Lola’s in Love! Why I Love My Sex Toys

I’m in love and its with some battery powered pieces of plastic. I love my sexy adult toys and think every girl should have a good collection of them…

Sex toys are great! I love them because they take away my frustrations and replace them with warm happy vibes (pun intended). I take them everywhere with me, I have too! Sometimes it’s the only way of dealing with life’s pressures. I can’t live without my trusty toys and the day my vibrators break is the day I buy new ones.

I also love using different sex toys with my partners because it’s fun, experimental and adds variety to longer sex sessions. Here are some of my favorites…

G-spot vibrators are my all time favorite ever. I hope who ever invented them is a millionaire because they deserve to be. I have helped five good friends find their g-spot by recommending this toy… It’s a winner.

Clit vibes are my second best friend. Cumming from both vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time is a massive thrill for me and I recommend it to any lady.

Anal beads and anal vibrators are a fantastic invention for fun antics. Tip… Try pulling them out as your partner orgasms to make the orgasm much more intense.

Whips and paddles. If you are like me and like a little pain then these gems are a must in your toy box. There not just for spanking an ass, try lightly whipping pussy for a buzz that makes you cry for more!

Restraints. They don’t have to be handcuffs, try silk ties or girlie belts. Being tied up and unable to touch yourself or your partner is a sure way of driving you wild.

Cock rings are awesome for cow girl position. It’s a rubber band with a small vibrator attached to it that fits on the man’s penis and can help you reach orgasm through your clit while you ride his penis so it’s on your g-spot.

Ladies… Using sex toys on yourself can help you explore your sexuality and help you understand how your body works. Using them with your partner helps give him a better understanding of how and what you like.

Guys… Please don’t feel threatened by sex toys, women love the real thing much more than anything else it’s just they love their toys as well.

I know there are many more toys on the market so comment below and tell us what they are and why you like them. Click here to check out our huge range of sex toys (all at super low prices…)

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