What Turns Women On

When it comes to sex us ladies are strange creatures. We get turned on by all sorts of things that guys would never, ever realize…Until now that is..! 😉

12 Random Things That Make Me Horny!

I am writing this blog to give men a better understanding of just how secretly horny most women are. In my last post, women love sex, I talked about the same subject and why women suppress their true feelings. The list below shares some of the day to day experiences that I come across that get me hot and horny. As you will see some of them are very random! 🙂

If you are a man reading this, then these might surprise you. If you are a woman reading this, then you will probably have your own list so please, do me a favor and list them below in the comments section. If it helps give men a better understanding of how we work then it’s worth the effort!

In no particular order…

The harmonica: The men that usually play this beautiful instrument are old, fat and ugly. For some reason every time I hear and see them my mind will fantasize about how they would make love to me. I suddenly don’t care one bit what he looks like, he is sexy as hell to me.

A man that has just finished work: (Especially a construction worker or mechanic) I think it has something to do with them working hard all day. Usually, as soon as I see one, I have mind flashes of helping them release their tension and aching muscles.

Tractors. Yes tractors!!! – I instantly get horny from seeing one and if it’s a young farmer driving them then watch out if you’re on the road because my eyes are not where they should be!!!

Talking to hot girls: This one is really naughty of me because they probably won’t know that I swing both ways. They are chatting innocently to me all the while I am eyeing them up and imagining what it would be like to fuck them.

Bald heads: I’m a sucker for them (think Bruce Willis and Jason Statham). It must have something to do with the way they are portrayed as ‘The tough guy that will protect me’. He can be twice my age with a beer gut, but I will still look at him with a sexy curiosity if he has a sexy bald head.

Feminine men: Yes, this type of man also makes me wonder a lot. I am sure it is because they are in touch with their feminine side, which gives me hope that he will understand me on a deeper level than your average tough guy.

Chocolate: As soon as it starts to melt in my mouth, I am reminded of sex!!!

Vibrations on a bus: Before I passed my driving test I used to ride the bus everywhere I went. I’ve had plenty of experiences where my mind wanders off on a shaky bus and I cannot wait till I can get home to finish the job!

People bending over: “Would I, wouldn’t I?” I can’t help myself… It just turns me on.

Feet: I have a foot fetish (most of us love something that’s weird, right?) and I just love summer because of it! I get instant images in my mind of sucking toes when I see nice feet.

Wind between my legs: OK, so I go commando here and there for the thrill of it. I am fine most of the time until the wind hits me between my legs. It makes me think sexy thoughts and then my mind starts racing!

Music: Certain music gets me wet and takes my mind into the world of fantasy.

This should give you an idea on how many times a lady can get horny through the day! You may think this is strange, but I promise you it’s not. I may be at the top end of the scale for horny women but believe me the majority of ladies think like this.

Guys… I challenge you to find out what random things your lady finds a turn on and use it to amplify the fun you have together.

Ladies… The more of this you share with your man, the better your sex life will be. If you feel shy, then send your man this blog post to get you started.

We have a huge community that loves to delve into the world of fantasy so come and join us here.


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