Why I Love Being Dominant – A Woman’s Perspective

Sometimes there is nothing I love more than to totally dominate a man. To take control and to use him, his body and his cock for my own very naughty pleasures…

I love being dominated by a confident man (I blogged about it here…), but I also LOVE dominating a guy I’m sleeping with.

  • Why do I love it?
  • What about it do I enjoy the most?
  • How do the guys react?

Why do I love dominating my partner? – It is a huge turn on for me to take control of a man, I love seeing the shock on his face when he realizes I’m going to take control and get what I want! In my mind I’ve decided “I want sex now!” and it’s funny to watch him figure it out!

What do I really enjoy about dominating men? – It’s having the confidence to do what I do and that makes me feel very, very horny and powerful! The feeling of power I have over him, his mind and body is mind-blowingly sexy.

Tease, tease, tease – This is my evil side coming out. I LOVE TEASING MEN! I like getting them so fucking horny they BEG ME to let them cum. Hahahaha yes I love being in control!

How do they react? – Most of the guys I’ve done this to have loved every minute of it. I think most men do have a submissive side to their nature its just whether or not they have the courage to experience it! (Go on boys give it a go…You know you want too 😉 )

BUT – There is a minor downside to all this. I can very rarely be as dominant as I want. I would love to go much, much further than this! I would like to tie them up for hours on end, tease them for forever, spank them until the pain is too much and then fuck their brains out!

Sadly for me I’ve yet to find many sexy guys that can take this sort of punishment. When I take control I keep an eye out to see how they handle it. I know they all have their own limits and most of these limits are much less than mine…

So this was just a nice quick blog post for me to get some thoughts about being dominant down in writing.

Ladies – Do you like being in control? Have you thought about it but never tried it?

Guys – Do you like being dominated? Would you like to give it a go?

Feel free to comment below with answers to these questions or anything else you would like to add to the mix.

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