Clitoral Stimulation or Vaginal?

Do you prefer clit or vaginal stimulation? If you are a guy do you know which you lady prefers and why?

Which is Better for women?

Having slept with lots of women and also spoken to lots of my female friends about this it seems to me that most women tend to prefer clitoral stimulation over vaginal. This seems to be especially true if they want to have an orgasm.

I think this is because most women find it easier to have a clitoral orgasm rather than vaginal. Perhaps this is just the way their bodies work? But perhaps it is also down to society and the information passed around in sex books and magazines etc.

I also think its easier for girls to use their clits because that’s the first sort of thing you come too when you reach down their exploring. The g-spot is harder to access and often you need a toy to hit it properly.

Female stimulationIn my experience it is also much more likely for a guy to use clitoral stimulation to make a woman reach orgasm than vaginal. I’m not sure but maybe a part of this comes from the fact that there was during the earlier years of feminism a huge drive to teach guys what the clitoris was and how to touch it to give a woman an orgasm.

Now, while I think that clitoral orgasms (either as masturbation or given by a lover) are great, for me personally they are only one part of the picture.
I think vaginal orgasms are just as important (if not more so), and with a little knowledge and some practice they are no harder to give/have.

I discovered how to have vaginal orgasms in my late teens, I was 18 if I remember correctly. I was playing around with a vibe exploring and I found the right spot., then I just kept on going until I came. I kept on practicing (which was a lot of fun tee-hee 😉 ) until I found them easy to have. After this it became easy to have them with my boyfriend and that was when the fun really started!

If you don’t have vaginal orgasms I want to tell you that they are amazing and it is well worth learning how to have them. All women can have them, you just have to believe and practice until you get there.

Resources for more information:

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If you have any questions please just ask away using the comments section below and I will get right back to you asap.

PS – Once you get vaginal orgasms mastered then you can try having combination orgasms (both clitoral and vaginal), now these really are fun!