How to Have Anal sex

Do you want to have anal sex? Do you want to try it but are a bit worried about how to do it right? Check out this post for some easy to follow simple advice, then go and give it a go..!

Check out these easy to learn, tips and techniques to teach you how to have anal sex. Not only will they teach you how to do it, it will also help you make sure it’s lots of fun!

  1. Talk about it – Before you try it, talk it over with your partner. Make sure you are both keen to try it, that you feel comfortable giving it a go and that you both remember it is just a fun new thing for you to try together.
  2. Fantasize – Lots of people forget this one and it is a shame. It is such good fun and it makes it all so much easier. Anal sex is much less likely to hurt if you are feeling really relaxed and horny. Talk dirty (LINK to silo) to each other about it, use naughty texts and emails, do anything that builds up the sexual excitement and anticipation.
  3. Prepare and pick the right time – Whoever is on the receiving end needs to feel comfy. If they have a bad stomach or are a bit constipated this is not the time to give it a go! Make some extra effort to make your environment relaxing and sexy. Candles, music and long bath, whatever takes your fancy and helps get you horny.
  4. Lube – Lube is really, really important for anal sex. There is no natural lubrication in the anus and also it is very, very tight. Lube will make it much easier and also much more fun. So put some lube on, then put more lube on, then…Well you get the picture, just use a LOT of lube!
  5. Fingers and toys – If you start off by inserting a finger or a very small sex toy, this will help a lot. It opens up the rectum, helps it relax and will help eliminate the pain from inserting anything bigger.
  6. Butt plugs – Butt plugs are a really useful and effective way to help you have anal sex. Again like inserting other toys, they help the anus open up and relax so that when you insert a larger object it is ready for it.
  7. Start off very slowly – When you insert the penis start really slowly.  Put the tip in, then take it out again. Then do this again but go in a little further. Keep repeating this but going deeper and deeper each time. This reduces the pain to a minimum and also increases the pleasure.
  8. The initial pain goes away – Most people will feel some pain when the cock is first inserted. But if you breathe and relax this will soon go away and be replaced with much, much more pleasurable sensations!
  9. It might take a few times to master it – Don’t be put off if it doesn’t work the first time. Take a break and try again. Trust me it will be worth it.
  10. It can be amazing fun – Anal sex can be great fun and can give really intense anal orgasms. So don’t let fear stop you give it a go and ENJOY IT!

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Some things to remember about anal sex.

  • It doesn’t have to hurt – If you learn how to have anal sex properly using the tips above it doesn’t have to be too painful. The initial pain of the penis being inserted soon goes away.
  • It doesn’t have to be dirty – If you prepare and pick your time right anal sex doesn’t have to be dirty.
  • There is nothing wrong with it – If you think there is something wrong with anal sex try to let go of this. In my opinion it is just another really fun, sexy way of enjoying our bodies and there is nothing wrong with it whatsoever.
  • It can go wrong if you don’t take care – If you rush it or don’t prepare properly it can hurt a lot. So NEVER rush it and always follow the advice above.
  • Safe sex is very important – Anal sex is much more likely to transmit some types of STD’s so always practice safe sex and wear extra strong condoms unless in a committed relationship.

So I hope this helps you learn how to enjoy some anal fun. If you have any questions please use the comment box below and I will reply asap.

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