How to make a woman like you… Is that even possible?!?!?

Can you make a woman like you? Can you learn how to become more attractive to women? Is it possible? If so how do you do it?

There are thousands of websites, blog posts and products all over the internet, all promising to share the secret of how to make any woman find a man attractive. All you have to do is spend $25/$50/$99 and you can make a woman like you even if she is smoking hot, married, gay and a millionaire!

Is this true..? OF COURSE NOT!

BUT, there are in my experience some definite things you can do to spark attraction in women. These tips will work with some women some of the time. They won’t make every woman in the world find you attractive but they will help. And if you are like me and enjoy sleeping with as many hot women as possible the more help you can get the better!

So here’s a quick run down of what’s worked for me…

1. Do use a lot of eye contact – Women love eye contact, it portrays confidence and women love confidence.
2. Do talk to lots of women – Try not to obsess over one girl but instead just get used to talking, flirting and having fun with lots of them. You will get more confident and more skilled in the art of flirting by practicing. Then when one comes along that you really like you will have the skills and the nerve to do what it takes.
3. Do tease them in a fun kind of way -Being a bit cocky or cheeky can be a really powerful way to flirt with a woman.
4. Do make the best of your appearance – But don’t worry about it too much.
5. Do your best to dress well in a style that suits you – Ask a friendly woman for advice on this.
6. Do your best to get in good shape by eating well and exercising.
7. Don’t worry about your looks too much thankfully women aren’t as shallow as men. While they do care about looks they also care about personality just as much. Confidence is very, very attractive to women and that can be improved with work, so don’t stress about your looks.
8. DON’T KISS HER ASS – Don’t put a woman on a pedestal. Don’t tell her she is gorgeous (before you’ve even said hello). Don’t offer to buy her drinks or do anything else that suggests “I don’t think I’m good enough so I’m going to kiss your butt in the vague hope that you might then allow me to hang around you in a creepy way for as long as you let me, as long as you don’t mind, please, please, please”.
9. Don’t talk about sex in a weird way – There is a time and a place for sexy talk. A lot of guys especially when they are drunk get this wrong and it’s never pretty! This is one of the reasons why you need to practice talking to lots of women, you will soon learn the time and the place for increasing the sexual tension.
10. Don’t be needy or clingy – There is no bigger turn off to a woman than a man who is so weak he needs a woman to make him feel safe. If this is you, you might need to grow a bigger pair of balls! How? By going out and talking to lots of women until you realize no one woman is worth feeling needy about!

Ok, I hope that lot helps. Please feel free to join our community on this link and find some nice ladies to chat too.

Have a good one!
PS – Do you have any advice on how to make a woman like you? – Share your tips below

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