Anal Rimming

Rimming is one of those naughty topics that people are sometimes too scared to talk about. But really it’s only a bit of sexy fun and well worth giving a go (or at the very least just reading about it)…

Kissing Your Lover Where the Sun Don’t Shine…

I love anal rimming and I love being rimmed, here’s why… The butt hole has millions of nerve endings surrounding it and soft licks to it can create a sensual feeling that sends shivers up my spine.

I know how good this feels and because of that I know how much pleasure I can give my partner by returning the favor, anything I can do to turn my partner on also turns me on as well. So whether it’s giving or receiving rimming is all good with me.

Before you leave the page in disgust hear me out. I understand rimming (giving or receiving) might sound a bit extreme to a lot of people but it can be great fun and doesn’t have to be dirty or a big turn off.

It’s not dirty…unless you are.

Licking someone’s butt is no different to licking any other part of the body it is just skin.

Here are two easy steps to making sure you and your partner’s butts are ready for rimming action…

Step 1:
Only do this straight after a shower or bath. In fact why not have a bath or shower together and help each other get clean? 😉

Step 2:
Make your ass a hair free zone. Waxing, using hair removal cream or shaving makes the whole experience better for two reasons. Firstly a hair free anus is much more sensitive and secondly from the rimmer’s perspective being hair free makes it much more lick-able. It may sound a bit much having to wax your ass but think about it like this – would you want to lick the black hole of Calcutta?

Giving and receiving

Giving – There isn’t really any skill to anal rimming, it’s just a matter of gently licking the anal area and sensing what your partner likes (the moans of delight should give you a clue here). Combining this with genital stimulation provides very intense orgasms.

Receiving – Just lie back, relax and enjoy the sexy feelings that you are experiencing. Don’t try this if you are feeling uncomfortable for any specific reasons like digestion issues, a sore butt or if you need the bathroom. You will only enjoy this if you feel totally relaxed, so wait until the time is right.

Give anal rimming a go!

There are two reasons why this feels so good! First, the sensation of the tongue tickling the nerve endings of your ass is intense (until you have tried this you will never understand just how good this feels. It is on a par with licks to the pussy!). Secondly, because it feels so naughty and intimate it really adds to the excitement of your foreplay.

Try it… you never know, you might just love it!

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Why I Love Anal…

Some girls love anal, some girls hate it. I love and in this post I’m going to share with you why I love it so much…

Lola’s Perspectives on Anal Sex

Here’s the usual story between men and women when it comes to anal sex.

He really wants to try it. It turns him on thinking about it, he tries to talk his lady into giving it a go but….

She doesn’t want to try it. She is scared of the pain, the mess and the thought of it doesn’t turn her on.

This is a real shame. Firstly the guys don’t get to enjoy one of their top fantasies and the women miss out on a whole new area of sexy fun that they could be having with their bodies!

Ladies, I’m going to make this point very clear so you understand…
If you are not having anal sex and enjoying it, you really are missing out on a lot of fun!

I understand that you might have some concerns and I will address them now but you need to accept the fact that anal sex can be mind-blowingly good if you get it right.

The usual concerns about anal sex:

The mess – Don’t worry about it! I can tell you from lots of personal experience it’s not messy! Obviously there is a time and place for anal fun, if you need a “number two” now is not the time to experiment! So pick your time, make sure you don’t need to “go” and are feeling nice and clean to help you get over this one.

The pain – It doesn’t have to be painful! Most women have had the annoying experience of some stupid guy just trying to shove a dry finger or cock up there and experienced the pain and shock that goes along with that! BUT with patience, a man with a gentle touch and a lot of lube and practice it doesn’t have to hurt much at all. I can’t say there will be no pain at first as there might be. But it will very quickly disappear as you learn to relax and then the pleasure will start to kick in.

The feeling of being degraded – OK, for some of you this extra level of taboo might be a serious turn on! But for others it will be a concern that you need to address. If you have negative thoughts about anal sex you might feel trying it is degrading, but if you think of it as something fun and exciting for you to try with your lover you won’t. Chat to some women who enjoy it. Perhaps check out our sexy community and see what the members think. Seriously I can’t say this strongly enough – anal sex is amazing once you get over your fears!

Feeling embarrassed or judged for wanting it – A lot of women would really love to try it but are worried that their man might judge them for wanting to give it a go. I understand this fear but to be honest my opinion is if any man does judge you for this you need to ask yourself is he worth having in the first place?

Look, I know I’m rare and most women aren’t (yet) into anal but there is good reason for that. It’s because I’ve tried it, got over any concerns and love it. I can have orgasms from anal sex and it adds a whole new level of naughtiness to my sex sessions, so my advice to you is to give it a go!

Feel free to add comments or questions below.

PS – One of the best ways to experiment with anal play is to start with some nice toys. Click here to browse some of the best anal toys available…