I Know What She Wants (Erotic Story)

I pushed her hard up against the cold brick wall, my hands around her waist, pushing her, controlling her, dominating her. She feels the cold…

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I pushed her hard up against the cold brick wall, my hands around her waist, pushing her, controlling her, Erotic storydominating her. She feels the cold,hard bricks firm against her skin. Her breathing is short and fast. She is excited but scared in a very sexy way…

My eyes penetrate deeply into hers, I know what she wants. We are only on our first date, we haven’t even kissed yet but I can see it in her eyes. I know what she wants.

She wants me to control her, to lead her, to dominate her and to overwhelm her with my own sexual desire.

My right hand moves up behind her head and grabs a bunch of her hair, I pull her neck firmly downwards, revealing the soft skin of her long neck. I move closer, my body pushing against hers, her back is forced even harder into the wall. She feels a sensation somewhere between pain and pleasure that is making her hot, wet and hungry for more.

I pause for a minute to smell her skin, her perfume is sweet and enticing, her hair smells of expensive shampoo and her clothes fresh. These smells make my cock throb. This is femininity at it’s most simple and arousing and I fucking love it.

I kiss her neck slowly and softly but not for long, I can feel she needs more, I know what she craves, so I bite down hard on her neck my teeth grazing against her muscles and tendons, pulled tight by my hand forcing her head to one side.

My body is pushing hard against her, the harder I bite the more pressure I put on her body. The cold, damp bricks are digging into her skin, there will be red marks on her bare arms tomorrow that will tell an interesting story for those in the know.

My cock is throbbing “damn this girl is hot”, I’m playing it cool but she is one of the hottest girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of corrupting and even if I’m not showing it my cock is. My balls feel like they are about to explode and my rock hard dick is pushing against her.

I increase the pressure and tempo on her neck, my teeth grinding against the tensed muscles, roughly moving over her skin, my cock is thrust into her leg. My hand pulls her head down even further, revealing more neck for me to bite and enjoy.

She is moaning softly with pleasure I can feel her going weak at the knees. ??My free hand slips between her thighs and cups her throbbing pussy through the tight black jeans she wore to show off her sexy ass. As I put pressure against her pussy her legs go even weaker and she drops her weight onto my hand while her clit grinds greedily in my palm.

I chuckle inwardly to myself, I’ve got what I want, I could fuck her right now if I wanted in this alley no more than three meters from the front door of the restaurant we just visited. Her submission is total I have her in the palm of my hand, she knows it, I know it and that’s what we both wanted.

Quickly I step away from her, I put my hands on her shoulders and grin to myself and look at what I’ve done. Her hair is a mess, her eyes are wide and her pupils dilated, her skin is flushed, she is out of breath and her legs are weak at the knees.

I kiss her softly on the lips, just once. Damn she is so fucking beautiful it hurts to look at her. As my lips pull away from her’s I whisper goodbye in her ear and walk away from her, she calls me a bastard but I can here the happiness in her voice “call me sometime soon” is my reply.

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