Looking for an Anal Sex Guide?

Are you interested in trying out anal sex, but don’t want it to hurt? Check out this step-by-step guide and then go enjoy yourself with your new skills…!

  • Are you nervous about your first anal sex experiment?
  • Do you want an easy to follow anal sex guide so it goes really well for you and your partner?

Check out these ten super-easy to follow steps to help you both enjoy your first time anal sex experiments…

  1. Talk about it and make sure you are both keen to give it a go. Especially for whoever is receiving it, anal sex will only be fun if you are relaxed and comfortable with it all. So before you give it a go, talk it through so you are well prepared.
  2. Start off with some fantasies. Naughty texts and emails. Maybe some dirty talk over the phone or when in bed together. By using fantasy before you try it for real, it will make you much more horny when you do give it a go (this is really important).
  3. Pick the right time. Make sure you wont be disturbed. Whoever is going to be taking it, needs to have gone to the bathroom and feel clean and relaxed.  Maybe have a drink or two to help get you both in the right mood.
  4. Get really horny before you start. Have fun with it. Maybe give each other a few orgasms before you even start. Lots of kissing, cuddling, foreplay. If you increase the bond of intimacy between you both then you are already on the right path to sexy anal fun.
  5. Lube, lube and more lube! Lube is really important for anal sex. Use it. Use lots of it. Use more than you think you need too. Got that? Good! Now use some more lube!
  6. Practice with fingers and toys first. Use small vibes and fingers first. Inserting small objects helps to relax and open the anus making it much more likely to take a cock without too much pain. (Make sure any fingers don’t have rough finger nails).
  7. Use butt plugs. After fingers and toys you can use butt plugs to really open the anus up. This is a great way of making sure it doesn’t hurt too much when you take the next step.
  8. Start off very, very slowly. You are not a porn star! Don’t treat anal sex like vaginal sex. Go slowly and focus on enjoying those lovely tight sensations.
  9. Get past that first initial pain and it will start to feel great. If you are on the receiving end when the cock is inserted you will probably feel some pain at first. But if you breathe, focus on relaxing around the cock and tell your partner to stay still for a few seconds the pain will go away and it will start to feel nice. Remember if you use butt plugs first before you have anal sex this will reduce this pain a lot.
  10. Relax and enjoy it if you can, but if you cant then stop and take a break. It can take a few attempts to get over the fear and really relax into it! Trust me it will be worth it. For who ever is doing the fucking anal sex is a big turn on and for whoever is taking it can produce mind-blowing orgasms (in both men and women).

There you go, I hope this step by step anal sex guide helps you have some fun and success. Anal play can be so much fun.

It is not dirty, or weird and there is nothing wrong with it. It’s just another great way for all of us to enjoy our bodies.

So give it a go and make sure you comment below and let me know how it went..?

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