10 Things Guys Do During Sex That I Hate!

Ok, I admit this is me having a huge rant about the annoying things men do in bed..! Ladies check it out and join in the rant. Guys its time to learn what NOT to do…

Let’s get this straight I am not a man hater! I love men BUT sometimes they do things that drive me insane. There are lots of good things that guys do to me in bed, in fact there are a lot before they get me into bed (giggle 😉 ) but that’s another blog post. This blog post is just me letting off some steam. I am having a rant for myself and all the women out there because I’m so tired of men that are terrible in bed.

Just so you guys don’t think I am a complete bitch I am going to give you some advice so if you want to change any of these problems you can do (you will be a better sex partner for doing so). Also my partner in crime Jack is going to write a similar blog post aimed at women and what turns him off (equal rights lol 😉 ) Ok here goes…

1 – Cleanliness. You expect us to be clean, hairless and manicured yet can’t even be bothered to wash your own armpits properly! Sort it out…Be clean, smell nice and tidy up your pubes. It’s only fair!

2 – Not enough foreplay. You get turned on like a light switch (in a split second). We on the other hand are more like a dimmer switch…We like to be turned on slowly and gradually. Take your time guys. Unless we are gagging for some rough action take it slow. Build us up. Tantalize us for a while… Go on I dare you.

3 – Not keeping rhythm. This one is fairly simple to explain again but takes practice in the real world. Women like in both foreplay and sex in a steady rhythm. We do not like sporadic jerky actions. We do like the rhythm and tempo to increase as long as the rhythm stays steady. You will be able to tell this from our body language and the noises that we make.

4 – No confidence. Sleeping with a strong confident man allows me to be at my sexiest. Even if you don’t feel confident, just pretend and it will come with experience (AKA fake it til you make it). I understand that some of you guys might not feel very confident and might not have all the skills you need to start taking control in the bedroom. But you have to start somewhere and the longer you let it carry on like this then the harder it becomes. Take a big breath, relax and take control of the situation, it will be fine.

5 – Be more vocal. I want a man that knows how to enjoy himself. If a man does not talk or make any noise during sex I worry he is not enjoying himself. If he shows me how much fun he is having I stop worrying and start having even more fun.Talking naughty is music to my ears. Making some noise and expressing how much pleasure you are having when you cum blows my mind. Try it.

6 – Not listening. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST ANNOYING OF ALL!!! If I tell you to spank my bottom then spank it and take that bit of information and store it so I do not have to repeat myself. I do not want to be telling you every time I want my hair pulled as frankly it turn’s me off. The only thing I can do here is tell you. If you don’t listen to your girl and you keep making the same dumb mistakes that turn her off the chances are she will cheat on you, dump you, or both. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!

7 – Fucking me like you are trying to drill a hole in a reinforced concrete wall. THIS IS NOT SEXY. Quite a lot of the time I like to be fucked hard but what I do not like is passionless, repetitive, high speed thrusting. Learn about when the time is right. Here is a tip… it rarely is!

8 –Ramming fingers up my butt without warning. I want to make it clear that I love bum sex BUT it has to be right. Put it like this how would you like it if during sex or foreplay a girl shoved there finger or a dildo up your arse with no warning. Some ladies might enjoy this but I don’t, there is a time and place for shoving things up my bottom. I don’t like surprises and I need lots of lube.

9 – Premature ejaculation. It is not nice guys, we want to cum too. For a short fix I suggest condoms with a climax control lubricant in and for the long run do lots of kegel exercises. Also make sure your licking and fingering skills are up to scratch until you get this handled. (Check out this awesome blog post by Jack for some great advice on delaying ejaculation)

10 – (Last but certainly not least) Putting me on a pedestal and treating me like a princess. Of course I want you to find me attractive and yeah I like it when you make me feel sexy but please do not devalue yourself in the process. Don’t be over the top with compliments. Don’t treat me like a princess who has never seen cock before. Do treat me like your special horny bitch. I am not your mother or your sister and I am certainly not a nun.

Rant over! My next blog will be ten things I love about men during sex.

Guys I hope you will take heed. I am sure some of you will want to leave me a comment and you are more than welcome too. If you want to learn an easy, fast, effective way to take any woman to sexual ecstasy read this blog post.

Ladies if you want to add your comments then please go ahead, the more tips we give these men the better it is for us.

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PPS – As promised here is Jack’s post where he has a rant about all the annoying things women do in bed…

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