Woman on Top – Ride ’em Cowgirl!

I love being on top. I like being in control. I like teasing my man and I like being able to have the power of deciding when we both cum.

Why do I love being on top? It’s easy… I have control. No messing about, no missing the spot, no rhythm lost. Just bang, bang on my g-spot, Thank you very much!

All I need to do is move my hips until his cock hits the right spot and an orgasm is guaranteed. Personally, the right sort of fuck buddy for me is a man who will lie back and let me do my thing.

I also love watching my man ogle my boobs as they move with my rhythm. Getting transfixed with the way my body rocks and looking deep in to my eyes as my orgasm takes over. I know it turns them on, why wouldn’t it? Unless they have control issues and then they’re out the door anyway 😉 . Any decent man wants their lady to get pleasure out of sex and that is exactly what happens when I get on top.

When I’m on top it’s not just a vaginal orgasm or clitoral, it’s both at the same time… My favorite! I get to pull on his penis with the walls of my pussy and I get to grind my clitoris against him. I choose the strokes and I chose when I cum and being on top means I can cum again and again. I love multiple orgasms! In fact I can’t get enough of them. Call me greedy if you like but hey, it’s not my fault men have usually had enough after one orgasm!

I also get to chose when and how he gets to cum. There are multiple ways of getting him there and depending on how I feel and how quick I want us both to orgasm, I will chose what is best for the time. Usually after I have cum two or three times, I will decide its time for him to let go. Instead of grinding on his cock I will bounce up and down (so he gets more stimulation), I will tell him I want him to cum and then I will watch him go crazy with excitement.

All in all being on top is amazing fun. I get to feel in control. I get to cum lots of times and whenever I chose! He gets a great view of me and my boobs. I even get more control over when he cums and as us ladies know that can only be a good thing!

Ladies, if you don’t know how to have vaginal orgasms you can start by reading this detailed article on vaginal orgasms (my step by step guide). Also feel free to join our sexy community, so you can ask questions one on one.

Advice for you men – Practice kegel exercises. With practice you will be able to last a lot longer and can even join the world of multiple orgasms. All it takes is practice and following the rules. (Check out this link on ejaculation control here).

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