What turns me on about the opposite sex – A woman’s perspective

I love men. Not just the rugged handsome ones but all types of men. Their personalities can be sexy, the jobs they do can be sexy and even the type of musical instrument they play can all get me hot and bothered…

When it comes to my attraction levels with men I find things change the older I get.

While looks still do matter to me, they are much less important than they used to be. I don’t know if this is because I’m less shallow or just because my tastes have changed but it’s the way it is and I’m very happy with it!

Here is a list of some of the random things I find attractive in the men I meet, date or just perv at from afar! 😉

  1. Personality can be so much more attractive than looks. I know some guys find this hard to believe but for me it is 100% true. A confident man or even better a man who is confident and funny is a huge turn on, no matter what he looks like.
  2. Hairy chests! I love them, As soon as I see one I find myself imagining what it Hairy Chestwould be like to nuzzle up against it after hot steamy sex.
  3. Masculinity. Before I decide to sleep with a man I will picture myself in their arms. If the image makes me feel feminine and safe this is very sexy. He doesn’t have to have huge muscly arms but I do prefer them to be masculine in some way.
  4. Men’s chests in general…I love them!
  5. Bald heads…Phwoar!
  6. Big strong chunky legs. I live in the UK and over here we have some very sexy rugby players with nice big muscly thighs…Yum yum!
  7. More on personality. I pay attention to the way he talks to me, if he wont let me finish or talks over me it’s a no-no.
    If a guy listens to me and I feel I can talk to him honestly and feel a connection it is very attractive.
  8. Subtle dominance. I love it if he puts me in my place. I might be cheeky on purpose or I might say something without realizing it. If he calls me out on it, then it’s instantly a strong turn on. (Note I do not like domineering men but I do like men who don’t stand for any BS).
  9.  Nice teeth and lips are very hot and make me think about kissing and thinking about kissing makes me think about fucking and so it goes on…!
  10. If they are good kissers this makes me find their mouths even more attractive.
  11. Having a clean body, clean cock, tidied up and smelling nice
  12. Knowing what he wants. A man who knows what he wants and gets it is a major point of attraction.
  13. That super cool vibe. If he is comfortable in his own skin, I find it magnetic and want to spend more and more time with him
  14. The fact that they have a dick. I love dicks and just thinking about a man’s dick gets me thinking about what it would be like to feel it inside me.

Well I was going to stop but I got carried away!

So what do you think of my list? Do you have anything to add?

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