Spanking for Beginners – My Top 10 Tips

Do you like the idea of spanking or being spanked. Either way it can be a lot of fun! Check out these easy to follow tips and advice to make it as sexy and erotic as possible…

Spanking for beginners can be one of two things:

1. A sexy way to have fun with your lover
2. A painful or embarrassing experiment that you never try again!

Personally, I really enjoy spanking a lady’s ass. Especially if it’s slightly chubby, so it wobbles as I spank it :-). Spanking can be great fun, it feels naughty, sexy and kinky all at the same time. So if you want to add spanking to your repertoire of sexual activities check out my ten top tips:

Who’s doing what? – Decide who wants to spank and who wants to be spanked. OK, this one is pretty damned obvious but still don’t make any assumptions. You never know what sexual desires could be lurking deep within your partner! If you are both beginners, perhaps you should each try both roles and see who prefers doing what?

Get in the mood – Spanking is best done when in the right mood. Sometimes soft, gentle, cuddly sex is right for the moment but on other occasions harder, kinkier, dirtier sex is much more fun. Pick the right time and use fantasy, naughty texts, role plays and whatever else you fancy to help get you in the right frame of mind for giving it a go.

Create a safety word – Some people like to say no when they mean yes during spanking. It’s part of the fun of being dominated, but this can cause obvious problems if you’re not careful. How will the spanker know when to stop if he or she has been told to ignore words like “no” or “please stop”? This is where the safety word comes in. Pick a word that will stand out and immediately tell your lover that you have had enough.

Massage oil – This is a personal favorite of mine. Massaging some sort of oil into a butt before it gets spanked is great fun. It makes the spanks sound and feel better plus in my opinion an oily butt often looks better than one without a shine to it.

Picking the sweet spot – This takes practice and every cheek is different. Start off gently and try to find the fleshiest, curviest bit of the butt to spank. You will know you have found it, as it will feel great when you strike it.

The perfect spank – Again this takes practice and you need to aim for the sweet spot (see above). As you try spanking, some strikes will feel really great, something about the timing of the motion and how your hand meets the ass will be just perfect and both you and your partner will know it’s a good one!

Rhythm – Experiment with varying the rhythm, from slow and steady to sharp and fast. Try various tempos and see what reaction you get from the person you are spanking.

Build the intensity – Start off slowly and gently. As blood starts to flow to the person’s ass their pain threshold will go up slightly. So once you have warmed them up you can go harder and faster without hurting them (too much 😉 ).

From cheek to cheek – Don’t just hit the one spot again and again. Swap from cheek to cheek and work your hand all around the fleshy area. If you just concentrate on one area for too long the pain will very quickly get too much!

Spanking paddles – From the perspective of the spanker they stop your hand from getting sore and allow you to use more power in your spanking. From the perspective of being spanked if you like it hard then your need to make sure you’re being spanked with a paddle!

Interesting spanking fact: Experiencing sensations of pain releases feel good hormones into the body. So by pushing your boundaries and getting a good hard spanking you are likely to have much more intense orgasms.

There you go, some tips about spanking for noobies. We have a whole community of sexy people sharing tips and advice on sex, spanking and fantasies. You can join (for free) here and get involved in the fun…

Have a good one!
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