Plastic Pussies Hypocrisy!!!

Why is it ok for women to use plastic cocks but not for men to use plastic pussies??? Is there a double standard going on here???

For years now and especially since Sex in the City promoted the Rampant Rabbit it has been cool for women to use sex toys to pleasure themselves. Now let me be very clear, I think this is a good thing. I am not complaining about it at all.

But what I do have an issue with, is that fact that in my experience it is not socially acceptable or “cool” for a man to use a sex toy on his own. Plastic cocks seem fine for women to play with but plastic pussies still carry a stigma of being uncool, or even worse sleazy or desperate.

Boys Sex ToysIf my experience is true and this is the case it begs the question as to why is it so? Why is it acceptable for women to fuck themselves silly with a plastic cock but not the same for a guy who wants to fuck the life out of a plastic pussy?

There seems to be a double standard going on here. Is it because we assume women use toys for masturbation out of choice? While guys only use them because they are needy and desperate? If so is this fair? I think not!

I think I am right about this. I think there is a certain stigma about men using adult toys for masturbation. But I also think that this might be starting to change.

There are more fashionable brands making plastic pussies for guys. Adding slick marketing and great design to a product that has been around for a very long time. As this continues, more guys will be tempted, some of them will even admit to their friends or their girlfriends that they own one and as this happens it will slowly become normal for guys to own them.

I certainly hope this is what happens. I don’t like gender based double standards and hypocrisy in either direction. I don’t like judgment or stigma around harmless and positive sexual behaviors. I also believe that as long as no one gets hurt the more people (male, female and transgender), exploring and experimenting with their sexuality in whatever way they choose the better the world will be!

So if you are a woman why not treat your man to a plastic pussy? If you are a man have you thought about giving one a go? If so would you tell your mates or your girlfriend about it?

(We stock them here in our store if you are interested…)

Let me know what you think in the comments section below I would love to know what you think about it?

Have a good one!
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The Maxwell Multiple Climax Advice for Men

Guys – Learn how to have multiple orgasm without ejaculating. It’s easier than you think..!

How to have N.E.M.O’s (non ejaculatory multiple orgasms)

About a year ago I discovered a funny little website . It claimed that men can orgasm without ejaculating. Not only that they can do it again and again, multiple times. It also claimed that this was easy to learn and didn’t take years of tantric meditation!

I have to say it did get my attention but it also raised my bullshit sensors. Anyway I decided to Male Multiple Orgasms N.E.M.O'sgive it a go and surprisingly enough not only was it true it was as easy as they claimed.

Within a few times of practicing I could easily have non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms (aka N.E.M.O.’s) whilst flying solo. It was pretty exciting and what was even better was that each orgasm I had was more intense than the last one! (By the time I got to the fifth or sixth it was a fully body, crazily intense experience).

Now I have to confess I got a bit lazy here and didn’t try it while with a woman. To take it to that next step takes more practice and as I wasn’t seeing anyone steadily I didn’t have the opportunity.

So what I am hoping is that by spreading the word via this blog post I might inspire someone else to give it a go and then will report back with their own progress…?

If you give it a go let me know how you get on. Or if you have other experience of the male multiple orgasm please feel free to share in the comments section below.

Have a good one!
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PPS – His video making skills are awesome as you will see on his trailer: