I Know What She Wants (Erotic Story)

I pushed her hard up against the cold brick wall, my hands around her waist, pushing her, controlling her, dominating her. She feels the cold…

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I pushed her hard up against the cold brick wall, my hands around her waist, pushing her, controlling her, Erotic storydominating her. She feels the cold,hard bricks firm against her skin. Her breathing is short and fast. She is excited but scared in a very sexy way…

My eyes penetrate deeply into hers, I know what she wants. We are only on our first date, we haven’t even kissed yet but I can see it in her eyes. I know what she wants.

She wants me to control her, to lead her, to dominate her and to overwhelm her with my own sexual desire.

My right hand moves up behind her head and grabs a bunch of her hair, I pull her neck firmly downwards, revealing the soft skin of her long neck. I move closer, my body pushing against hers, her back is forced even harder into the wall. She feels a sensation somewhere between pain and pleasure that is making her hot, wet and hungry for more.

I pause for a minute to smell her skin, her perfume is sweet and enticing, her hair smells of expensive shampoo and her clothes fresh. These smells make my cock throb. This is femininity at it’s most simple and arousing and I fucking love it.

I kiss her neck slowly and softly but not for long, I can feel she needs more, I know what she craves, so I bite down hard on her neck my teeth grazing against her muscles and tendons, pulled tight by my hand forcing her head to one side.

My body is pushing hard against her, the harder I bite the more pressure I put on her body. The cold, damp bricks are digging into her skin, there will be red marks on her bare arms tomorrow that will tell an interesting story for those in the know.

My cock is throbbing “damn this girl is hot”, I’m playing it cool but she is one of the hottest girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of corrupting and even if I’m not showing it my cock is. My balls feel like they are about to explode and my rock hard dick is pushing against her.

I increase the pressure and tempo on her neck, my teeth grinding against the tensed muscles, roughly moving over her skin, my cock is thrust into her leg. My hand pulls her head down even further, revealing more neck for me to bite and enjoy.

She is moaning softly with pleasure I can feel her going weak at the knees. ??My free hand slips between her thighs and cups her throbbing pussy through the tight black jeans she wore to show off her sexy ass. As I put pressure against her pussy her legs go even weaker and she drops her weight onto my hand while her clit grinds greedily in my palm.

I chuckle inwardly to myself, I’ve got what I want, I could fuck her right now if I wanted in this alley no more than three meters from the front door of the restaurant we just visited. Her submission is total I have her in the palm of my hand, she knows it, I know it and that’s what we both wanted.

Quickly I step away from her, I put my hands on her shoulders and grin to myself and look at what I’ve done. Her hair is a mess, her eyes are wide and her pupils dilated, her skin is flushed, she is out of breath and her legs are weak at the knees.

I kiss her softly on the lips, just once. Damn she is so fucking beautiful it hurts to look at her. As my lips pull away from her’s I whisper goodbye in her ear and walk away from her, she calls me a bastard but I can here the happiness in her voice “call me sometime soon” is my reply.

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How to write erotic stories for female readers

Most women love well written erotic stories. If you want to learn how to write good female orientated erotica then check out these simple but powerful tips and techniques…

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Check out these tips on how to write hot erotic stories for female readers:

Note – These are general guidelines. Obviously every woman has slightly different needs and desires.

Set the scene – When guys watch a porn film they usually skip straight to the hardcore action. Most women like to be warmed up more slowly, so set the scene, introduce the characters and give a bit of background to the sexy bits.

Details, details, details – Women love details in their adult stories. Always set the scene with information about the characters, the locations, the clothes, the mood, even the weather (“It was a wild and stormy night, the wind lashed down on the windows looking out across the city sky…” Ok not my best effort but you get the idea!)

Leave some stuff to the imagination – While details are good women also love to fill in the gaps with their own imaginations. A good example of this would be a handsome stranger who never reveals his face. Your reader won’t be able to help herself. She will start imagining what he looks like and she will love it!

Add thoughts and emotions – Good sex isn’t just about sticking things in holes! It’s about emotions and thoughts as well. This is the stuff that makes us human and it is very important when learning how to write good erotica.
Example – “She knew she shouldn’t be doing it, but she couldn’t help herself. He made her feel so wanted that she just had to have him”

Go slowly and tease – As the old saying goes men get turned on like a light switch and women get turned on like a volume knob.  Or to use another way of thinking about it imagine watching a pan of water boil. At first there are no bubbles, then one or two appear, then lots of bubbles and then finally it starts bubbling like crazy. The trick with writing good erotica is to start off non-sexual (no bubbles) and then build up to fully orgasmic (bubbling like crazy), take your reader on a sexy journey and you will have her in the palm of your hands!

Ramp up the intensity – As the water in the pan starts to bubble, turn up the heat and watch it go crazy! Once you’ve set the scene, introduced the characters and laid out the scenario you need to take things more sexual and arousing.

Have a big climax – Take that pan to the boil and let it bubble like crazy. The easiest way to do this is to bring one or more of your characters to a powerful orgasm.

Waves of pleasure – In real life women can have multiple orgasms so it makes sense they would like similar experience from their sexy stories. Back to our pan of water, once it’s boiling, turn the heat down. Let the bubbles slow right down and then ramp it back up again until, it’s back bubbling like crazy again (and again and again).

Leave them wanting more – In my experience women love an element of being teased. It creates anticipation of future fun and excitement. This could be as simple as leaving the story open ended and saying something like “To be continued…”

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I hope this helps, feel free to ask questions below.

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Ava’s Secret (Erotic Story)

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My name is Ava and my appearance can be most deceiving. I am butter wouldn’t melt on the exterior yet something altogether wholly debauched dwells inside. I have a confession to make. It’s about my little private obsession. Yes, I have my very own dirty little secret: I am a voyeur through and through.
I was hooked at a young age. I would spy on the neighbors, ducking under my bedroom windowsill if one of them happened to glance in my direction. I would gleefully creep around, startling people when they realised I had been there all along without them knowing. I learnt to find great places in which I could conceal myself which had an added benefit of always having a multitude of hiding places when I needed to make myself scarce. However, it wasn’t until I was about eleven years old that my favourite pastime took on a darker meaning.voyeurism

It happened one night, at a sleepover at my friend’s house. After we had worn ourselves out with noisy fits of laughter and raucous chatter, we finally dozed off to sleep late into the night. I awoke in the early hours of the morning, desperate to pee after having guzzled my own body weight in fizzy cola. Creeping along the dark landing I sleepily made my way to the bathroom. I was only vaguely aware in my drowsy state of soft and muffled voices. I didn’t think anything of it and got on with what I had to do before navigating my way back down the landing. Then I stopped in my tracks on clearly hearing a low moan which was accompanied by a succession of whimpers. Listening intently, I felt a twinge of concern, worried that someone must be crying or even be hurt somewhere in the house. A louder groan urged me to follow the sound towards the master bedroom where my friend’s parents were sleeping. I held my breath as I stood outside their door, straining my ears and hoping like mad that I wouldn’t get caught.
Then I heard a soft chuckle…. Then a sigh and a man’s low husky voice talking to somebody else in the room. I noticed that the door wasn’t completely shut and peering through the narrow opening I was shocked at what I saw.

My friend’s parents were in bed but they were definitely not asleep. I couldn’t tell where one body started and another ended as they both writhed and moved all over the mattress. My friend’s mother had her head thrown back, her chest rising and falling rapidly. I gasped softly in the darkness as I saw her naked breasts bouncing up and down. My friend’s father had his back to me but he appeared to be pistoning the lower half of his body back and forth between the woman’s legs in earnest. His actions made her cry out but I realised at that point that she wasn’t hurt or upset. I could not explain what I was watching, I was just a naive young girl. What I did know was that I felt strange; hot all over and shaky too. I felt riveted to the spot, fascinated by the sight of them both and also by the effect their slick entwined bodies had on me.

So my obsession developed from there on out, although I didn’t divulge the fact to a single soul. I went from spying on the neighbours as they went about their daily business, to rummaging through my parent’s wardrobes and drawers when they were out. I discovered her small hoard of sex toys and my Father’s stash of pornographic magazines that were stuffed at the very back of one of their cupboards. I would sneak one back to my bedroom, making sure first that I was alone in the house, before slowly staring at each page in turn. The whole time I was learning, gathering fuel to feed my ever growing fascination.
I would gaze at the numerous photographs of women with their legs splayed wide open, displaying their most intimate and private parts for all to see and I would sit there on my bed, breathlessly drinking in every image. I would devour each picture of pussy (or if I was lucky to find a more hardcore magazine, a cock!) before going on to read all the sexy stories sent in by the readers until I knew them all word for word. That is how I came to learn the proper term for my keen and avid interest. I was a voyeur.

Several years later, a fully grown young woman and a million light years away from being an innocent, I had experienced more than a taste for sex. University opened up all kinds of doors socially and I found it easy to casually discard my virginity, finally getting to experience a real cock first hand. I soon developed a huge appetite for it too and wasted no time in racking up a collection of conquests. I have always been inquisitive and adventurous and I seized every chance I could to build on my sexual experiences.

Then I met Carter one night at a party and we fast became involved as boyfriend and girlfriend. He was my first love if you like, I was infatuated with him and yes, of course, I lusted after him like something gone crazy. We would snatch every available opportunity to get hot and sweaty together. Any excuse we would get and we would be fucking like rabbits with hardly any concern as to where we happened to be at the time or who may have caught us in the act. I personally got such a rush from that risk of being discovered; it was both dangerous and thrilling. Carter and I would sneak off to the woods in the University grounds or get right down to it on the backseat of his mate’s car, even in the cinema! Back then we couldn’t have kept our hands off one another if we had tried.

It was after a night out clubbing with friends that we got invited back to a house party. I remember it well, after all it was the night that confirmed my secret fetish once and for all. The house was heaving with people, everyone was in high spirits and far from ready to call it a night. The group of friends we were with were all high or drunk, most likely both, ourselves included. I happened to be dancing in the lounge amongst a tight throng of people when Carter found me.He openly gazed at me whilst I danced provocatively. I thrived on the attention my man was showing me and moved my body seductively to draw him to me. He whispered in my ear that he wanted me right then and there, to which I responded by grinding myself up against him. The raw desire was mutual between us and highly intoxicating. Taking my hand, Carter led me into the busy hallway where it was a little less crowded. We kissed each other furiously then, our hands roaming all over one another. I suggested that we venture upstairs to which he smiled and pulled me up the stairs to the second floor. Choosing a door, we sneaked inside a dark bedroom where we resumed our frenzied tryst, falling onto the bed, already half undressed and panting for more. So utterly engrossed in each other, we didn’t notice when another amorous couple came creeping into the room, obviously with the same idea in mind as Carter and I.

It was a little reminiscent of that night years before when I had stood on my friend’s dark landing. It was the soft sound of a girl’s laugh that alerted us to the fact we had company. Smiling at Carter in the darkness, I continued to suck him off only more noisily than before, making him groan out loud with pleasure. And so began an exchange between us and the other couple; a volley of moans and groans as we competed with one another, growing more vocal with each wet sound and lustful dirty talk. Both Carter and I were immensely turn on by this point and really going hell for leather. But best of all, the other couple actually took a breather to watch our sexy performance. Knowing that we had a captive audience trebled our desire and we fucked harder for everybody’s mutual enjoyment. Then it was our turn to watch them as they writhed and twisted wildly before us in the shadows. Whilst we didn’t get involved physically with either of them, the whole experience was completely wild and uninhibited within the intimacy of the four bedroom walls. It’s still one of my favourite raunchy memories from back then; an experience that paved the way in my quest of self discovery not to mention my passion for voyeurism.

Perhaps I will divulge a few more juicy stories to you sometime, but for now you will have to excuse me. I have a date with my binoculars and a ridiculously hot guy who lives just across the street with whom I have a very discreet and intimate arrangement!….

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The Marriage Chronicles Chapter 1 (Erotic Story).

Captain Stamina is one of our most popular writers. He and his wife Lexi share a very long series of stories called “The Marriage Chronicles”, this series has been very, very popular! To read the full series you need to join our community so you can access the full erotic library. But if you want please feel free to enjoy this first delicious episode...

Terribly Naughty

From my wife Lexi:

Ethan and I got married in a simple civil ceremony in Florida during the month of August. We had only two old friends in attendance: Jay, his best man, and Courtney, my maid of honor. It was a nice poetic twist, since we’d filled those roles at their wedding a few years before. Afterward, Ethan and I hopped a cruise ship for a vacation that we’d both always wanted to take.

I truly did not regret that we didn’t have a big church wedding. It would have seemed like a strange climax after The Marriage Chroniclesliving together for almost a year, and all the history we had together beforehand. Plus, since my mom had passed away that dream had somehow died within me; and it would have to wait until I had a daughter of my own to be reborn.

No one else seemed bothered by this either. My dad was quite happy for us to elope and run off to Florida. My brothers certainly didn’t care. I guess if anyone felt any sense of loss, it was probably Ethan’s mom, though she had the good grace never to complain about it.

When we got back, we dumped our old apartment, pooled our funds, got a loan and bought our first house. It was a simple one story Ranch in an older neighborhood just outside the city, but it was our’s and we were happy. And that’s when the real fun began.

Not that the honeymoon wasn’t fun. It was exciting and a blast just because of the adrenaline and the newness of calling him my husband and all. But let’s be honest, Ethan and I first had sex during our freshman year of college. After my mom died, I’d had to move back home with my dad four hours away. Things drifted away. We still met and slept together every time we did, but that eventually faded due to the distance and time apart. Then, when we got back together after our respective graduate schools we moved in and made up for lost time with a vengeance. And so, sex on the honeymoon was not a new chapter. It was just a continuation. But after we bought that house, that’s when Ethan hit me with a new chapter.

“Fantasy fulfillment nights,” he said, walking into the kitchen one Saturday morning with two notebooks pens.

“What?” I asked, sipping my coffee.

“I want you to write down every sexual fantasy that you’ve ever had, that either hasn’t been fulfilled or that you’re dying to do again. Put it in the notebook. Then every Friday we do one, one of your’s, one of mine, one of your’s, and so on and so forth.”

“Seriously,” I grinned.

“Yes, and it doesn’t matter how outrageous. If you’ve ever wanted it, write it down.”

“Can we add to this list, you know … over time.”

“Absolutely,” he said, “I mean … we’ve got the next sixty years together. I don’t think you’re gonna stop fantasizing between today and the end, do you?”

I laughed, “No, I sure won’t. But how do we choose which one’s to do?”

“When it’s your week, I’ll pick from your list and set it up as a surprise. When it’s my week, you do the same. That way we know that it will be something we want, but it will be a nice little surprise when we get it.”

I snickered and took a notebook and pen. “Okay, sounds like fun.” It only took me about ten minutes of writing, spilling out the lascivious details of my fantasies on the page before I had to go and ask him an important question, “Third parties, allowed or … no?”

Now when Ethan and I had dated our Freshman year, we’d been free and easy. We’d gone to swap parties on a monthly basis at my sorority, exchanging boyfriends with my Greek sisters. But then during the dating months when we found each other again, we were strictly monogamous. And after we’d moved in together, during that year we’d had one swap early on, but then nothing. After that, and certainly since getting married, we were strictly monogamous again. And so, I’m being very honest when I say that I didn’t really no the answer to my question. But I did know that I was willing to give him whatever he wanted.

He pursed his lips for a moment and threw it back at me, “What do you want to do?”

“Uh … well,” I said. “I have several of those fantasies … always have …”

“Me too,” he said, “But …”

“But … I would hate for us to do something that threatens … us, you know.”

“Agreed,” he said. “Write em down. We’ll play it by ear and make a covenant never to do anything dangerous or threatening to us as a couple.”

I grinned and shrugged. “Okay,” I said. Truth was, none of the previous swaps had ever threatened our emotional commitment to each other. So I doubted it would happen now.


The following Friday night Ethan and I began giving each other Fantasy fulfillment nights; and it was absolutely wonderful. Every Friday morning I began to get wet with anticipation, no matter whose turn it was. And then afterwards, the fun of what we’d done carried us through the whole next week, as we recreate, laughed over and basically fucking the socks off each other.

My initial fantasies that he fulfilled had to do with bondage, which I have a lot of, and with sex in places where there is a discovery risk, like elevators, dance floors, etc. Ethan arranged all of these beautifully. His initial fantasies had to do with quirky locations like fountains, different outfits and role plays. And I had a whole lot of fun planning and getting these together.

Both of us had a significant number of fantasies involving third parties written in our notebooks. But for the first six months of marriage, neither of us even touched on these. I sometimes wondered whether we would ever touch on these. But in our six month of marriage, February, Ethan surprised the hell out of me by choosing the Friday closest to Valentine’s for our first fantasy fulfillment night involving a third party.


I knew it was my Friday to have a fantasy fulfilled, and when I asked Ethan if we were going out or staying home, he said “home.” I figured that it would probably be one of my bondage, masturbation, toy or even a fun with food fantasy. And I decided to do some my own preparations as well.

I went home early and decorated for the night. I put on some red satin sheets that I’d bought, lit candles throughout the bedroom and used his favorite perfume liberally. I got a bottle of ice chilled wine, two crystal champagne glasses and selected some nice romantic music to play in the background. I even took the time to scatter rose petals over the sheets, fake ones that I’d found in a slinky lingerie store. Then after making sure the room was perfect I set to work on myself.

Earlier that week, I’d gone shopping in the same slinky lingerie store that had the rose petals; and I’d found the perfect outfit. It was a black bra and panty set with pink trim, pink bows where the bra straps connected and best of all, it had pink velcro connecting both the bra, right at the cleavage, and the panties, right at the crotch. Thus, there was easy and immediate access both top and bottom, just like you would have with crotchless panties; and if things got really passionate, the two pieces could even be torn away without ruining them, LOL. The fabric itself was a black shiny satin and the panties were a hot Brazilian cut.

Of course, I fell in love with the outfit the moment I saw it. Along with it, I bought some long black mesh fingerless gloves that connected between my pinky and ring fingers and some new black spiked three inch heels. Because after all, such a delicious outfit definitely needed to have a new pair of shoes!

I got all of it ready, got my hair pulled back with lush dark curls spilling over one shoulder, checked the time and when it was close for him to come home, I positioned myself on the bed and waited.

Right on cue, I heard the front door open. My heart began skipping beats. I grinned in excitement, waiting for him to see me, and … started to get really, really wet.

Ethan entered the room in his suit, carrying his gym bag. He saw me and stared with wide happy eyes.

“Hey,” I said, giving him a teasing grin.

Without saying anything, he moved forward leaned down and kissed me with a slow, passionate, tongue probing kiss that stole my breath away.

“You have your diaphragm in?” he asked as he drew his lips away, his eyes sparkling.

“Of course,” I grinned. “Unless you want me to take it out and start trying to have a family tonight.”

“Not tonight,” he said.

To be honest, I was a little puzzled that he’d asked the question. After all, he’d never asked it before.

In case you’re curious, I’ve been a diaphragm girl since I was sixteen. I initially got a prescription for one by stealing my cousin’s college student ID and going to the university health center in my home town. I posed as her and got fitted. This served my purposes perfectly, because I was ready to have sex but didn’t want to be burdened with trying to get and renew and regularly purchase the pill. After I got the diaphragm, along with a handy tube of spermicidal gel, I loved it. For one thing, it was easy and I never even knew it was there after I put it in, and neither did my partners. For another thing, It evidently worked, cuz I never got pregnant.

Then after I turned eighteen and finally got the pill, I hated it. As you know, it fools the body into thinking you’re pregnant so an egg isn’t released. The bad part for me, was that screwed up my hormones and basically killed my previously very significant libido. I suppose I could have gone back to the doctor and tried other prescriptions. But I didn’t. I just chucked the pills in the trash can and went back to being a diaphragm girl.

The only problem I ever had with diaphragms, as you might well guess, is that they do a lousy job if their sitting in the medicine cabinet or inside the night stand during intercourse. I have never known a diaphragm in the whole history of birth control to be effective in preventing pregnancy while it was sitting in a night stand. LOL. And the failure to always have it in and ready mixed with the reality of spontaneous passion, occasionally caused me to have a lot of angst as I quietly waited for the monthly good news of my period.

But all of this is beside the point. The point I was trying to make before I chased that rabbit trail was that Ethan never asked if I was “protected.” He just let me take care of that. And his attitude after the occasional night stand lapse had always been, “Well if you get pregnant, you get pregnant, and we’ll have a beautiful baby.” – Fine for him, of course, not so great from my own personal point of view. But at least I could accept this attitude with equanimity as a statement of love and lifelong commitment towards myself.

But tonight … he was asking.

My puzzlement was brief though, because he dispelled all other thoughts by standing up, unzipping his gym bag and pulling out three sets of handcuffs.

My eyes glittered.

And then I grinned from ear to ear, as the cuffs were followed by a black blindfold. – I have many blindfold fantasies. ; )

Ethan without a word proceeded to handcuff my hands together above my head, looping the chain around one of the rails in our headboard. Then he quickly stretched out my legs and handcuffed each ankle to a rail of the footboard, making me spread eagle. – I’d chosen a metal bedframe before we moved in specifically so we could tie each other up easily. – After that, he leaned in, kissed me softly, his breath hot on my neck and tied the blindfold in place, being careful not to include any of my hair in the knot.

“Kinky,” I giggled as everything went pitch black.

“Shh,” he said, putting a finger to my lips, which I proceeded to suck for all of two seconds while he left it there.

He lowered his head again and slowly kissed my neck in just the way I love. I instantly had a hot tingling sensation running up my spine. Then he raised his moist lips to mine and our tongues met and explored for several moments. He pulled his mouth away and the next thing I heard were his footsteps leaving the bedroom.

There was no other sound for several minutes. I started to get nervous. “Hey Ethan,” I called. “Handcuffed, blindfolded girl in the bedroom, what’s going on. …. I’m feeling … lonely. … Ethan!”

I sighed and tried to relax, taking deep breaths and recapturing the fun as I waited for the unexpected whatever was next. Maybe it will be ice, I thought and giggled. Then I began trying the mentally think through my various blindfold fantasies. Which one was it tonight?

I must have been deep in thought, cuz I didn’t hear anyone come in. But suddenly there were hands reaching down and gently undoing the front of my bra, exposing my breasts. I grinned and gave a little purr. – Ethan loves it when I purr. – The manly hands began exploring and kneading my C cups; and my nipples hardened from excitement. A head leaned down and a tongue flicked across one of those nips, causing my loins to warm with desire.

And that … that is when … I felt … another set of hands. It was a set of hands … I did not know!

I gasped and stiffened, “Shh,” Ethan murmured and snickered.

“Ethan?” I whispered urgently

But before I could even finish a thought, I felt another person lean over me and a set of lips softly kissing the inside of my thigh.

The fantasy immediately flashed into my mind then, the one I’d written down probably six months ago in that notebook. I’d casually written, “Bound, blindfold sex with a complete stranger.”

“Ethan …,” I started again, a weird mixture of panic and excitement rising in my gut.

But I stopped … I wasn’t sure what to say. Did I want this or not? Did I trust … my husband’s judgment regarding the man kissing my inner thigh?

The lips moved higher, hot breath brushed over my panty clad honey pot, fingers brushed, I gave a soft moan and thought, … yes … I do want this.

The hands began moving, both Ethan’s and the other man’s. They opened my bra, opened my panties and pulled those away as I lifted my ass for them. Then they began caressing.

I gasped. “Shh, relax” Ethan said, being the one closest to my head.

I obeyed, trying to settle in and enjoy the unknown. Then I realized that I was enjoying it without even settling. In fact, I was getting hornier by the moment simply from the knowledge that I was lying completely naked and spread open before a man I didn’t know and couldn’t see.

And hell, I didn’t even know if they were undressed yet or not! For all I knew they could be hovering over me in three piece suits and ties. But I couldn’t dwell on that because the hands were moving, caressing, kneading exploring. Then Ethan’s mouth was on my breast, sucking and nibbling at my nipple. As of yet, the unknown man had just breathed on my clit, kissed my inner thigh and only touched my legs. But I knew it had to be any moment that he would go further and the anticipation quickly began to get the best of me. “Please,” I whispered as Ethan pleasured my breasts and the tension built my excitement. I tried to raise my hips up to meet where I knew the mouth must be. But I met nothing.

Ethan withdrew his head then and shifted all the way onto the bed. At the same time the other man pulled back from where he had been leaning over the side and climbed all the way onto the bed as well, moving between my legs. I felt bare legs touching mine and knew then that he must be naked.

I waited as they moved and then I felt Ethan pressing his stiff cock, the mushroom head, lightly against my lips, tracing them with a dab of precum

I licked out, teasing the tip with my tongue, then opened my mouth for him, but he only teased me with it.

I giggled, but then gasped again as I suddenly felt the face of my unknown lover buried in my shaven snatch, licking deep between my labia, then rasing his mouth up to such my clit like a lollipop.

I moaned and my whole body suddenly came alive with lust.

The next few minutes were utterly delectable as I rocked my groin upward against his mouth and tongue. His finger went inside of me, first one and then two, pumping in and out with a sweet eagerness. Ethan, leaning over my head, ran the underside of his wonderful his cock over my lips. Occasionally sliding it into my mouth, but mostly just letting me lick it. It made me giggle; and his hand cupping, kneading my breast, pulling and twisting on the nipple had me dizzy with pleasure.

In fact, everything, all of it had me awash in a sea of pleasure; and the whole time the smoldering heat in my loins was building … building … building.

“I’m gonna cum,” I whispered, my whole body flushed with heat and trembling with need.

Suddenly the mouth and fingers disappeared from my hot flower. “No!” I begged … literally begged.

But then I felt him moving, hovering and a hard shaft bumped against the inside of my thigh. My heart raced, my breath grew even more ragged. There was a light pressure of a cock head sliding up and down between my labia. I raised my hips upward, urging him.

Then suddenly … sweet delicious … fullness as my lower lips spread around hard flesh and he moved deeper, driving his manhood into my smoldering core.

Ethan withdrew, sliding off the bed as the other man entered me, leaving all my focus on him as he lowered himself down on my chest, slid his arms under mine and began to thrust for all he was worth.

Oh how I wanted to grip his shoulders, to run my fingers through the hair of this unknown man who was driving me wild, to beg him to fuck me harder and faster, to hold him tight till I felt his cum hit the walls of my pussy. But I couldn’t do anything but lay there and take it and tell him.

And so that’s what I did, gasping and groaning, “Harder … harder … fuck me … cum in me … cum in that cunt … yes … yes … fuck … ohhhhh … yes.”

It didn’t take me long to cum then, less than a minute after he entered me. I cried out and shook as the orgasm hit, hot spasms starting at my center and radiating out through my hips, my pussy pulsing frantically around his shaft, my body trying to writhe but hopelessly restrained by those damn cuffs.

The man pressed his cock in deep and held still during my climax. For the first time he spoke, a soft ragged whisper close to my ear saying, “Oh … yes … yes … holy … fuck … yes.”

When the orgasm began to fade, I became aware of more things. I was shaking, sweating beneath him, my skin felt flushed and tingly, his breath was raking my ear in tight gasps, my nipples were alive with sensation as his hard chest began moving up and down over them. Things I might not have noticed if I could see.

I also noticed that he was thin, athletic, not a fat guy. His body fit well against mine. I smiled against his cheek, leaned my head up and nibbled his ear lobe as he began moving again, driving that firm spike in and out, grinding his pelvic bone against my clit with each thrust, keeping me hovering at the edge of another climax.

Ethan, who I’d forgotten for a moment, moved around at the foot of the bed and unlocked the handcuffs on my ankles. Suddenly free, I was able to draw my legs up and hook them tightly around the back of my unknown lover’s thighs. His breath caught, he reached one hand down to clutch my ass and began driving harder and harder, bent on his own pleasure now.

“Yes,” I whispered again. “Yes … yes … fuck me … fill me … yes.”

His body soon began to shudder over me, “I’m gonna cum,” he said in a dark husky voice. “I need to …” He slowed starting to pull out.

“No,” I said, “Fill me.”

“You sure,” he gasped, barely hanging on.

In response, I arched my hips up and tightened my legs on the back of his. He groaned loudly and unleashed, his cock pumping furiously, shooting hot loads of jizz in my depths.

I writhed beneath him thoroughly enrapture with the wild bucking sensation inside. It was almost enough to put me over the edge again, but not quite enough.

“Lexi,” Ethan instructed, “I’m going to unlock your hands. Don’t even think about taking off that blindfold. Do you understand me?”

I nodded and tried to catch my breath, smiling broadly in the direction of his voice. Then at some prearranged signal, my unknown lover withdrew and sat back on the bed as I unlocked my legs. The handcuffs came off; and I … suddenly had to fight off an almost overwhelming urge to rip off the blindfold.

But the obedient girl won out and I didn’t. Instead, I sat up and grinned, imagining what I must look like to the two men: flushed, more than a little wild, semen seeping out of my pink.

Ethan climbed on the bed and pushed me forward on my hands and knees, my face towards my unknown lover. He reached out, brushed my cheek with his fingers and guided my mouth downward toward his slick, now semi-flaccid shaft.

I brought it to my mouth and sucked deeply, tasting my sex mixed with his spunk. He gasped as I worked it, stroking with one hand, cupping his balls with the other, milking out the last stray pulses of jism.

Behind me Ethan grabbed my hips and lifted them. I shivered and moaned as my husband, disdaining sloppy seconds, pulled my pussy back on his throbbing manhood, filling me again.

Ethan’s cock was much larger than the unknown’s, not surprising to me in the least. My ex-stripper husband has an ivory shaft that might have been crafted by Aphrodite herself. And the feel of it sliding inside of me was so beautifully familiar

I groaned around the still softening cock in my mouth as he began a slow steady thrust.

The sound of heavy breathing filled the room. My unknown lover reached forward and pleasured my tits with one hand as Ethan fucked me. With the other, he brushed back my hair, undoubtedly so he see my rapt expression as my desire began building again.

I tried to stick with his cock, but soon I couldn’t manage it. The movement and sensations in my loins were too much. I dropped it. When I did, the man in front of me lifted my head up and bent his down. His lips met mine for the first time and his tongue darted deep in my mouth to circle and dance with my own.

I raised up higher kissing him hungrily, his hand slid down to rapidly finger and massage my clit as Ethan’s shaft drove in and out. I gasped and groaned into his mouth, one man behind, one man in front: cock, fingers, mouth, tongue, his second hand coming back to my breasts, the thumb grazing my bullet hard nipple.

I lost it

Overwhelmed, I broke the kiss, cried out and dug my nails into the unknown man’s forearms as another orgasm rolled through my body.

Ethan groaned, gripped my hips hard and doubled his pace; and in another few seconds he stiffened as his cock erupted volcanically inside of me, joining my vagina in the hot Bacchanalian dance of my own climax.

“Wow,” my unknown lover breathed, his hands roaming all over my shaking body.

Ethan pulled out and I melted against the man in front of me, my trembling fingers reaching down to feel for his cock. Still soft, it hadn’t been nearly long enough, more like five minutes instead of fifteen. I sighed, put my hands around his neck and kissed him deeply, the blindfold pressing into his face as our tongues circled, more lazily now.

“Make sure she keeps the mask on,” Ethan said as he climbed off the bed.

The other man just nodded, not breaking our kiss.

I heard Ethan leave the room. I wasn’t sure what he was doing. My unknown, moved me backward on the bed, laying me down and resting on top of me again. Though his cock was soft, he straightened it, so it would press firmly against my clit as our bodies came tightly together. I drew my legs up and wrapped them around him again, feeling an intense intimacy.

“Who … are you?” I whispered between kisses.

“No one … you know,” he answered huskily.

I smiled. The two of us made out for time out of mind. I had no idea what Ethan was doing … something naughty I was sure.

Slowly I felt a hardness growing between us as my unknown’s cock recuperated. “Are you going to fuck me again,” I asked in a throaty whisper.

“Yes,” he answered.

I giggled and felt my pussy coming alive again.

“How do you want it?”

“Mmm,” I kissed him. “Let’s keep it intimate … but let me on top.”

He snickered and rolled us over to the inverted missionary. I reached between us and guided his shaft up and back inside of me. He thrust till it was nice and snug. I giggled and wriggled my hips down. Then I stretched out on his chest, frenched him and began a slow rocking of my hips.

It was intense, another buildup of passion, little sparks shooting between my hips. We fucked leisurely at first and slowly gained speed and hunger. I eventually broke our kiss to focus on what was happening further down as he thrust and ravished me from beneath.

I became vaguely aware of loud moans bouncing around the room and realized with some amusement that they were my own. I raised up, trembling again and resting my hands on his chest as I circled my hips in a little frenzy. The man laughed and slapped my ass. It felt good.

“You’re fucking amazing,” he gasped.

I couldn’t answer. I was close … so … very … close.

He slapped my ass again as I plunged my pussy on him, engulfing his cock from tip to base over and over.

He groaned and gasped, “Oh … FUCK!”, and I felt his cock begin to pulse and spurt inside of me again.

“SHIT!” I cried and doubled my efforts.

He kept cumming and suddenly I hit pay dirt for the third time, driving down on his spike, my body shivering like it was trying to exorcize a demon as the glorious waves swept through me.

“Damn,” I heard Ethan say from off to the side. I had no idea he was even in the room.

The passion left me trembly and spent. I collapsed over to the side of my unknown, laying on the bed, trying to catch my breath. After a few moments, he rolled over and off the bed. I heard a whispered conversation and then …. nothing.

The minutes ticked by. I reached down to lightly to lazily trace my lower lips, dipping my finger in the three loads running out of me and raising it to my lips to lick.

“You want some champagne with that,” Ethan suddenly asked from off to the side.

I laughed and listened I as the bottle was pulled out of the bucket, opened and poured into two glasses. I rolled over to my tummy facing that direction and waited …. Suddenly there was a cold trickling down between my ass cheeks.

I squealed and rolled as Ethan laughed out loud.

“Sit up,” he ordered.

I did.

He pressed a glass into my hand. I sipped it and asked, “Can I take this off now?”

“Nah,” he said, “I’m waiting for the next guy to show.”

“What!?” I demanded, making him laugh again.

“Yeah, you can take it off.”

I swept the blindfold off and quickly looked around the room. My bed was in shambles. I was in shambles, wickedly naughty sexy sweaty shambles. And, no one else was there but me and my naked impishly grinning husband.

“Who was it?” I demanded.

“I’m not telling,” he grinned.

“I’ll wheedle it out of you,” I threatened.

“No you won’t,” he said sliding over beside me and sipping from his glass.

I smirked.

He smirked back.

“That was … terribly naughty wasn’t it?” I said.

“Terribly, terribly naughty. But did you enjoy your fantasy?”

My eyes glittered and I drained my glass in one swig. I tossed it aside and moved my fingers to his thick shaft. Then I leaned in and kissed him softly, “Hmm, only a terribly naughty girl would enjoy such thing.”

“Indeed,” he grinned, kissing me hungrily and pushing me back down on the bed.

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Bonnie Blue And The Gang (Erotic Story)

Bonnie Blue was feeling horny. She had a good idea. She was going to have a party. She was going to have some fun and get her itch scratched.

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(Copyright 2014 by Lorenzo Abajos. All rights to any form of reproduction are retained by the author.)

Bonnie Blue was feeling horny. She had a good idea. She was going to have a party. She was going to have some fun and get her itch scratched.

Sexy-blondeYou know Bonnie Blue. She was a little 25 year old blonde with great tits and lovely curves. And the urges of a major cum slut. She reveled in that fact. And it was why she had been on the Pill since she turned 18. She was now looking to become the biggest cum slut in Texas.

She was living in Galveston, working at the University of Texas Medical Center. Her work could take her anywhere in the state. But she had connections all over the state. She was well paid for her services. And lots of grateful lovers were profligate with their gifts. Little Bonnie Blue never wanted for anything. Especially not sex.

She was staying in a suite in the Tremont House. While she mulled over plans for her little party she went for a walk. She was in great shape. Her legs were strong and curvy and she loved to walk. So she took a stroll across the island to the Seawall Boulevard. Standing there and looking out to sea she felt the wind blowing her long blonde hair about her lovely face. She had always loved Galveston. She had wept when Hurricane Ike had struck in 2008. It was not enough to destroy Galveston, but damage still remained to be seen.

As she had walked across the island through the older section of town she had passed so many of the bushes that gave Galveston its nickname as the Oleander City. And she reveled in the smell of the sea. She loved the ocean and what better place to enjoy it than the beaches of Galveston. She did not much care for the commercialization, but it kept the economy running and the city prosperous enough to keep some of its older and finer buildings and institutions in the black.

When she returned to the hotel she began making phone calls. Her first call was to her Master, Peter. He was not in the state now, but he was always her Master. And he was a kind master because he allowed her the freedom to please herself whenever she wished. His only unwavering demand was that she be there for him when he was in Texas, in the same town as her. So she called to check. It was her submissive duty. This time he was free when she called.

“Hello dear Master. I am kneeling down for you. I hope I am not bothering you. I am sorry but I needed to ask a question, very important.”

“Yes my Bonnie Blue. I’m here. I can talk. What do you want?”

“Master, I am going to have a party for myself. I need to know if you will be able to attend. It will be this weekend on Saturday, here in the Tremont.”

“No my little slut, I won’t be there. But I will be coming in the next weekend. Be there and waiting for me. Meanwhile, have fun at your party. That’s an order.”

“Yes Master. I will have fun. The kind of fun you know I love. Thank you dear Master.”

After having done her duty she began calling other friends and acquaintances. After she reached the fifth man and had her invitation accepted immediately she stopped. That would be enough, surely, she thought to herself. Five men and one girl. The odds were good. She would have a very good time indeed.

She had invited an old friend from years ago who lived here on the island. He was the owner of a shop on the Boulevard selling souvenirs and other tourist junk. When he had the time he used it surfing as well as he could in the Gulf. His vacations were spent where the waves were larger and more dangerous, like Hawaii or Australia. His name was Tim and he was tall, brown haired and his cock was long and almost always hard for Bonnie.

Her second choice was Winston, a doctor at the Hospital. He was a surgeon and he knew the female anatomy very well. He loved teaching Bonnie about her own body. He stood about 5’8″, was blond, and had a small pot belly, but was buff overall. His cock was short, fat and pussy filling.

Also coming was Jeffrey with his workman’s hands. He was a carpenter and had been busy re-building the island’s homes and businesses. He had a dick about 6 inches hard and he could hammer it like a tool. His body was hard from his laboring and he stood right at 5’5″ and kept his head shaved.

Coming down from Houston was Mike the cable man. He installed cable vision all over the metro area. He was at least 6 feet tall, and his prick was long and thin. He was her best friend from college but he had decided to work with his hands instead of the law, as his degree would have allowed.

Her last selection was a new guy she had met at a club the night before. She had enjoyed giving him a blow job in the alley behind the club and was looking forward to more or his 7 inches of cock that curved to the right. She had got his number. His name was Gus. He was short, only 5’5″, but he was sexy as hell and she wanted more of him.

Bonnie prepared her suite for the evening to come. She called the front desk for extra help to get her place as perfect as possible. She was a good client. She always got what she wanted. If she didn’t she called her Master and he made sure things were her way. He was a force in many of the finer places in her state. The Tremont was an exclusive hotel, and they knew who to take special care of.

The staff sent up to help her were two Latinos. She loved their brown skin. She had fucked many of the fine Hispanic men and women of Texas. They were good lovers. This was a man of about 20 with black hair and a strong, taut body, along with a young lady who Bonnie knew had to be over 18. The Tremont made it a policy to only hire personnel older than that. She too had black hair and her eyes of black gleamed with an inner joy.

They went to work, cleaning the suite and placing out the food and drink that Bonnie had ordered for the party this evening. It was now only 4 in the afternoon. As they completed their preparations Bonnie contemplated the tip she was going to give them.

They finished and were moving towards the doorway to the suite. In the foyer they paused, in expectation of some extra compensation, of course. Bonnie smiled at them. She gave them each a 50 dollar bill and then she took a hand of each of the two. She drew them back into the living area and then into her own bedroom. They were eager to follow her. Bonnie Blue had a reputation at all the finer hotels in the state.

“You have plenty of time. You are here to help me. Now I need some extra help. Is there a problem?”

There was no problem! They grinned, the man and the woman. Bonnie slowly took her clothes off and soon the two were following suit. The man was, indeed, buff and his cock was fat and hard. The girl was lovely to behold. Her breasts of creamy coffee color were like cones of perkiness and had nipples that were hard, awaiting a good sucking. Her pussy was a triangle of curly, black hair. It needed to be eaten.

“I want to suck some pussy. And I want to be fucked too. Can we do that my friends? What are your names?”

“Yes, miss, it would be our pleasure to be of use to you,” said the woman. “I am Rosa and this is Manny.” And she smiled with anticipation.

Bonnie made Rosa get up on the large bed and lean back against all the pillows on the headboard. Her long legs were spread and her pussy glistened in the overhead light as her cunt produced juices that mingled in her curly pubic hair. Bonnie moved up onto the bed with her round ass wiggling and tempting the Manny. She placed both hands on the girl’s tits and squeezed hard and the girl moaned and pressed her taut breasts up for more. Bonnie pinched her nipples and she moaned even more. Then Bonnie sucked them one after the other and made cream flow out of Rosa’s pussy.

As Bonnie did this Manny was kneeling behind her, and her now dripping pussy was ready for a hard cock. He was not gentle. He rammed into her cunt and she squealed with pleasure. Just what she wanted. He began humping into her cunt as deep as his fat cock would go. While feeling the deep joy of a good fuck she did not neglect the pussy in front of her. Her lips descended to Rosa’s clit and, as she was fucked, she was able to use her fingers to pop the clit out and begin sucking on it.

Rosa was cumming loudly and enthusiastically. Bonnie was being fucked like a bitch whore, just as she liked it, hard and harder and Manny became more turned on. Sucking and licking the lips of Rosa’s pussy made Bonnie cum around the prick reaming her cunt. She sucked all the cum that Rosa produced. At last Manny could not hold back any more. He pulled out and started shooting strings of spunk onto Bonnie’s ass. She felt the hot cum and had another orgasm. She rammed her tongue up Rosa’s cunt and both had orgasms again.

Bonnie was satisfied with her little afternoon interlude. She wiped the cum on her ass into her skin and licked her fingers, and then gave both Rosa and Manny kisses. They smiled as they gathered their clothes. They could go down to their locker rooms and get cleaned up. Before they left they placed a new coverlet on Bonnie’s bed. They were sweet to the lady that was so nice to them.

Finally it was time for the party. It was starting as a cold buffet with drinks of your choice and would begin when everyone arrived after 7 in the evening. The men began arriving on the dot. They were as eager as Bonnie Blue for this party to begin and proceed to the “dessert.”

Bonnie had a little surprise for her guests. After they had all had a drink or two, but before they began having a bite to eat, she wanted them to give her a present. This would be a special present for her, but very special for them too. So she let them all drink up and get to know each other. None really was acquainted with the rest. Not a problem. They were there for Bonnie and that made them immediate friends.

She sipped her Margarita as the men drank variations on whiskey or gin. Everything had been provided for their pleasure. Everything. Finally when they had each finished at least one drink she brought their attention back to the reason for the party.

“I’m so glad you all came. Or will. (She giggled.) First, finish up the drink and then take off all the clothes. I want you to do me a big favor. Can you all do that for me?”

They indeed could. With grins on their faces and lust in their eyes they all stripped and subtly compared their own assets, as men often do. Then all eyes went to Bonnie who was now her beautiful, voluptuous, blond, naked self. And she was in the center of the room, on her knees, with her huge tits tempting them along with the smile on the mouth they had grown to love in the past.

“Come on guys, give me all your cocks. I’ll suck you all and you can all cum on me whenever you want to do it. Is that a good plan?”

It was. First to move forward was the surfer, Tim. His prick was ready for a great blow job. Bonnie took him in all the way and he started fucking her face, holding her blond hair for a good grip. Bonnie held up her two hands in expectation that someone would want a hand job. Gus did. She grasped his hard cock and began stroking him. Then she grabbed Jeffrey’s dick and started jerking it. They were both moaning as they fucked her strong hands.

Winston and Mike were both jacking off to keep up with the other guys. After about 5 minutes Tim had to shoot his spunk, so he pulled out and hosed her face with his cum. She swallowed some and a lot coated her face. Winston moved in with his fat cock and forced it into her wide open mouth. Tim went to rest in an easy chair, waiting for the rest of the evening to come.

Mike had finally reached the point where he had to cum. He had jerked until he was sore and he was shooting cum on her tits and face as Winston fucked her mouth. Gus and Jeffrey both wanted to cum in her mouth. Her stroking had not brought them to a head yet. But Winston shot off in her mouth, pulled out and covered her face with more spunk. Jeffrey quickly moved in and fed her his 6 inches of hard prick into her wide open mouth. It was still full of Winston’s seed and he was fucking her mouth lubricated with Winston’s spunk. It was spilling out and running down her chin and coating her tits.

Gus could no longer hold his sperm. He had given her his cock last night so he didn’t feel too bad just cumming all over her body and face which Jeffrey was still fucking. Some of the cum Gus shot landed on Jeffrey’s cock but Bonnie soon sucked it all off and cleaned Jeffrey’s cock. He began feeding her his spunk. This time she swallowed it all. She was covered with cum and she was reveling in it.

The men all took turns washing off in the bathroom. As they did so Bonnie took a shower, after rubbing all the cum she could find on her body, for the sheer pleasure of it. They fellows went in and, staying naked, they had a cold supper. They ate with gusto now. Awaiting more pleasure later and storing up more spunk in their balls. This was becoming a party to talk of far into the future.

When Bonnie came out, fresh and clean and smelling of jasmine in a chartreuse kimono, they rose from their seats and bowed to the little cum slut of Texas. Bonnie had a little snack as the men continued to have drinks and chat. When she, and only she, was ready the sex party would continue.

At last she rose and beckoned to all of the invitees to follow her into her large bedroom. The bed was huge and they would need the space.

“I’m going to let you boys take command. You can do anything you want to me. It’s entirely up to you. But no arguments. If there is any dispute I can easily find a new gang. And you know that’s true, don’t you?”

They all nodded then gathered together and discussed the situation. After a minute or two it was decided. They moved into action. Tim picked up Bonnie and carried her over to the bed. There he and Winston took off her kimono and left her nude again. Her nipples were hard as gems. Her waxed pussy glistened with wetness. Tim then got supine upon the bed and with his long prick standing tall invited Bonnie to take a seat facing the headboard. She slowly lowered her greasy cunt down onto his cock. Ah, the peace that shone from her face.

Tim pulled her forward to kiss her and to also make her ass hole accessible to Gus and his 7 inches to being probing her pucker. First he licked it to lube it well and then he slowly eased all of his dick into that ass. She was squealing pleasure and feeling both cocks bumping inside her. She was certain they could feel each other easily.

She turned to the side and Jeffrey gave her access to his prick. She was licking it and making love to his balls. She cuddled them with one hand, being held up by Tim as he sucked on her tits and bit her nipples. Her squeals were almost non-stop now. Sucking in his cock, she heard Jeffrey moaning and he slowly fucked her face.

Then she started jacking off Mike as Winston also fed his cock to her mouth. He and Jeffrey jammed both cocks into her mouth. She was gagging and cumming and loving her party! Tim was bucking up to fuck her hard and deep. Gus rammed as deep as his long cock would go and started fucking faster and faster to make her cum and cum. As she jerked Mike he clasped his hands around hers and fucked her hand. Soon he was shooting cum between her fingers and she took the hand to her mouth and licked it clean. Mike continued shooting cum into her blond hair.

There was no planning but it seemed this was a magic moment for our little cum slut. Tim’ spunk was filling her pussy and leaking out and down onto his hairy balls. Gus was gushing all his seed into her shitter and she could feel and relish it hot and wet. Winston shot a wad of cum into her mouth and then sprayed her face again. At the same time Jeffrey pulled out of her mouth and hosed her whole body with his strings of sticky stuff. She was taking cum from five men at once, and she was wondering in her cum soaked brain whether she could have taken more.

It was just a tangle of sweaty, wet bodies sprawled on the bed. Bonnie was rubbing all the cum she could into her body and licking all she could feed into her mouth. She loved the taste of cum. Then each of her lovers paid her the compliment of giving her a wet kiss with lots of tongue. She sucked on each tongue as if it was a cock and then passed on to the next.

Now began the real fuck festival. Bonnie was spread out on the bed with her legs sprawled wide. Each of her friends took a turn. She was truly and well fucked by each one. The order did not matter. She lost track of who was in her at any one time. She was loving her cum slut party. Fucking and reaming and screwing, it went on and on until none of her lovers had any spunk left to give. Her cream pie was enormous. The spunk was leaking and oozing out all over the bed spread. Her tits had bed mauled to the point that her nipples felt raw. It had to come to an end, and it did.

Finally her lovers had thanked her for the great party and were cleaning up again, as she was too tired to move from her bed.

As each finished up cleaning themselves they kissed her goodbye and passed out of the bedroom and out of the suite. It took only ten or fifteen minutes. But the party was over. At last she was alone, but she felt sated. Moving slowly and wetly she again took a shower. Refreshed, she called again for room service to come up and clear away the last of the drinks and meal, and remake her bed.

It was done.

The next week Master Peter arrived and she met him at the airport in Houston. On the drive to Galveston she gave him the best blow job she could, after begging permission. Peter guided the rental carefully as he shot his cum into her eager, submissive mouth.

He contemplated forcing her to do without his cock for the weekend. That would be a good lesson for his little submissive one. But even he could not be that cruel. He would fuck her long and hard and make sure she remembered who was the Master and who was the slave.

He adored his little cum slut.

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