Are You Tempted by Girl on Girl?

Would you like to know what it feels like to sleep with another woman? Do you catch yourself checking out the hotties and wondering what it would be like to get naked with them? So did I until I gave it a go…

A lot of women fantasize about or would like to try girl on girl action. Some women would just like to know what it would be like to kiss another girl. Some women would actually like to explore another woman’s body. Many women have tried it and enjoyed it enough to try again. Some women are just happy with the one experience so they know what it is like. Some women along with their partner would like to try a threesome with another woman.

If you are tempted by girl on girl then read on…

First thing you need to do is to accept that it is a perfectly natural thing to be interested in. It doesn’t mean you will experience an instant transformation into a big, butch lesbian! Unless of course you want to in which case I say go for it! 😉

It is on the other hand a cool and fun experience to try so if you are tempted then do your best to let go of any silly fears of instantly turning gay! (Not that it would be a bad thing but you get my drift)

If you want to give it a go there are two main areas you need to think about.

First of all is finding the right girl. This can be tricky but don’t worry just keep reading for some advice.

Second you need the skills and the “know how” to make sure you both have a good time.

Finding the right girl… The pro’s and con’s

Experimenting with a friend – The pro’s are you already know each other, trust each other, care for each other and probably already have a spark of chemistry. The con’s are it might (if you let it) ruin a valuable friendship.

The Internet – The pro’s are the people you meet will be strangers this means they are less likely to be freaked out by your bi-sexual nature and if it doesn’t work out you won’t lose someone close to you. Also you can look at the pictures to see if you fancy them, read their profiles to see if they are your type of person and it’s easy to find ladies that are looking for girl on girl fun. The con’s are they may not be who they say they are. There is a slight risk of danger and you don’t really get to know the person until you meet them in the real world.

Socializing in bars/clubs – The pro’s are you get to know what they look like, its easy to flirt with girls when they are in party mode and you know that you are reasonably safe (as long as you are in a public place when you get to know them). The con’s are you may make a mistake because of the alcohol and you may struggle to find a gay/bi lady that’s interested.

How to make it fun…

  • Don’t get too drunk.
  • Make sure you pick the right girl. Chemistry is more important than looks.
  • Make sure your atmosphere is right at home I.E. Music, candles and NO children.
  • Take it slowly.
  • Don’t worry too much about making her cum.
  • Focus on having fun and exploring each others bodies.

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