Lola’s in Love! Why I Love My Sex Toys

I’m in love and its with some battery powered pieces of plastic. I love my sexy adult toys and think every girl should have a good collection of them…

Sex toys are great! I love them because they take away my frustrations and replace them with warm happy vibes (pun intended). I take them everywhere with me, I have too! Sometimes it’s the only way of dealing with life’s pressures. I can’t live without my trusty toys and the day my vibrators break is the day I buy new ones.

I also love using different sex toys with my partners because it’s fun, experimental and adds variety to longer sex sessions. Here are some of my favorites…

G-spot vibrators are my all time favorite ever. I hope who ever invented them is a millionaire because they deserve to be. I have helped five good friends find their g-spot by recommending this toy… It’s a winner.

Clit vibes are my second best friend. Cumming from both vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time is a massive thrill for me and I recommend it to any lady.

Anal beads and anal vibrators are a fantastic invention for fun antics. Tip… Try pulling them out as your partner orgasms to make the orgasm much more intense.

Whips and paddles. If you are like me and like a little pain then these gems are a must in your toy box. There not just for spanking an ass, try lightly whipping pussy for a buzz that makes you cry for more!

Restraints. They don’t have to be handcuffs, try silk ties or girlie belts. Being tied up and unable to touch yourself or your partner is a sure way of driving you wild.

Cock rings are awesome for cow girl position. It’s a rubber band with a small vibrator attached to it that fits on the man’s penis and can help you reach orgasm through your clit while you ride his penis so it’s on your g-spot.

Ladies… Using sex toys on yourself can help you explore your sexuality and help you understand how your body works. Using them with your partner helps give him a better understanding of how and what you like.

Guys… Please don’t feel threatened by sex toys, women love the real thing much more than anything else it’s just they love their toys as well.

I know there are many more toys on the market so comment below and tell us what they are and why you like them. Click here to check out our huge range of sex toys (all at super low prices…)

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My personal journey into hair free balls

Women like it if you tidy up your pubic hair. Its that simple! Just read this first to avoid the seriously annoying itching!

Male Grooming Advice

How much hair you do and don’t like on your lover’s sexy bits is clearly down to personal preference. For me I like a woman to be trimmed and tidied up but I’m not too keen on the fully shaven look. I much prefer a landing strip or a cute little triangle.

What I really don’t like is the totally untamed affair. Big bushy hairy pussies do nothing for me and there is that added turn off from getting way too many pubes in the back of my throat during oral sessions. (I fucking hate that!)

So a good few years ago I realized that this might be the same for the ladies I was sleeping with. The result of this was I decided to tidy up my own pubic hair to make myself a bit neater.

The first time I tried it I used a razor. It was far from easy! I managed to nick my ball sack and drip blood all over my bathroom floor! Also there was no way I was going to be able to tidy up my ass pubes with a razor. I’m not that flexible or that skilled.

The next time I tried with a small pair of scissors. I tidied up all the area around my ball sack and just trimmed the hairs as short as I could manage. Holy shit did I regret it the next day! I was in the gym and started doing a twenty minute session on the rowing machine. I think it must have been a combination of the action of the exercise, plus the sweat, plus the short prickly hairs on my balls. I started itching and before long it felt like I had fifty mosquito bites on my ball sack. It was so fucking itchy I had to stop rowing. I can still remember it to this day!

So it was back to the drawing board again. This time I tried Veet hair removal cream. I picked the sensitive skin version, as I was a bit wary after my last attempt with the scissors. The instructions were easy to follow and although it didn’t do a perfect job, it left my balls and my ass hair free with nothing more than a weird five minutes in my bathroom with my crotch covered in smelly cream and me obsessively checking the time on my phone to make sure I didn’t over cook it!

The first few times, I didn’t manage to do a perfect job but I did much better than with razors and scissors and there was no unpleasant itching the day after.

What I realized is that with a bit of practice using hair removal cream for male grooming is in my opinion by far the best way to go.

Have a good one!
PS I’ve asked a few of my lady friends and so far they’ve all agreed hair free balls are much nicer to lick! I have no intention of finding out for myself so I am happy to take their word for it!

PPS – If you do try hair removal cream for male grooming, make sure you prep your bathroom first. It can get a bit messy!

PPPS – Have you got any funny stories about hair removal? Reply below…

How to Have Anal sex

Do you want to have anal sex? Do you want to try it but are a bit worried about how to do it right? Check out this post for some easy to follow simple advice, then go and give it a go..!

Check out these easy to learn, tips and techniques to teach you how to have anal sex. Not only will they teach you how to do it, it will also help you make sure it’s lots of fun!

  1. Talk about it – Before you try it, talk it over with your partner. Make sure you are both keen to try it, that you feel comfortable giving it a go and that you both remember it is just a fun new thing for you to try together.
  2. Fantasize – Lots of people forget this one and it is a shame. It is such good fun and it makes it all so much easier. Anal sex is much less likely to hurt if you are feeling really relaxed and horny. Talk dirty (LINK to silo) to each other about it, use naughty texts and emails, do anything that builds up the sexual excitement and anticipation.
  3. Prepare and pick the right time – Whoever is on the receiving end needs to feel comfy. If they have a bad stomach or are a bit constipated this is not the time to give it a go! Make some extra effort to make your environment relaxing and sexy. Candles, music and long bath, whatever takes your fancy and helps get you horny.
  4. Lube – Lube is really, really important for anal sex. There is no natural lubrication in the anus and also it is very, very tight. Lube will make it much easier and also much more fun. So put some lube on, then put more lube on, then…Well you get the picture, just use a LOT of lube!
  5. Fingers and toys – If you start off by inserting a finger or a very small sex toy, this will help a lot. It opens up the rectum, helps it relax and will help eliminate the pain from inserting anything bigger.
  6. Butt plugs – Butt plugs are a really useful and effective way to help you have anal sex. Again like inserting other toys, they help the anus open up and relax so that when you insert a larger object it is ready for it.
  7. Start off very slowly – When you insert the penis start really slowly.  Put the tip in, then take it out again. Then do this again but go in a little further. Keep repeating this but going deeper and deeper each time. This reduces the pain to a minimum and also increases the pleasure.
  8. The initial pain goes away – Most people will feel some pain when the cock is first inserted. But if you breathe and relax this will soon go away and be replaced with much, much more pleasurable sensations!
  9. It might take a few times to master it – Don’t be put off if it doesn’t work the first time. Take a break and try again. Trust me it will be worth it.
  10. It can be amazing fun – Anal sex can be great fun and can give really intense anal orgasms. So don’t let fear stop you give it a go and ENJOY IT!

If you need some anal sex toys, lubes or butt plugs, click on this link and browse through our huge range all at the best possible prices.

Some things to remember about anal sex.

  • It doesn’t have to hurt – If you learn how to have anal sex properly using the tips above it doesn’t have to be too painful. The initial pain of the penis being inserted soon goes away.
  • It doesn’t have to be dirty – If you prepare and pick your time right anal sex doesn’t have to be dirty.
  • There is nothing wrong with it – If you think there is something wrong with anal sex try to let go of this. In my opinion it is just another really fun, sexy way of enjoying our bodies and there is nothing wrong with it whatsoever.
  • It can go wrong if you don’t take care – If you rush it or don’t prepare properly it can hurt a lot. So NEVER rush it and always follow the advice above.
  • Safe sex is very important – Anal sex is much more likely to transmit some types of STD’s so always practice safe sex and wear extra strong condoms unless in a committed relationship.

So I hope this helps you learn how to enjoy some anal fun. If you have any questions please use the comment box below and I will reply asap.

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How to Lick Pussy – A Beginners Guide

Expert pussy licking advice for beginners. Learn everything you need to know and then go have some fun..!

I love going down on women. I love the power of it. I love the taste of it and I love the feeling of knowing I can give my partner mind blowing orgasms with my tongue and my fingers. Because I love it so much, I’ve gotten pretty good at it (practice make perfect after all 😉 ). So if you want some tips on how to improve your pussy licking skills check out this list. (Also check out this post for female advice on how to lick pussy)

Get her in the right position – If you are in bed or on the floor put a cushion or pillow under her butt. This raises her pussy and makes it easier for you to lick and finger it at the same time. If you sit her on a chair and kneel in front of her this is another great way to get the right angle for tongue and finger action.

Have some lube ready before you start – If possible I like to have my lube ready so I’m not fumbling about in a drawer looking for it when it’s needed.

Kiss her whole body – Kiss every inch of her body. Tease her. Get close to her pussy and then move away. Do this again and again until she begs you to lick her out. WOMEN LOVE BEING TEASED!

how to lick pussy beginnersKiss her through her panties – An ex-girlfriend taught me this one. Women love the different sensation of being licked through their panties.

Use your breath to tease her even more – As you get ready to kiss her pussy, let your hot breath drift across her lips. Blow gently and deeply, teasing her until she can’t take it…

Kiss all her pussy – Don’t go straight for the clit, but pay attention to all of her. Suck her lips, lick all over her pussy and force your tongue deep inside her.

Zone in on the clit – Once you’ve teased and licked her whole body and after you have given all of her pussy some loving…Zone in on her clit. Start off gently and then increase the pressure and the speed of your tongue as she gives you the right signals from her body and the noises she makes.

Apply some lube and finger her pussy – Ideally I like to make a woman cum 2-3 times when I go down on her. The first time I just lick her clit, the second time I also finger her pussy and the third time I will finger her ass and her pussy as well. Fingering a girl whilst licking her clit can take a bit of practice but any woman will tell you it is worth the effort as the fingering will amplify and intensify her orgasm.

A note about lube – Most women like it if you use lube every time you finger them. It feels better for her and stops any friction causing uncomfortable sensations (especially during longer sessions of play.) Experiment with different types until you find one you both like.

If she is game, finger her ass – For some women a finger up the ass is a big no-no but for others it’s a short cut to sexual heaven so make sure you find your ladies’ preference before you start. ALWAYS use lube for anal play (the more the better) and be gentle. Lick her clit, finger both her pussy and ass and you will take her to sexual heaven!

After she has cum – After a woman has cum, she will be feeling intense sensations. Her skin will be highly sensitive and she will feel a warm glow of satisfaction deep inside her. When I’ve made a woman cum, I always like to pull her into me, stroke her skin, play with her hair and hug her tight. I want her to feel warm and safe so she can revel in the feelings she is experiencing.

Have a good one!
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Ava’s Secret (Erotic Story)

This story was shared in our private library by Lexia Thornton. If you would like to read more stories from her and our other horny erotic writers, click here…

My name is Ava and my appearance can be most deceiving. I am butter wouldn’t melt on the exterior yet something altogether wholly debauched dwells inside. I have a confession to make. It’s about my little private obsession. Yes, I have my very own dirty little secret: I am a voyeur through and through.
I was hooked at a young age. I would spy on the neighbors, ducking under my bedroom windowsill if one of them happened to glance in my direction. I would gleefully creep around, startling people when they realised I had been there all along without them knowing. I learnt to find great places in which I could conceal myself which had an added benefit of always having a multitude of hiding places when I needed to make myself scarce. However, it wasn’t until I was about eleven years old that my favourite pastime took on a darker meaning.voyeurism

It happened one night, at a sleepover at my friend’s house. After we had worn ourselves out with noisy fits of laughter and raucous chatter, we finally dozed off to sleep late into the night. I awoke in the early hours of the morning, desperate to pee after having guzzled my own body weight in fizzy cola. Creeping along the dark landing I sleepily made my way to the bathroom. I was only vaguely aware in my drowsy state of soft and muffled voices. I didn’t think anything of it and got on with what I had to do before navigating my way back down the landing. Then I stopped in my tracks on clearly hearing a low moan which was accompanied by a succession of whimpers. Listening intently, I felt a twinge of concern, worried that someone must be crying or even be hurt somewhere in the house. A louder groan urged me to follow the sound towards the master bedroom where my friend’s parents were sleeping. I held my breath as I stood outside their door, straining my ears and hoping like mad that I wouldn’t get caught.
Then I heard a soft chuckle…. Then a sigh and a man’s low husky voice talking to somebody else in the room. I noticed that the door wasn’t completely shut and peering through the narrow opening I was shocked at what I saw.

My friend’s parents were in bed but they were definitely not asleep. I couldn’t tell where one body started and another ended as they both writhed and moved all over the mattress. My friend’s mother had her head thrown back, her chest rising and falling rapidly. I gasped softly in the darkness as I saw her naked breasts bouncing up and down. My friend’s father had his back to me but he appeared to be pistoning the lower half of his body back and forth between the woman’s legs in earnest. His actions made her cry out but I realised at that point that she wasn’t hurt or upset. I could not explain what I was watching, I was just a naive young girl. What I did know was that I felt strange; hot all over and shaky too. I felt riveted to the spot, fascinated by the sight of them both and also by the effect their slick entwined bodies had on me.

So my obsession developed from there on out, although I didn’t divulge the fact to a single soul. I went from spying on the neighbours as they went about their daily business, to rummaging through my parent’s wardrobes and drawers when they were out. I discovered her small hoard of sex toys and my Father’s stash of pornographic magazines that were stuffed at the very back of one of their cupboards. I would sneak one back to my bedroom, making sure first that I was alone in the house, before slowly staring at each page in turn. The whole time I was learning, gathering fuel to feed my ever growing fascination.
I would gaze at the numerous photographs of women with their legs splayed wide open, displaying their most intimate and private parts for all to see and I would sit there on my bed, breathlessly drinking in every image. I would devour each picture of pussy (or if I was lucky to find a more hardcore magazine, a cock!) before going on to read all the sexy stories sent in by the readers until I knew them all word for word. That is how I came to learn the proper term for my keen and avid interest. I was a voyeur.

Several years later, a fully grown young woman and a million light years away from being an innocent, I had experienced more than a taste for sex. University opened up all kinds of doors socially and I found it easy to casually discard my virginity, finally getting to experience a real cock first hand. I soon developed a huge appetite for it too and wasted no time in racking up a collection of conquests. I have always been inquisitive and adventurous and I seized every chance I could to build on my sexual experiences.

Then I met Carter one night at a party and we fast became involved as boyfriend and girlfriend. He was my first love if you like, I was infatuated with him and yes, of course, I lusted after him like something gone crazy. We would snatch every available opportunity to get hot and sweaty together. Any excuse we would get and we would be fucking like rabbits with hardly any concern as to where we happened to be at the time or who may have caught us in the act. I personally got such a rush from that risk of being discovered; it was both dangerous and thrilling. Carter and I would sneak off to the woods in the University grounds or get right down to it on the backseat of his mate’s car, even in the cinema! Back then we couldn’t have kept our hands off one another if we had tried.

It was after a night out clubbing with friends that we got invited back to a house party. I remember it well, after all it was the night that confirmed my secret fetish once and for all. The house was heaving with people, everyone was in high spirits and far from ready to call it a night. The group of friends we were with were all high or drunk, most likely both, ourselves included. I happened to be dancing in the lounge amongst a tight throng of people when Carter found me.He openly gazed at me whilst I danced provocatively. I thrived on the attention my man was showing me and moved my body seductively to draw him to me. He whispered in my ear that he wanted me right then and there, to which I responded by grinding myself up against him. The raw desire was mutual between us and highly intoxicating. Taking my hand, Carter led me into the busy hallway where it was a little less crowded. We kissed each other furiously then, our hands roaming all over one another. I suggested that we venture upstairs to which he smiled and pulled me up the stairs to the second floor. Choosing a door, we sneaked inside a dark bedroom where we resumed our frenzied tryst, falling onto the bed, already half undressed and panting for more. So utterly engrossed in each other, we didn’t notice when another amorous couple came creeping into the room, obviously with the same idea in mind as Carter and I.

It was a little reminiscent of that night years before when I had stood on my friend’s dark landing. It was the soft sound of a girl’s laugh that alerted us to the fact we had company. Smiling at Carter in the darkness, I continued to suck him off only more noisily than before, making him groan out loud with pleasure. And so began an exchange between us and the other couple; a volley of moans and groans as we competed with one another, growing more vocal with each wet sound and lustful dirty talk. Both Carter and I were immensely turn on by this point and really going hell for leather. But best of all, the other couple actually took a breather to watch our sexy performance. Knowing that we had a captive audience trebled our desire and we fucked harder for everybody’s mutual enjoyment. Then it was our turn to watch them as they writhed and twisted wildly before us in the shadows. Whilst we didn’t get involved physically with either of them, the whole experience was completely wild and uninhibited within the intimacy of the four bedroom walls. It’s still one of my favourite raunchy memories from back then; an experience that paved the way in my quest of self discovery not to mention my passion for voyeurism.

Perhaps I will divulge a few more juicy stories to you sometime, but for now you will have to excuse me. I have a date with my binoculars and a ridiculously hot guy who lives just across the street with whom I have a very discreet and intimate arrangement!….

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Have a good one!
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