How to write erotic stories for female readers

Most women love well written erotic stories. If you want to learn how to write good female orientated erotica then check out these simple but powerful tips and techniques…

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Check out these tips on how to write hot erotic stories for female readers:

Note – These are general guidelines. Obviously every woman has slightly different needs and desires.

Set the scene – When guys watch a porn film they usually skip straight to the hardcore action. Most women like to be warmed up more slowly, so set the scene, introduce the characters and give a bit of background to the sexy bits.

Details, details, details – Women love details in their adult stories. Always set the scene with information about the characters, the locations, the clothes, the mood, even the weather (“It was a wild and stormy night, the wind lashed down on the windows looking out across the city sky…” Ok not my best effort but you get the idea!)

Leave some stuff to the imagination – While details are good women also love to fill in the gaps with their own imaginations. A good example of this would be a handsome stranger who never reveals his face. Your reader won’t be able to help herself. She will start imagining what he looks like and she will love it!

Add thoughts and emotions – Good sex isn’t just about sticking things in holes! It’s about emotions and thoughts as well. This is the stuff that makes us human and it is very important when learning how to write good erotica.
Example – “She knew she shouldn’t be doing it, but she couldn’t help herself. He made her feel so wanted that she just had to have him”

Go slowly and tease – As the old saying goes men get turned on like a light switch and women get turned on like a volume knob.  Or to use another way of thinking about it imagine watching a pan of water boil. At first there are no bubbles, then one or two appear, then lots of bubbles and then finally it starts bubbling like crazy. The trick with writing good erotica is to start off non-sexual (no bubbles) and then build up to fully orgasmic (bubbling like crazy), take your reader on a sexy journey and you will have her in the palm of your hands!

Ramp up the intensity – As the water in the pan starts to bubble, turn up the heat and watch it go crazy! Once you’ve set the scene, introduced the characters and laid out the scenario you need to take things more sexual and arousing.

Have a big climax – Take that pan to the boil and let it bubble like crazy. The easiest way to do this is to bring one or more of your characters to a powerful orgasm.

Waves of pleasure – In real life women can have multiple orgasms so it makes sense they would like similar experience from their sexy stories. Back to our pan of water, once it’s boiling, turn the heat down. Let the bubbles slow right down and then ramp it back up again until, it’s back bubbling like crazy again (and again and again).

Leave them wanting more – In my experience women love an element of being teased. It creates anticipation of future fun and excitement. This could be as simple as leaving the story open ended and saying something like “To be continued…”

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I hope this helps, feel free to ask questions below.

Have a good one!
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