10 Things Guys Do During Sex That I Love

Some guys just get it. They seem to be able to read my mind and give me everything I need. Check out this list of the fave things that men do in during sex…

This article is going to celebrate some of the awesome things men do that I love. Guys if you don’t do these then you should think about starting. Girls if your man doesn’t do any of these and you want him too then send him a link to this post or chop him up into small pieces and feed him to stray dogs. 😉

Once I started this blog, I couldn’t stop. It was supposed to be only ten points long but I couldn’t decide which ones to drop, so I listed all thirteen:

1 – Play/stroke other parts of my body. I am a very sensual woman. It makes my day when men massage my feet or even stroke my arms. It really gets me turned on and ready to go.

2 – Baths and showers. Washing each other and spending time looking and admiring each others bodies is a real turn on for me.

3 –A man who has done his research. When a man has done his research and knows all the secrets spots on my body and is eager to find them! I love this, it really turns me on and it means I am already half way there to orgasmic bliss.

4 – Takes care of contraception. I know this may sound ridiculous to some but knowing that he is thinking about his future and will only play safe shows me he is grown up. This makes him extremely desirable to me. I like men not boys!

5 –Different positions. I love all sexual positions and love to have at least three or four of them in a session.

6 – Spontaneity. Of any sort, from being taken behind while I wash the pots, to being rudely awakened in the middle of the night. This makes me feel irresistible.

7 –Using toys, props and food. It spices things up and helps make sex last longer.

8 – Biting, hair pulling and spanking. These are my some of the absolute favorite things men do to me. A little pain when I am turned on makes my orgasms so much more intense.

9 – Role-play. You cannot beat it! When my man walks home from work and tells me I have been a naughty girl for not “cleaning the house properly” or he tells me I am going to be his dirty little sex slave I am instantly horny!

10 – Dirty talk. Telling me how good I ride his cock or how tight my pussy is drives me wild. Men will reap the benefits from getting very good at this this one.

11 – Rimming. Trust me this feels fucking amazing.

12 – Not being afraid of the taste of his own cum. When I have given a man a mind blowing orgasm and I have swallowed his semen. Then I come back up to relax in his arms and I give him a kiss and instead of shying away he kisses me passionately. Fuck… I can fall instantly in love from this one.

13 – Not falling straight too sleep. I can’t switch off the same as men. I am usually so wired after sex that I need a good ten minutes to come back down to earth and hearing men snore while I do this hurts. Lovers that cradle me in their arms and talk sweet nothings to me are the keepers.

Come on ladies join in and tell the men just what gets us going. Men what do you think of my list? If you haven’t read it already check out my previous blog post on ten things I hate about men during sex. It’s me having a rant on terrible things men do that turn me off during sex (but don’t worry I offer solutions so it’s not all negative).

PS – Jack has written two great blog posts sharing great tips on how to last longer and how to make a woman cum using the deep spot.

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