Does Size Matter? – The Million Dollar Question!

Do you worry about the size of your cock? Do you think it is too small to satisfy a woman? Don’t panic check, just out this post for a very honest female perspective…

Personally I don’t care what size a man’s penis is. It could be the size of a button mushroom for all I care. If he knows how to use it and is confident in the bedroom then a small sized penis is not a big concern.

What is a major factor is having a small penis and not knowing how to use it. If he has the skills and the endurance I need to reach orgasm then that is good enough for me. Any man can achieve this with the right knowledge and practice.

So while I understand from a man’s perspective having a small cock might be hard, from my perspective they have nothing to worry about. Unless of course they are too lazy to learn some sexual skills…Now that is ANNOYING!

As we know the g-spot is just past the opening into a ladies vagina and so it does not need a big cock to hit it, a button mushroom will do just fine (in fact this shape can be ideal). Yes a small penis is not going to find our deep spot but a man can reach this with his hands (BTW if you don’t know where to find it then check out this blog post Jack has written on the deep spot). On a similar point a large cock cannot easily hit our g-spot but is more likely to hit our deep spot. Either way vaginal orgasm can be achieved so it’s just a matter of getting the best out of the cock being used :-).

It is worth bearing in mind that not every woman is like me. I do have a friend who before she gets a man into bed she will check his groin first to make sure his cock is big enough (she refuses to sleep with guys with small cocks). So men with small cocks have no chance with her but hey that is one woman I know out of hundreds.

Most of my female friends don’t care too much about the size of a man’s cock, what they do care about is if he can make her cum both clitorally and vaginally. He can do that with his hands, and his tongue, AS LONG AS THEY CUM THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE SIZE OF HIS COCK! It’s true that women sometimes love the feeling of having their pussies stretched wide open, but very few cocks are big enough to do this fully. Large sex toys or a pussy full of fingers is the way forward here!

My advice for men with a small penis is to make sure your woman finds it easy to have vaginal orgasms. Start with your fingers, find her g-spot and practice making her cum this way. (Use the cum hither motion and her bodies signals to help you find that sweet spot. Once you find it easy to make her cum vaginally from your fingers you will find it easy to do the same with your cock. Just practice your kegel exercises so that you can last long enough for her to relax and you will be giving her full blown vaginal orgasms (from fucking her) in no time.

The important thing to remember is that you need to get this handled.


Like I said for nearly all women the size doesn’t matter what matters is that you have the skills needed to make them cum. If a woman is not sexually satisfied the chances are she will either leave, cheat or both.

Women please comment, add your questions, your advice and tell me what I have missed. Men please comment with any questions you have and remember to focus on improving your sexual skills and creating a fun sexy vibe with your lover. Comments have to be checked and verified before they appear to avoid spam from clogging up our blog.

PS – Don’t forget to have a look at Jack’s blog post about the deep spot, very few guys know about this secret little love button, it’s very powerful and easy to find. It will blow any woman’s mind!

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