10 Things Women Do In Bed That I Love

I love fucking women. Not only do I find them very attractive but they do some little things that just blow my mind and get my cock throbbing with excitement and pleasure…

My last blog post was a bit of a rant. I listed 20 things women do during sex that really piss me off. This blog post is going to be much more positive, it’s about the things women do in bed that I love.

If you are a woman and you don’t do any of these things perhaps you should think about giving them a go? If you are a guy and would like your lady to do any of these why not send her this link as a not so subtle hint? 😉

Give blow-jobs (and expect nothing in return) – This is one of my all time favorites. I love it when a woman sucks my cock and then lets me chill out. No expectation of a favor being returned, no need to fuck her, go down on her or anything else. JUST a blowjob and that’s it! (Trust me ladies you will reap the rewards for this in the long term.)

Give massages – Sexy ones or even non-sexy “sort out my tired muscles” ones. Either is good and a combination of both at the same time is even better.

Dress up – Lingerie rocks. I know you ladies sometimes have different tastes than us men but there is always some common ground. Find something that makes you feel sexy and turns your man on and it’s a win-win situation. (IMO win-win is the way forward wherever possible in all aspects of life including sex)

Fly solo – There is nothing that turns me on more than watching a woman play with herself until she cums (preferably more than once). It’s so sexy it hurts!

Help me out from time to time – I love being a good lover, I work hard at learning as many sexual skills as possible and always want my woman to feel sexually satisfied. But sometimes it’s not that easy. Women are complicated so any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Just show me the path and I will follow it.

Swallow – You might not want to hear this but IMO unless you swallow my cum it’s not a proper blowjob! I don’t really know why I like this so much but I know that I do. BTW never spit it into my mouth I DO NOT WANT TO EAT MY OWN CUM. Unlike some guys I have no issues with kissing you straight after you’ve swallowed but that’s as far as it goes for me.

Share naughty secrets – I know what you women are like! You are all very horny, very dirty and fantasize A LOT. Don’t be shy, share that stuff with me and then I can use it to improve our sex life!

Bite me – HARD…But only when I’m having an orgasm. I love it and it makes my orgasm much more intense.

Take control – Most of the time I’m a very dominant lover but on occasion there is nothing nicer than lying back and letting a woman take control.

Squirting – This one is very rare. All women can squirt but very few know how to. Watching a woman have a whole body orgasm and squirting from her pussy is very, very sexy!

Guys – Leave your comments and add your personal faves to the list.
Girls – Take note and hit me up with any questions or thoughts.

Have a good one!

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