have been playing around with plastic cocks for a long, long time. So why shouldn’t the guys have plastic pussies to fuck when they are flying solo?

Sex furniture – Really sex furniture is for couples but guys love it, as it is a great way of allowing them to fuck in more fun positions. What guy wouldn’t like that?

Sex machines –Ever feel like taking a rest? Ok lets be honest we all get lazy sometimes. With a fucking machine the guy can plug it in, insert it into his partner, switch it on, lie back and enjoy watching the action (all whilst staying in control with a nifty little remote!).

Spanking paddles – There is very little that I like more than being told I’m a very bad girl and being punished by a dominant man. If that man happens to have a nice firm leather spanking paddle then all the better!

Cock rings – Cock rings help a man have a harder, bigger firmer erection and I haven’t met a man yet who doesn’t like the sound of that idea! If the cock ring also has a vibrating bullet attachment on it then the woman can easily grind her clit against it and then this truly becomes a great sex toy for couples to enjoy in bed together.

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