Why I Love Being Dominated

I love it when a man, totally dominates me, uses and abuses me and treats me like his own personal dirty little whore…

A Woman’s Perspective

When I’m with a man, I love to be dominated and to be dominant. I’ve written about why I love being dominant here… But in this post I want to talk about being dominated and exactly why I love it so much!

In everyday life I’m a strong character – I’m quite assertive and have some masculine qualities that come through in my day-to-day life. I’m very happy with this, I take no shit and can change a car tire quicker than most guys, (I’ve also got a mean left hook 😉 ). BUT I am still a woman and I love being able to just let go and let my man control my body and mind, because of this being submissive feels really hot!

Dominant men are very sexy – I’m sure that most women will agree that there is something deeply erotic about a man who has the skills and the confidence to dominate a woman properly. In my experience there are very few men who can really do this well, which makes them even more sexy and attractive. But this may be due to my choice of men I wonder what my female readers think?

A quick note – A man who can dominate me is sexy but a man who try’s to domineer me is a huge turn off. What’s the difference? Dominance is about leading and controlling me in the bedroom with my permission. Being domineering is trying to control my behaviors in or out of the bedroom without my permission. DON’T DO IT!… (Or you will feel the force of my left hook!)

Being dominated enters my fantasies A LOT – Both in the adult stories I read and in my mind’s eye I love to fantasize about being controlled and dominated by a very strong, masculine man.

I keep an eye out for it with guys I’m chatting to – If a guy is hitting on me and I’m thinking about whether or not I want to sleep with him, I keep an eye out for any signs of dominance. I might be a little bit cheeky and see how he reacts. I might get a bit flirty and see how he handles it. I can usually tell very easily how dominant a man will be in bed.

What is it they do to me that I like? – Obviously being spanked, pinned down or handcuffed is part of him being dominant but there is more to it than that. For me its more about him taking charge, leading what we do and the feeling that he is using my body for his own pleasure rather than trying to worship me.

So this was just another quick blog post sharing some of my thoughts of male dominance and female submission.

What do you think? Have you got any comments or questions?
(Please feel free to join in the conversation using the box below).

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Why I Love Being Dominant – A Woman’s Perspective

Sometimes there is nothing I love more than to totally dominate a man. To take control and to use him, his body and his cock for my own very naughty pleasures…

I love being dominated by a confident man (I blogged about it here…), but I also LOVE dominating a guy I’m sleeping with.

  • Why do I love it?
  • What about it do I enjoy the most?
  • How do the guys react?

Why do I love dominating my partner? – It is a huge turn on for me to take control of a man, I love seeing the shock on his face when he realizes I’m going to take control and get what I want! In my mind I’ve decided “I want sex now!” and it’s funny to watch him figure it out!

What do I really enjoy about dominating men? – It’s having the confidence to do what I do and that makes me feel very, very horny and powerful! The feeling of power I have over him, his mind and body is mind-blowingly sexy.

Tease, tease, tease – This is my evil side coming out. I LOVE TEASING MEN! I like getting them so fucking horny they BEG ME to let them cum. Hahahaha yes I love being in control!

How do they react? – Most of the guys I’ve done this to have loved every minute of it. I think most men do have a submissive side to their nature its just whether or not they have the courage to experience it! (Go on boys give it a go…You know you want too 😉 )

BUT – There is a minor downside to all this. I can very rarely be as dominant as I want. I would love to go much, much further than this! I would like to tie them up for hours on end, tease them for forever, spank them until the pain is too much and then fuck their brains out!

Sadly for me I’ve yet to find many sexy guys that can take this sort of punishment. When I take control I keep an eye out to see how they handle it. I know they all have their own limits and most of these limits are much less than mine…

So this was just a nice quick blog post for me to get some thoughts about being dominant down in writing.

Ladies – Do you like being in control? Have you thought about it but never tried it?

Guys – Do you like being dominated? Would you like to give it a go?

Feel free to comment below with answers to these questions or anything else you would like to add to the mix.

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What Turns Me On About Women

Apart from the obvious good looks, there are so many cute little things about women that really turn me on. The best bit is that often women don’t even realise that what they are doing is so damn sexy…

A Man’s Perspective on Femininity

I was having a chat with Lola recently and was talking about the funny things I find attractive in a woman that aren’t that obvious. I realized there are probably a lot of things that women do without even realizing how sexy they are.

Now don’t get me wrong ladies I’m not suggesting that you go around trying to do all the things in this list to get a hot guy. But I think it would be cool if you realized how goddamn sexy, natural feminine energy can be to us guys.

Cute dancing – Not the sort of dancing you do when you’re out in a club trying to look hot or feeling the groove of some rocking beats. The dancing you do when your relaxed, chilling out at home, a tune comes on and you wiggle your hips and bounce about almost without even realizing it. I love it! It’s cute, sexy and kind of innocent all wrapped up in one little hip wiggle.

Wearing my clothes – Damn this one never fails to make me horny. After sleeping with a girl she borrows a shirt or hoody to wear, I have no idea why but this is very, very sexy!

Wearing more clothes – Of course I love seeing my partner naked but to be honest, women are often more sexy when they are dressed or partially dressed. Leaving something up to my imagination and leaving something I can slowly peel off is so fucking hot it’s untrue.

Bedrooms – Women’s bedrooms are hot. They are always really comfortable and often really cute. There is something about most women’s bedrooms that amplifies their femininity and makes me want to fuck them even more…Plus when they’re not looking I always like to check under the bed and see if I can find their sex toys! 😉

Smells – Women always seem to smell great. Not just their perfume but their hair, their clothes and…you guessed it their bedrooms. 🙂

Getting excited about tiny things – This one is massive. I had an ex once who loved my food. I would cook for her and she would get really excited about it and I would get horny and fuck her brains out. I think one thing us guys can learn from women is to not take life too seriously and to enjoy the little things more.

Putting on make-up and doing their hair – Again its pretty random but when I’m watching a woman doing her hair and put her make up on I can’t help but find it hot. She is totally absorbed in what she’s doing and I can just enjoy watching her.

When I looked at this list after I first wrote it I realized that it all boils down to the same thing really. Above and beyond looks and even personality, there is a feminine energy that is very, very sexy. It’s at its most powerful when the lady has no idea about how sexy she is and I love it!

Ladies, please don’t try and imitate this as it wont work, but do please keep being awesome, keep having sexy bedrooms and please never stop dancing around your house in your PJ’s..!

Have a good one!
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Women are Better at Turning On Other Women…

Do women naturally know how to turn on other women. Is it easy for them…? Or do they have to learn some skills and then practice them?

True or False?

There is a myth that women who sleep together for the first time will automatically know exactly what to do to each other. That they will automatically be able to have mind blowing howling-orgasm-type sex with no practice necessary.

Speaking from a woman’s perspective, I have to say in my experience this is mostly untrue. My first few girl-on-girl encounters weren’t mind blowing at all. In fact they were a bit awkward and clumsy. Don’t get me wrong they were still really good fun but they were a million miles away from the mythical fantasy above.
I didn’t really know what I was doing, I was really nervous and a bit freaked out by the whole thing.

Now the myth of course isn’t totally untrue either. Women do instinctively know things about other woman’s bodies that a man can never know. They are very often more sensual and gentle in their lovemaking, which is of course often appreciated by other women.

Women are also quite commonly more attuned to another woman’s emotional needs. This can help her get in a much more relaxed and free state of mind in which to enjoy herself and her partner.

The main reason I wanted to write this short blog post was for the ladies out there who might want to try sleeping with another lady. If this is you, I don’t want you to put pressure on yourself thinking you have to live up to the myth and have mind-blowing sex the first time you get naked with another woman.

Don’t let this pressure put you off trying it, or stop you from enjoying whatever happens. My advice is very simple. Firstly pick your girl carefully. Second take your time, don’t rush straight into the wet sticky bits. Finally remember to enjoy whatever happens and let go of any unrealistic expectations or fantasies that you may have.

Guys – If you are lucky enough to be having a threesome with two ladies you need to take the lead. Look after them, show them the way and they will feel much better for having your help.

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The Secret Spots Inside a Woman

Learn exactly how to give a woman a vaginal orgasm with no clitoral stimulation. Learn these skills and she will love you forever..!

Giving Her a Vaginal Orgasm

Some interesting facts about men, women and vaginal orgasm:

  • Most people have heard about the G-spot. Some know where to find it. Some even know how to use it to give a woman an orgasm.
  • Very few people have heard of The Deep Spot. Even fewer know where it is. Even fewer know how to use it to make a woman cum.
  • Very few women know how to give themselves a vaginal orgasm.
  • Very few men know how to make women cum vaginally.

Why is this even important?

Clitoral orgasms are GREAT but for most women vaginal orgasms are MUCH, MUCH BETTER! They are more intense, more powerful and more satisfying (for most women, most of the time).

So, for men if you want to give your women deeply powerful, and satisfying sex you NEED to learn how to give her vaginal orgasms.

Ladies, trust me on this one, if you’re not cumming from vaginal stimulation you need to! It feels fucking amazing, I much, much prefer it to just cumming from my clit and when I combine the two together my pleasure goes off the scale!

The G-spot

About two inches inside the front wall of the vagina. This special little love button likes firm pressure from a cock, a toy or fingers.

The Deep Spot

About as deep inside the front of a lady’s pussy as fingers can reach. It can be stimulated with a cock, toys or a partner’s fingers, but it’s not easy to hit it DIY (without a toy).

Anal Orgasms

The right sort of anal stimulation can hit the Deep Spot from the back and give powerful anal orgasms.

Combination Orgasms

All of these spots can be used in combination with each or the clitoris to give even more powerful and satisfying orgasmic experiences.

Some useful links:

Both in this blog and in our library of sexy articles, Jack and I have gone into detail on how to target both of these spots in the best ways possible…

  • Guys check out this post Jack wrote on the deep spot
  • Also check out this one on ejaculation control
  • Ladies check out this one on giving yourself vaginal orgasms…

(TIP: Ladies – You might also want to share the guys’ links above with your man if you think he needs it 😉 ).

So, this was just a nice and short blog post. All I wanted to do was let you know how totally awesome vaginal orgasms are and share some cool advice to help you or your lady get there.

One final thing I want to say to the ladies…

All women can have vaginal orgasms. Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can’t do it. All it takes is learning some techniques and then practicing them either on your own or with a partner.

Good luck and please let me know how you get on.