What Turns Me On About Women

Apart from the obvious good looks, there are so many cute little things about women that really turn me on. The best bit is that often women don’t even realise that what they are doing is so damn sexy…

A Man’s Perspective on Femininity

I was having a chat with Lola recently and was talking about the funny things I find attractive in a woman that aren’t that obvious. I realized there are probably a lot of things that women do without even realizing how sexy they are.

Now don’t get me wrong ladies I’m not suggesting that you go around trying to do all the things in this list to get a hot guy. But I think it would be cool if you realized how goddamn sexy, natural feminine energy can be to us guys.

Cute dancing – Not the sort of dancing you do when you’re out in a club trying to look hot or feeling the groove of some rocking beats. The dancing you do when your relaxed, chilling out at home, a tune comes on and you wiggle your hips and bounce about almost without even realizing it. I love it! It’s cute, sexy and kind of innocent all wrapped up in one little hip wiggle.

Wearing my clothes – Damn this one never fails to make me horny. After sleeping with a girl she borrows a shirt or hoody to wear, I have no idea why but this is very, very sexy!

Wearing more clothes – Of course I love seeing my partner naked but to be honest, women are often more sexy when they are dressed or partially dressed. Leaving something up to my imagination and leaving something I can slowly peel off is so fucking hot it’s untrue.

Bedrooms – Women’s bedrooms are hot. They are always really comfortable and often really cute. There is something about most women’s bedrooms that amplifies their femininity and makes me want to fuck them even more…Plus when they’re not looking I always like to check under the bed and see if I can find their sex toys! 😉

Smells – Women always seem to smell great. Not just their perfume but their hair, their clothes and…you guessed it their bedrooms. 🙂

Getting excited about tiny things – This one is massive. I had an ex once who loved my food. I would cook for her and she would get really excited about it and I would get horny and fuck her brains out. I think one thing us guys can learn from women is to not take life too seriously and to enjoy the little things more.

Putting on make-up and doing their hair – Again its pretty random but when I’m watching a woman doing her hair and put her make up on I can’t help but find it hot. She is totally absorbed in what she’s doing and I can just enjoy watching her.

When I looked at this list after I first wrote it I realized that it all boils down to the same thing really. Above and beyond looks and even personality, there is a feminine energy that is very, very sexy. It’s at its most powerful when the lady has no idea about how sexy she is and I love it!

Ladies, please don’t try and imitate this as it wont work, but do please keep being awesome, keep having sexy bedrooms and please never stop dancing around your house in your PJ’s..!

Have a good one!
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