My personal journey into hair free balls

Women like it if you tidy up your pubic hair. Its that simple! Just read this first to avoid the seriously annoying itching!

Male Grooming Advice

How much hair you do and don’t like on your lover’s sexy bits is clearly down to personal preference. For me I like a woman to be trimmed and tidied up but I’m not too keen on the fully shaven look. I much prefer a landing strip or a cute little triangle.

What I really don’t like is the totally untamed affair. Big bushy hairy pussies do nothing for me and there is that added turn off from getting way too many pubes in the back of my throat during oral sessions. (I fucking hate that!)

So a good few years ago I realized that this might be the same for the ladies I was sleeping with. The result of this was I decided to tidy up my own pubic hair to make myself a bit neater.

The first time I tried it I used a razor. It was far from easy! I managed to nick my ball sack and drip blood all over my bathroom floor! Also there was no way I was going to be able to tidy up my ass pubes with a razor. I’m not that flexible or that skilled.

The next time I tried with a small pair of scissors. I tidied up all the area around my ball sack and just trimmed the hairs as short as I could manage. Holy shit did I regret it the next day! I was in the gym and started doing a twenty minute session on the rowing machine. I think it must have been a combination of the action of the exercise, plus the sweat, plus the short prickly hairs on my balls. I started itching and before long it felt like I had fifty mosquito bites on my ball sack. It was so fucking itchy I had to stop rowing. I can still remember it to this day!

So it was back to the drawing board again. This time I tried Veet hair removal cream. I picked the sensitive skin version, as I was a bit wary after my last attempt with the scissors. The instructions were easy to follow and although it didn’t do a perfect job, it left my balls and my ass hair free with nothing more than a weird five minutes in my bathroom with my crotch covered in smelly cream and me obsessively checking the time on my phone to make sure I didn’t over cook it!

The first few times, I didn’t manage to do a perfect job but I did much better than with razors and scissors and there was no unpleasant itching the day after.

What I realized is that with a bit of practice using hair removal cream for male grooming is in my opinion by far the best way to go.

Have a good one!
PS I’ve asked a few of my lady friends and so far they’ve all agreed hair free balls are much nicer to lick! I have no intention of finding out for myself so I am happy to take their word for it!

PPS – If you do try hair removal cream for male grooming, make sure you prep your bathroom first. It can get a bit messy!

PPPS – Have you got any funny stories about hair removal? Reply below…

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