How to Give Good Head

Do you want to know the secret of how to give good head? Follow these simple tips and take you oral skills to the next level..! Guaranteed to blow your partner’s mind…

Learn Seriously Sexy Oral Techniques

NOTE – This post is about how to give good head to a man. Or in other words how to give a good blow-job. If you want to learn how to go down on a woman read this post on how to lick pussy…

  • So you want to blow your man’s mind?
  • You want to suck his cock so well he will love you forever? 😉
  • You need simple, easy to learn advice on how to give really good head?

Good! You are in exactly the right place. I have been enjoying sucking cock for a long time now and have done a lot of research and even more practice!

Here are my beginner’s blow-job tips and below I will list my advanced tips:

  • If his cock isn’t clean, make him go wash it! – Not only will this be nicer, but you will also enjoy it more and that will be better for him as well. If you aren’t sure about getting him to do this just trust me… Any man will happily wash his cock if he knows he is going to get his dick sucked and if he doesn’t then you need to ditch Blow job advicehis lazy, ass!
  • Tease him! – Run your hands up his thighs. Kiss his neck, his chest, his nipples and his belly way before your mouth goes anywhere near his cock. You want him rock hard and desperate for more by the time you get down there.
  • Hold the base of his cock with one hand – This keeps it exactly where you want it. It makes it harder for him to shove it too deep into your throat and once you get going you can use this hand to wank his dick. (Either while you suck the tip or while you rest your mouth).
  • More teasing – Once you get down to his cock, don’t just go straight onto it with your mouth fully open. Instead lick it, kiss it, run your tongue up and down it. Suck and tickle his balls, run your fingers along his skin. Watch his cock twitch and his breathing get heavier as you do this and you will know you are getting him hot and horny.
  • Imagine your favorite popsicle! – How would you enjoy it? You would lick it and suck right? Well that’s all you need to do with his cock. Do your best to keep your teeth out of the way (unless he of course asks you to bite it) and suck up and down his cock.
  • Keep a nice steady rhythm – If all you do is just keep sucking up and down his dick with a steady tempo sooner or later he will cum.
  • Use your hands – Either to give your mouth a rest, or while you suck the top of his cock. He will love this. In fact sometimes, if I’m struggling to make him cum with my mouth I will finish him off with my hands as it is much easier to go faster.
  • Increase the speed to blow his mind – When you want him to reach orgasm go faster, Try and keep a steady rhythm but increase the tempo. Imagine how you like to be fucked when you want to cum. Just keep ongoing and wait for his balls to explode. If you don’t want him to cum in your mouth, take his cock out at the last minute and finish him off with your hands.
  • After he has cum – The tip of his penis will be super sensitive, so if you continue giving stimulation be very, very gentle (in fact this might be too much for him so keep an eye on his reactions).
  • Leave him alone for a while – This one came from Jack (thanks @jack) when he proof read this blog post. He says he loves cuddling after a blow-job but he doesn’t want to be pestered for sex immediately or have deep and meaningful conversations about where the relationship is going! Just let him enjoy the wind down process for a few minutes. He will talk when he wants to. (Keep and eye out for him dozing off though, unless of course you are tired as well, in which case you can just snuggle up and drift off together).

Ok, once you have got that lot practiced and fully mastered it’s time to move onto the advanced tips.

  • Porn star eyes – As you are going down on him, look up at him with a long, sexy, deep-eyed stare. If his eyes are closed just pause for a second or two and he is sure to open them and look down at you.
  • Use saliva – Have a drink handy to keep your mouth from getting dry and make sure you cover his dick in spit. It makes it feel much sexier for him. Some guys like it if you actually spit on their dick, but it might be too much for less kinky guys.
  • Learn how to deep throat – That’s a whole blog post on its own! Click this link to learn how to give deep throat blowjobs…
  • Use a toy on his butt – Ok I’m going to let you into a little secret. All guys love having their ass played with, it’s just that a lot of them are scared to admit it! I’ve found a little bullet vibe tickling my man’s ass as I suck him off takes his orgasmic pleasure to another level.
  • Swallow…Always swallow – I have an ex who said it’s not a proper blow job unless you swallow. Now he was half joking but I know what he meant. Guys love it when their partner swallows their cum. It is very, very sexy for them, so if you can manage it, do it and get extra brownie points (or should that be blowie points? 😉 ) .

One final tip – PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Like all other sexual skills, practice helps you get better and if, like me you love sucking cock then this is no bad thing.

Ok, so I hope this helps you on your quest to learn how to give head. If you have any questions please comment below.

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