When is it ok to Objectify Women?

Is it every ok to sexually objectify women? If so when is it ok and when is it not ok?

So it’s confession time, I’ve always wondered what was so bad about objectifying women? I look at a pretty lady, I am attracted and I want to fuck her.
This feels perfectly natural to me! If this is objectifying women then I am guilty.

The other day I happened to come across a YouTube video on the subject. The vid was from Laci Green and as I am a huge fan of her videos I gave it a watch.

In short this video is really cool in my opinion, she makes some great points including:

  • What sexual objectification is (and isn’t).
  • How to not confuse sexual attraction with sexual objectification (like I did above).
  • How the objectification of women damages men as well as women.
  • When it is ok to objectify women and men.

So, I’m going to shut up now and let you enjoy the awesomeness that is Laci Green, check it out!

So what are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree?

Are you going to rush out and subscribe to Laci Green’s YouTube channel

Or are you going to leave an angry comment below disagreeing with every word in the video?
Either way let me know your thoughts.

I am no expert on feminist theory so I would love to know what you think about all of this?

Have a good one!
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