Do women like anal sex?

Most guys really want to try anal sex with the female partners. But not all women seem that keen. Why is this and what can the guys do about it?

Have you ever wondered… Do women enjoy anal sex?

In my experience the answer to this question is complicated so lets break it down a bit.

My opinion is that:

  • Some women LOVE it.
  • Some women like it but prefer other types of
    sexy fun.
  • Some women would like it if they tried it but for some reason don’t want too (more on this later).
  • Some women will never try it, so they will never know if they enjoy it or not!

If you want to try anal fun with your female partner there are a few things you can do. First of all and this is stupidly obvious but I’ll say it anyway, if she already knows she likes it then you can just go for it and enjoy it! Don’t worry about it being dirty (its not if you do it right), just GO FOR IT!

If she likes it but just not as much as other types of sex you can use toys and skills to make anal sex much more pleasurable for her. (Again more on this later).

How to get a woman to try it.

If your lady isn’t sure about giving it a go there are a few things you can try to encourage her.

  1. Use anal sex in fantasies. Send her naughty text and emails and slowly introduce more and more anal play into the stories. As she gets turned on by this she will be much more likely to want to give it a go.
  2. Start off very slowly. When you are going down on her start by tickling her butt. Tease it a lot, especially when she is cumming. Once she gets used to that, try slipping a very well lubed finger inside her. Slide it in and out (at the same speed you lick her pussy) and she will love it.
  3. Just keep going with these simple techniques and be patient. Don’t expect her to beg you to fuck her in the ass after one finger session! As she starts to both fantasize about, and experience pleasure with anal play, she will become more and more interested in trying anal sex for real.
  4. Let her do it to you. Let her put a finger or two inside you. This will show her that it is not dirty, that it’s fun and that you are open minded enough to not judge her for giving it a go.

How to help a woman enjoy it

Once she is keen to give it a go, use the tips and techniques to make it go well for you both.

  1. Encourage her to go to the bathroom first. That way she wont worry too much about it being dirty.
  2. Reassure her. Most women worry. They worry about being dirty. They worry about not being sexy or attractive enough and they worry about being too slutty. Reassure her that what you are doing is just a really fun sexy experiment and that it turns you on A LOT.
  3. Make sure she knows what’s coming… Don’t just ram it up her back-end without any warning! You don’t have to give her a full run down of what you are going to do, just make sure it’s not a surprise.
  4. Whenever you are doing anything anal you need to use lots of lube. The anus doesn’t create its own natural lubrication like the pussy does so get the lube out and slap it all over the place. (The more the better here…Trust me on this one, she will thank you for it).
  5. Open her up with some butt plugs or small vibes. This helps her relax and enjoy the pleasurable sensations rather than just feeling pain and no pleasure. The idea is you start off with a finger or two, then you use a butt plug then finally your cock.
  6. Go slowly at first. Do not think you can fuck her in the ass like some hardcore porn star. Ease your cock in very, very slowly and make sure she is ok before you start to go harder and faster.
  7. Encourage her to use a vibe on her clit to give her even more pleasure.


Make sure you have your check list of essential tools and equipment

There you go! Remember most women do like anal fun, it just takes a skillful lover to help them enjoy it (and take them to a whole new level of kinky pleasure).

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