How to flirt online – Tips for the guys

There are lot of very sexy, very horny people online. But flirting online can be tricky, especially for the guys as they usually do the chasing!

If you want to meet a sexy woman online there are some simple things you can to do to massively improve your chances.

Just as importantly there are some really important things that you must NEVER do if you want to succeed in meeting women online. As the joint owner of Secret Erotica I see some guys doing really well and having some good fun with attractive ladies.

BUT I also see some really daft stuff. Guys using the same tired old tactics to try and get laid. These tactics never work, so they are just wasting time and energy for no good reason. Flirting online isn’t that hard, it’s a skill and with a tiny bit of practice anyone can get much, much better at it!

Check out this list of do’s and don’ts to help you with your online flirting skills.

(I will list the don’ts first to get them out of the way then quickly move on to the positive stuff you can do to help you with your online flirtations!) Don’t do any of these EVER…!

  • Don’t bombard the ladies with instant chat requests.
  • Don’t send them repeated private msgs, especially copy and pasted ones!
  • Don’t get straight down to hardcore dirty talk with a woman you have no previous interaction with. Even on sites like this you need to ease up a little bit. Remember men get turned on like a light switch (instantly) women get turned on like a volume knob (more gradually).

Do these and you will do better than most men!

  • Do create a funny, sexy, or interesting profile.
  • Do add lots of details in the “about me” section of your profile.
  • Do gather up the best photos that you have of yourself. Even if you don’t add them to your profile you can send them via private msgs to any ladies that are interested.
  • Do take it slowly and step by step. Women get a lot of attention online and they are also concerned about stalkers etc. So be patient.
  • Do bring value wherever you are! This is huge! If you add sexy stories, funny jokes, cool pictures etc. You will come across as a cool guy.
  • Do interact with lots of women, not just the ones you want to get naked with. On and offline women keep an eye out for each other and talk about guys. If you are friendly and cool with all the ladies you bump into then this will be a big help in the long term.

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Have a good one!
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