Anal Orgasms for Women – Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that women can cum just from being fucked in the ass? Its true all you need to do is learn how…

What a treat it is to get fucked up the ass! It’s one of my all time favorite sexual activities. Most people don’t know this, but all women can have an orgasm from anal sex.

A woman has orgasms from anal stimulation when the penis hits through the anal wall and onto the G-spot in the vagina. The nerve endings in the sphincter and the tightness of it make anal stimulation a huge pleasure, (if done correctly).

A great number of women not only find anal orgasms amazing but they would definitely like more of them. Others of course, are yet to experience the fun and excitement of anal ecstasy. Some women feel that they cannot ask for anal because of stigma attached and I go into that in this blog post: Lola’s perspectives on anal sex.

If you want to try anal sex and possibly even delve into anal orgasms, here are some tips to make it happen:

  1. Communication is essential. Talk it through with one another. You both need to know how and when anal sex begins and you both need to help guide the penis in gently.
  2. Arousal.There is no point shoving anything up anywhere until you are horny and ready for cock! Having a few orgasms beforehand will heighten the nerve endings on the G-spot and make it easier to orgasm.
  3. Juicy. Lube is essential. Buy some good quality sexual lube and use a lot of it. This will make it much less likely to hurt.
  4. Take your time. There is no rush. Start by opening it up with a finger and then move on to small toys or a couple of fingers. When you are both ready and comfortable then you can move onto his penis.
  5. Relax. Get it right. Once the muscles have relaxed and the penis is fully in then it will not hurt. There could be a few positions that are uncomfortable for you and some women can’t have it too deep, so play around and find out what is best for both of you.

Ladies please checkout our sexy community here, you will find tons of like-minded women to chat with. Men follow my advice and hopefully one of your fantasies will be ticked off the list. If you have any questions please comment below.

Lots more sexiness to follow…


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