Blowjob advice

Need some blowjob advice? Want to know how to give a man some seriously sexy oral pleasure. Read this to discover everything you could want to know…

Learn the skills and then go have some fun…!Lady sucking

  • So you want some good blowjob advice?
  • You want to know how to give your man some really good head?
  • You want to learn how to blow his mind?

Well, you are in the right place. I LOVE giving blowjobs and to be honest I’ve had quite a lot of practice. Tee hee…! 😉

Lola’s top tips for giving good blow-jobs.

  1. Make sure he is clean – If he needs to go clean his dick just tell him to get it sorted out. 99% of guys will happily wash themselves if it means they will get it sucked. The other 1% is so lazy you shouldn’t even talk to him let alone go down on him!!!! From your point of view you want to enjoy this and there is nothing nicer to suck on than a freshly washed erection!
  2. Tease him to begin with – Play with his hair, bite his neck, suck his nipples, kiss his stomach, run your hands up and down his inner thighs. You want him to be horny and fully hard before you even think about touching his cock.
  3. Then tease him some more – Don’t start sucking on his cock straight away. Lick it up and down. Kiss his balls. Give him that porn star style look as he pleads with his eyes for you to make him cum…I love the power I feel when I am giving a man head.
  4. Time to start sucking – Imagine a nice big fat popsicle. Now imagine sucking it. This is exactly what you need to do to his cock. Just suck up and down it doing your best not to catch him with your teeth.
  5. Get you hands involved – Wank him off with one hand at the same time as sucking him off. Tickle his balls and if you feel adventurous tickle his ass as well (most guys love this even if they wont admit they do).
  6. Speed it up – If you want to increase his arousal just suck harder and faster.
  7. Slow it down – Keep on teasing him. If you think he is getting close to climax, slow it down again and make him even more desperate to cum.
  8. Spit or swallow, it’s your call – Every guy I’ve ever met loves it when his girl swallows his cum, but this is your choice not his! If you don’t want him to cum in your mouth when he gets close take his dick out and finish him off with your hands.
  9. Now be gentle – Just like a clit, straight after orgasm the penis goes hyper sensitive. You can carry on sucking for a while but remember to be very, very gentle.
  10. Let him recover – Don’t expect him to return the favor straight away. Let him rest and recover a bit before you demand whatever it is you feel like demanding…! (Don’t wait to long though or he might just fall asleep on you…Grrrrr!)

Don’t forget practice makes perfect. Now you have all the advice on blow-jobs all you have to do is go away and practice it as much as possible! I don’t know about you but to me that sounds like a lot of fun!

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How to Use Adult Toys

How to use adult toys. Easy to follow, simple sex toy advice to help you get the most from your toys either on your own or with your partner…

Simple to follow advice for both men and women.

So my guess is that if you are reading this blog post about how to use adult toys it is for one of two main reasons:

  1. You want to use the toys for masturbation.
  2. You want to use the toys with your lover.

I will break these questions down into two sections and keep it nice and simple so that you can start having fun as quickly as possible.

Adult toy advice for flying solo (masturbation):

  • Toys for women – The big two are vibrators and dildos. Obviously even within these two categories there is a Glass vibratorhuge amount of choice and variation. One thing I think is essential for every woman is a good g-spot vibrator to give vaginal orgasms.
  • Toys for men – The most common masturbation toys for men are plastic pussies and prostrate vibrators. Plastic pussies are becoming much more popular especially with brands like Flesh Light making such good quality toys. Prostate vibes are designed to hit the male g-spot (known as the p-spot) inside the man’s butt.
  • The right time and place – For your first experimentations with new toys, I really recommend you pick a safe time and place where you know you wont be disturbed or over heard. This way you can relax and enjoy your sexy fun in peace.
  • It might feel strange at first – Some can feel a bit weird at first, but don’t worry this is perfectly normal and you will get over it with time and practice.
  • Explore – Try anything that takes your fancy. It’s your toy and it’s your body so do what ever you want and see how it feels.
  • Anal play advice – If you want to experiment with anal play you need to remember to use a lot of lube. The anus doesn’t have its own natural lubrication so you need to keep things nice and lubed up.
  • The more you do it the better it gets – Like everything else in life the more you practice the better you get at doing it. Let’s be honest there are much worse things that you could be having to do again and again and again…! 😉

How to use them with your partner:

  • Communication is the key to success – As with everything to do with relationships and sex the more you talk to each other the better it will be. Talk things over, set some boundaries (if you need to) and decide what you would like to try.
  • Build up the excitement – Flirt by talking dirty, sexy texts, and whatever it takes so that by  the time you guys get the toys out you are already really, really turned on!
  • Toys for couples – Check out some of the toys for couples. From anal beads and vibrating cock rings, to sex furniture or bondage restraints.
  • Get a little bit tipsy – Now I’m not saying this is a must, but let’s be honest after a couple of drinks we all tend to relax and let out hair down a bit!
  • Play around and have fun – They are called “Toys” for a reason! It’s because they are designed to help you have fun. So take the pressure off yourselves (you don’t have to be perfect lovers) and just play!
  • Watch and learn – If you want to learn how to use a toy on your partner the best thing to do is give it to them, sit back and watch the show!
  • A couple that cums together stays together – The more sexy fun you have together the stronger your relationship will be. Even if you are just fuck buddies, the more sex you have the better buddies you will be!
  • Practice sure does make perfect – Do I have to say this twice…??? 😉

So now you know how to use adult toys, all you need to do is click here, visit my store and treat yourself to something amazing…!


How to Give Good Head

Do you want to know the secret of how to give good head? Follow these simple tips and take you oral skills to the next level..! Guaranteed to blow your partner’s mind…

Learn Seriously Sexy Oral Techniques

NOTE – This post is about how to give good head to a man. Or in other words how to give a good blow-job. If you want to learn how to go down on a woman read this post on how to lick pussy…

  • So you want to blow your man’s mind?
  • You want to suck his cock so well he will love you forever? 😉
  • You need simple, easy to learn advice on how to give really good head?

Good! You are in exactly the right place. I have been enjoying sucking cock for a long time now and have done a lot of research and even more practice!

Here are my beginner’s blow-job tips and below I will list my advanced tips:

  • If his cock isn’t clean, make him go wash it! – Not only will this be nicer, but you will also enjoy it more and that will be better for him as well. If you aren’t sure about getting him to do this just trust me… Any man will happily wash his cock if he knows he is going to get his dick sucked and if he doesn’t then you need to ditch Blow job advicehis lazy, ass!
  • Tease him! – Run your hands up his thighs. Kiss his neck, his chest, his nipples and his belly way before your mouth goes anywhere near his cock. You want him rock hard and desperate for more by the time you get down there.
  • Hold the base of his cock with one hand – This keeps it exactly where you want it. It makes it harder for him to shove it too deep into your throat and once you get going you can use this hand to wank his dick. (Either while you suck the tip or while you rest your mouth).
  • More teasing – Once you get down to his cock, don’t just go straight onto it with your mouth fully open. Instead lick it, kiss it, run your tongue up and down it. Suck and tickle his balls, run your fingers along his skin. Watch his cock twitch and his breathing get heavier as you do this and you will know you are getting him hot and horny.
  • Imagine your favorite popsicle! – How would you enjoy it? You would lick it and suck right? Well that’s all you need to do with his cock. Do your best to keep your teeth out of the way (unless he of course asks you to bite it) and suck up and down his cock.
  • Keep a nice steady rhythm – If all you do is just keep sucking up and down his dick with a steady tempo sooner or later he will cum.
  • Use your hands – Either to give your mouth a rest, or while you suck the top of his cock. He will love this. In fact sometimes, if I’m struggling to make him cum with my mouth I will finish him off with my hands as it is much easier to go faster.
  • Increase the speed to blow his mind – When you want him to reach orgasm go faster, Try and keep a steady rhythm but increase the tempo. Imagine how you like to be fucked when you want to cum. Just keep ongoing and wait for his balls to explode. If you don’t want him to cum in your mouth, take his cock out at the last minute and finish him off with your hands.
  • After he has cum – The tip of his penis will be super sensitive, so if you continue giving stimulation be very, very gentle (in fact this might be too much for him so keep an eye on his reactions).
  • Leave him alone for a while – This one came from Jack (thanks @jack) when he proof read this blog post. He says he loves cuddling after a blow-job but he doesn’t want to be pestered for sex immediately or have deep and meaningful conversations about where the relationship is going! Just let him enjoy the wind down process for a few minutes. He will talk when he wants to. (Keep and eye out for him dozing off though, unless of course you are tired as well, in which case you can just snuggle up and drift off together).

Ok, once you have got that lot practiced and fully mastered it’s time to move onto the advanced tips.

  • Porn star eyes – As you are going down on him, look up at him with a long, sexy, deep-eyed stare. If his eyes are closed just pause for a second or two and he is sure to open them and look down at you.
  • Use saliva – Have a drink handy to keep your mouth from getting dry and make sure you cover his dick in spit. It makes it feel much sexier for him. Some guys like it if you actually spit on their dick, but it might be too much for less kinky guys.
  • Learn how to deep throat – That’s a whole blog post on its own! Click this link to learn how to give deep throat blowjobs…
  • Use a toy on his butt – Ok I’m going to let you into a little secret. All guys love having their ass played with, it’s just that a lot of them are scared to admit it! I’ve found a little bullet vibe tickling my man’s ass as I suck him off takes his orgasmic pleasure to another level.
  • Swallow…Always swallow – I have an ex who said it’s not a proper blow job unless you swallow. Now he was half joking but I know what he meant. Guys love it when their partner swallows their cum. It is very, very sexy for them, so if you can manage it, do it and get extra brownie points (or should that be blowie points? 😉 ) .

One final tip – PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Like all other sexual skills, practice helps you get better and if, like me you love sucking cock then this is no bad thing.

Ok, so I hope this helps you on your quest to learn how to give head. If you have any questions please comment below.

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How to Use a Dildo

Would you like to have some fun with a dildo? Maybe you want to use one on your partner? Or on yourself? Follow this easy advice and start having fun with you new toys…

Everything You Need to Know

So my guess is that if you want to know how to use a dildo on a woman it is for one of three fairly obvious reasons:

  • You want to use it on yourself.
  • You want to use it on a female partner.Large pink toy
  • You want to know how to fuck someone with a strap-on dildo.

The first two I will cover in this blog post but for the third click here to learn how to use a strap-on…

How to use a one for masturbation:

Pick the right time – There is nothing wrong with masturbating or playing with dildos BUT if you were to get caught by someone it could be VERY embarrassing. So pick a time and place where you know you will not get disturbed that way you can relax, enjoy and play in peace.
Use fantasy or sexy stories – The first few times you use your new dildo it might feel a bit weird, so use fantasies to get yourself feeling super horny before you start.
Put lube on the dildo and your pussy – (Your ass as well if you want to try it). Lube is great, it makes everything feel much more sexy and is essential if you want to experiment with anal play. My advice is to use lots of it and always more than you think you need.
Relax and explore – If you want to fuck yourself really hard with your toy GO FOR IT. It you want to grind your Clit against it GO FOR IT. If you want to try putting it in your ass GO FOR IT. It’s your body and you have the right to do whatever you want with it.
Let your body tell you what it needs – Try and focus on the sensations of pleasure and let your body tell you what it wants.
See if you can find your g-spot – Dildos are great for hitting that special spot inside your pussy, especially the ones with a bend in them.
Stimulate your clit with your fingers or a vibe – Try filling your pussy with the dildo and then working your clit with your fingers or a vibe. This will give you a very, very intense orgasm…You will love it!
Don’t stop until you cum (The do it again) – Keep going until you climax, catch your breath and then do it again. After all practice does make perfect! 😉
If you like being stretched buy a bigger one! – Sometimes the feeling of a huge toy inside you can be amazing! Don’t forget to put plenty of lube on first though.

How to one on a woman:

  • Get her in the right mood – She will find it much, much easier to cum if she is relaxed and already feeling horny. So do whatever it takes to get her in the right frame of mind.
  • Warm her up with foreplay and talking dirty – The more you turn her on the more fun you will both have with Large plastic cockthe toy.
  • Cover her pussy and the toy in lube – Lube just makes sex better. It’s that simple, the more lube the better (especially for anal play where it is essential).
  • Explore – Play around rub it on her clit, push it slowly inside her, see how she reacts.
  • Use your fingers or tongue on her clit, or let her play while you fuck her – As you fuck her with the dildo make sure either you or she works her clit, that way when she cums it will be very, very intense.
  • Watch and learn – This one tip is so important! If you don’t know what to do or you struggle to turn her on just give her the toy, sit back, watch and learn.
  • Make her cum or let her finish herself off – If you can’t make her cum yourself tell her to make herself cum and learn what she does for the next time.
  • Practice, it’s all about the practice – With all sexy skills the more you try it the better you will get and the better you get the more fun you will both have.

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Blow Job Tips

Check out these super simple blow job tips and discover a whole new level of oral skills to blow you man’s mind and have him screaming with sexy pleasure!

Do you need some easy too follow tips and advice?

Giving a man good head is easy once you get used to it. But at first it can be a bit intimidating. So I’ve compiled a list of simple to follow step-by-step blow-job tips to help you get this skill mastered.

  • Set some rules – If you don’t want him to cum in your mouth tell him. Ask him to give you some warning of when he is close to orgasm so you can finish him off with your hands. (Sometimes it’s  nice to see that cum shooting out). Also if you don’t want him to be rough with you now is the time to let him know. Sometimes guys can get a bit carried away so just tell him to be gentle before you get started.
  • Make sure he is clean and fresh – If he needs to wash his dick or take a shower then tell him. Don’t put up with poor hygiene. Don’t worry about this one, as once he knows he is going to get some oral action I’m sure he will be happy to wash his dick! (If he isn’t then you need to get rid of him!)
  • If possible get him to tidy up his pubes – This one is much easier in a relationship. If he uses hair removal cream or a razor on the base of his cock and his balls it makes it much, much nicer for you kiss and to lick.
  • Tease him and take your time – Don’t start sucking straight away. Tease him first. Kiss his neck, tickle his chest and nibble his belly. This will have him hard and throbbing well before his cock goes in your mouth.
  • Hold his cock still – Use one of your hands on the base of his cock to keep it in place. This gives you more control and you can also use it to give him more pleasure.
  • Keep on teasing – When you are ready to put him in your mouth, just keep on teasing him a little bit longer. Kiss his balls, run your tongue along his inner thighs, lick up and down the shaft of cock.
  • Use lots of saliva – Keep a drink nearby to help your mouth stay moist and make sure his cock gets nice and wet with your saliva. He will LOVE this!
  • Suck him like your favorite Popsicle – Imagine sucking on a long round popsicle. Just do exactly the same with his cock. Go up and down it whilst sucking and do your best to keep your teeth away from the sensitive tip.
  • Read his signals – Listen to his breathing, and the noises he makes. Watch the movement of his hips and his legs. You will know you are getting it right if he starts to react with increased arousal.
  • Go faster – Increase the tempo gradually as he gets more and more aroused.
  • Tickle his balls – If you want you can use your spare hand to lightly cup and tickle his balls.
  • Play with his ass – If you think he would like it (most guys do, they are just scared to admit it), reach a finger around and tickle his ass. If you are going to insert a finger make sure you lube up first.
  • Spit or swallow this bit is up to you – Most guys love it if you let them cum in your mouth and then swallow it but this is up to you not him. If you don’t want him to cum in your mouth pull out just before he reaches orgasm and bring him off with your hands.
  • Now go really gentle – After he has cum, his cock (especially the tip) will be hypersensitive, so go very gently as he comes down from his climax.
  • Give him time to wind down – Once you have finished, give him time to rest and relax. Sure you can give him a cuddle but don’t pester him with what he would call “dumb girlie questions” now is not the time!

So you now have some top-notch blowjob tips to go away and practice.  As always practice makes perfect, the more you do this the better you get and the more you can blow his mind.

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