How I Discovered My Deep Spot!

The deep spot is amazing. If you don’t know what, or where it is, you NEED to read this post!!!

  • A few years ago I discovered my deep spot.
  • Well to be more accurate my boyfriend at the time discovered it for me! 

I had been seeing him for a while and we already had great sex together but this time was different, he started fingering me really deeply and hit on a spot I had never felt before. The sensations were really intense and it wasn’t long before I had a massive vaginal orgasm that left me in a hot sweaty mess! As I was recovering he looked up at me with a cheeky smile and said “you don’t know about that little spot did ya?

He was right, I didn’t but I was determined to find out more. As soon as he went to work I got my toys out and started to experiment. It wasn’t easy at first (deep spot stimulation is much easier when done by someone else) but I got there and soon got much better at it. (BTW – If you don’t know what it is then you need to read this deep spot blog post!)

Now I can use my toys to give myself intense vaginal orgasms whenever I want and it is a great addition to my sexual self-loving repertoire.

Since learning how to do it for myself I have tried to show my lovers how to do it for me, but so far none have managed. The truth is it’s not that easy at first and like most things it takes a little bit of practice to get good at it. But trust me with the deep spot it is definitely worth the effort!The Deep Spot

Months later I went back to my now ex boyfriend who first found it for me and asked him how he found out about it.
He told me he discovered it from a guy called David Shade. He has a website with a video on how to stimulate the deep spot you can check it out here…

In fact just recently I slept with a guy who hit my deep spot again and again, I asked him and he was a fan of Mr. Shade as well!

So ladies either check out this video for yourself or even better copy and paste this link and send it via email to your partner.

Men you have got to watch this video It’s the easiest, most effective, most powerful way to make a woman cum. Once you learn it you will have the knowledge and the confidence to turn any woman into a trembling mess of sexy gratitude for the feelings you can give her!

Make sure you post below once you have found the deep spot and had some fun with it.


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