Why I Love Being Dominated

I love it when a man, totally dominates me, uses and abuses me and treats me like his own personal dirty little whore…

A Woman’s Perspective

When I’m with a man, I love to be dominated and to be dominant. I’ve written about why I love being dominant here… But in this post I want to talk about being dominated and exactly why I love it so much!

In everyday life I’m a strong character – I’m quite assertive and have some masculine qualities that come through in my day-to-day life. I’m very happy with this, I take no shit and can change a car tire quicker than most guys, (I’ve also got a mean left hook 😉 ). BUT I am still a woman and I love being able to just let go and let my man control my body and mind, because of this being submissive feels really hot!

Dominant men are very sexy – I’m sure that most women will agree that there is something deeply erotic about a man who has the skills and the confidence to dominate a woman properly. In my experience there are very few men who can really do this well, which makes them even more sexy and attractive. But this may be due to my choice of men I wonder what my female readers think?

A quick note – A man who can dominate me is sexy but a man who try’s to domineer me is a huge turn off. What’s the difference? Dominance is about leading and controlling me in the bedroom with my permission. Being domineering is trying to control my behaviors in or out of the bedroom without my permission. DON’T DO IT!… (Or you will feel the force of my left hook!)

Being dominated enters my fantasies A LOT – Both in the adult stories I read and in my mind’s eye I love to fantasize about being controlled and dominated by a very strong, masculine man.

I keep an eye out for it with guys I’m chatting to – If a guy is hitting on me and I’m thinking about whether or not I want to sleep with him, I keep an eye out for any signs of dominance. I might be a little bit cheeky and see how he reacts. I might get a bit flirty and see how he handles it. I can usually tell very easily how dominant a man will be in bed.

What is it they do to me that I like? – Obviously being spanked, pinned down or handcuffed is part of him being dominant but there is more to it than that. For me its more about him taking charge, leading what we do and the feeling that he is using my body for his own pleasure rather than trying to worship me.

So this was just another quick blog post sharing some of my thoughts of male dominance and female submission.

What do you think? Have you got any comments or questions?
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