Why Can’t I Get You Out of My Head? (Fantasy)

I have this fantasy. I can’t get it out of my head. It keeps coming back, again and again and it just won’t go away…

There’s this fantasy that keeps popping into my head and has done so for some time now. I keep masturbating about this fantasy over and over again but it still won’t leave my mind. This fantasy is seriously beginning to take over my world. I can’t walk down the street past men without my mind wandering off into fantasy about their mouths and hands all over me. It’s as if my sub-conscious mind is screaming “Do it, live this one out… you won’t regret it!”

It starts like this…
“I open my eyes and I’m in a beautiful big penthouse bedroom, the curtains are wide open and I can see the night sky filled with stars. I’m completely naked and my arms and legs are wide open on the bed. I have three men caressing every inch of my body. I’m not handcuffed to the bed but I can’t move to feel their bodies (even though I want to). I start to struggle, willing my arms to move until I realize I have to just let go and obey their desire to satisfy me.

I look around the room and I realize the four of us are not alone. There are men and women stood around the room, some half naked and some completely naked. They’re watching me and my ‘gentle’ men on the bed and are playing with themselves because seeing me and my men is getting them horny.

In the corner, sitting at a vanity unit is a beautiful dark haired woman getting ready to cum from a red head licking her pussy. I’m really turned on from watching this display of the two girl’s together.

All three men are there to please me. I have a man (I will call him Master Mine) kissing me passionately on my lips while caressing my breasts. He moves his head away from me sometimes so he can watch the pleasure the other two are giving me, as it shows on my face. There are two men (I will call them Dr. Dirty and Sir Sexy) stroking and kissing the entire lower half of my body. I’m moaning out loud and bucking my hips begging them to stop teasing me. Eventually Dr. Dirty pushes a finger inside me and circles my clit with his tongue as Sir Sexy sucks and tantalizes my toes.

My two lower half lovers grin and talk with each other and then Sir Sexy moves up closer to my pussy. Dr. Dirty gives me some rimming pleasure before he slides his middle finger into my butt. He pushes his thumb into my pussy making a rocking motion, kissing my thigh as he moves. Sir Sexy inserts his first two fingers into my pussy, pushing past Dr. Dirty’s thumb making that all familiar ‘come here’ motion that always sends me wild. He puts his thumb on my clit, rubbing hard while he softly bites around my navel. They both work together, telling me to ‘cum baby’ and ‘let yourself go’.

My body erupts as my G-spot and clitoris works simultaneously with my men. They both pause, but they don’t pull out, they have not finished with me yet! Sir Sexy asks if I liked that and as I smile at him he pushes hard to the top of my vagina with his two fingers reaching my deep spot. With the full force of his arm my whole body rocks with his motion. Dr. Dirty squeezes his thumb and finger together and joins Sir Sexy in his rocking motion. Master Mine who’s still abusing my top half whispers in my ear ‘You’re our dirty slut, don’t you ever forget it’ and it makes me sky rocket into my next orgasm. I look down in between convulsions to see Dr. Dirty drink the white liquid squirting from my pussy.

I’m exhausted and I beg them to stop “Had enough have you Miss Lola? We will give you 10 minutes rest’ and with that Master Mine takes me in his arms as Dr. Dirty and Sir Sexy stroke my skin tenderly.”

I hope you have enjoyed my naughty little story and thank you for reading it. I would like to invite you to join my secret sexy community (it’s totally free to join). You can read lots more adult fantasies from real people. You can even share some if you like!?! If any of these ‘spots’ I talk about intrigue you then don’t hesitate to find my ‘how to’ articles. If you lose your way amongst all the articles and blog posts then send me a private message and I’m sure I can sort you out 😉

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Cocks Are Like Candy – Women LOVE Cock

Guys really need to learn this and then relearn it and then learn it some more. If you remember this one important thing, your sex life will be much, much better for doing so!

Quick note – This is just a fun blog post. It’s full of generalizations and isn’t about bi/gay women. Just take it with a pinch of salt and feel free to comment after you have read it…

It was a good friend of mine who really drilled this one home for me. (I’ve been grateful ever since). WOMEN LOVE COCKS. I mean they really love them. They are like candy for big girls. Once he pointed this out, I used this piece of information with all the women I slept with. I made sure to always let them play and have fun with my cock, THEY LOVED IT!

At first glance this might not sound like rocket science but think about it. What do most guys love about women? They love their pussies for sure, but they often prefer boobs, bums or legs. Guys aren’t usually that obsessed with a woman’s pussy.

Women on the other hand are obsessed with cocks. It is their favorite part of a man’s body. They love looking at them, feeling them touching them and sucking them.

I’ll say it again…


Guys, once you realize this it gives you the power to really have fun with a woman. She is biologically hardwired to want your dick. (By hard-wired I mean it’s in their biology to love cock). Your dick has the power to make her wet, make her horny and make her cum. Use this to your advantage.

If you are flirting with a girl and want to sleep with her introduce her to your cock. Get her to touch it, tell her it’s hard, tell her it’s aching to be released.


She might tell you off for being naughty, she might pull her hand away, in fact she most probably will but she will still love it. Women love hard cocks more than soft cocks and if the cock is hard because of her she will love it even more. They can’t help but love it, it’s in their DNA!

If you are a bi or gay woman reading this, what do you think? Do you ladies get obsessed over your dildos? Guys have you noticed this with your woman? Is she obsessed with your cock? Put your comments below or join our private fantasy community to join in the fun here…

One last point to remember. Women LOVE SEXY TOYS! So if there is a special lady in your life why not treat her to a toy or two, put a huge grin on her face and make her as horny as hell…?

Have a good one!

Can Men and Women Be Friends? – A Man’s Perspective

It is an age old question and it is an important one. Can men and women be friends without attraction, love or sex getting in the way of it?

Some people are of the opinion that men and women can’t really be friends without attraction getting in the way of that friendship and causing issues either between the two friends or between the friends and their partners.

What’s my opinion of this? I completely disagree!

I have tons of female friends, some of whom I think are attractive and some I don’t, this doesn’t affect the friendship in any way shape or form. I also know at various times some of my female friends have been attracted to me (hard to believe, I know lol 😉 ).

First of all I think it’s very easy for men and women to be friends with no physical attraction between them. Not everybody fancies everybody else!

Secondly, I think it is possible for one friend to find another attractive without it getting in the way of the friendship. I have some very hot female friends and if I let my attraction towards them get in the way I would lose some amazing friends. We are all human we find people attractive all day, every single day, it’s what we do. It’s no biggie.

Thirdly, I think two friends can have mutual attraction act on it by getting it on OR not act on it and just accept the fact that they find each other hot and still be good friends. I have female friends who I’ve slept with and then gone back to being good friends with. Again no biggie!

To be honest I think this whole myth stems from insecurity. I think people who are insecure and scared of being not good enough or worry about being cheated on (or dumped) do a few things.

They assume that their partners will always be looking for a chance to cheat and see any close friendship as a perfect opportunity for this to happen.

Also, they assume because they are worrying about sex and cheating all the time that everyone else is thinking about it and that everyone is having sex behind their back.

Finally, they see genuine attraction and assume the absolute worse. Instead of realizing their partners will always find other people attractive, they worry about it and try and control their partners desires.

Ok I’m almost done with this rant. I’m sure as our readers are so awesome they won’t buy into this belief. If you do lets debate it using the comments below 🙂 .

If you do suffer from jealousy or insecurity, I feel for you. I’ve been there and it’s not nice! I suggest you do your best to get it handled. Read some books, take up meditation or get some therapy, you deserve better and so do your partners.

My final point is this, I think we all need to accept the fact that we all find people attractive all the time. Like I said it’s what we do. I get that it can be a little scary but the sooner we all get over our fears and accept that our lovers fancy lots of people the better. Who knows we might even think about sharing them and getting some more action ourselves and then the fun can really start…! 😉

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Have a good one!
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