The Best Sex Toys for Men

Do you want to know what the best sex toys for men are? Check out this list and find out everything you need to know..

What are the best male sex toys?

Men want two things from their toys

  1. They want toys that give them pleasure.
  2. They want cool toys they can use on (or with) their partner.

Check out this list of awesome adult toys for the boys…

  • Male vibrators – There is a spot inside a man called the prostrate gland. Often called the p-spot, it is similar to the female g-spot (except you get to it from the backend). Like the female g-spot when stimulated correctly it can produce powerful full body orgasms. Believe it or not men can orgasm from p-spot stimulation with no direct stimulation of the penis! Male prostrate vibes are a great way of experimenting with the p-spot and an An adult toy for menessential tool in any man’s sexy toy arsenal.
  • Cock rings – Cock rings slightly restrict blood flow to the erect penis. This gives the man a larger, firmer erection. It also helps him to last longer and give him a much more intense orgasm when he reaches climax. Does this sound pretty darn good to you? Also if it’s a vibrating cock ring his partner can grind onto the vibe and then both lovers get extra pleasure from this tiny but powerful male sex toy.
  • Plastic pussies – These used to be treated like a joke but now more guys are using them as a sexy masturbation toy and why not? After all women have been fucking themselves silly with plastic cocks for a long, long time now!
  • Anal beads – Simply insert the beads and then on the moment of climax pull the beads out to massively increase the pleasure and sensitivity of the orgasm. Anal beads are really cheap, really fun and very easy to use… What more could you ask for?
  • Remote controlled vibrators –These are one of my all time fave adult toys for men! Even though it’s the woman that gets the direct pleasure guys love these. Simply put the toy on (or in), go out to a bar, club, party or whatever you fancy. Then who ever has the remote can press that magic little button whenever they want and watch their lover squirm..!
  • Spanking paddles – Some guys like spanking and some guys like being spanked! Personally I enjoy both, but one thing is for sure both spanking and being spanked is much, much better with the proper tools and equipment!
  • Strap-ons – Not for everyone but some guys love nothing more than to bend over and get fucked with a strap-on. They come with different types of harnesses, different sizes, with or without vibrators in them, etc to suit any desires you may have. Note – If you do fuck a guy with a strap-on, always play fair and give him a reach around wank!
  • Bondage restraints, handcuffs etc – Again some guys like to do the handcuffing and some guys like to be handcuffed…Yes you guessed it – I like both tee hee! There is something very sexy about a pair of strong steel handcuffs.
  • Sex machines – Sometimes guys need a rest, often their lady still needs more cock. Fucking machines are the answer, basically they are a thrusting dildo on a long stick. Just plug them in to the electric supply, insert the dildo into the most suitable hole then sit back and enjoy the show! (Of course he can also control the action with a remote control!).
  • Sex furniture – This makes fucking much easier. The furniture helps you get the right angles and better positions. Sex swings for example allow you to hold a woman up with out using any energy, meaning he can focus on fucking and not worry abut putting his back out!
  • Face dildos – Strap this bad boy onto your chin, slide it into her pussy then go to work on her clit (actually, now I come to think of this one it should probably be in sex toys for women).

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What are the Best Sex Toys?

Do you want to know what are the best sex toys for women, men and couples? I’ve complied a list of the best out there so feel free to check it out…

Check out this list of the top ten best adult toys:

  1. Luxury vibes and dildos – While budget sex toys are great fun and they will give you lots of nice orgasms there is something really awesome about spending a little bit more on a luxury toy. The more expensive toys look better, they feel better, they work better and they last almost forever. Also they have cool little features, like being easy to clean, fully rechargeable and offering much better control of the speeds and intensities. Well worth the money if you can afford it!  Glass Dildo
  2. P-spot vibes – Designed to stimulate the prostrate glands and give the man a very intense full body orgasm even without any stimulation of his cock! Once a guy gets over any concerns he might have about putting a toy up his butt he will start to love playing with his p-spot vibe.
  3. G-spot vibes and dildos – Specially designed to hit that sweet and sexy spot inside a lady. Fingers sometimes just won’t do the job and that’s where the g-spot vibe comes in very, very handy!
  4. Sex machine – A thrusting dildo in a box. These machines never go limp, they never get tired and they can last all night long. But to be fair they aren’t much good at pillow talk or cuddles once the fucking is over!
  5. Vibrating cock rings – The ring gives him a firmer, larger erection plus helps him last longer and have a much more powerful orgasm. She gets to grinds her clit against the vibe as he fucks her. I think that’s what’s called a win-win arrangement!
  6. Sex swings – These allow couples to fuck in all sorts of exciting new positions but without the guy having to hold the lady up, so he has more energy for fucking her.
  7. Remote controlled toys – One of the best adult toys for couples to play with. She wears the vibrating toy on her clit or inside her. They both go out for a walk, to a bar or for a meal. He drives her wild by turning the toy on and off with the remote. She does her best to not let it show but perhaps it doesn’t always manage to conceal her sexy pleasure!?!?
  8. Bondage toys and kits –It doesn’t matter who is tying who up if you have some cuffs and restraints if feels a lot sexier and it’s much better than just tying knots in scarves or belts.
  9. Spanking implements – Again it doesn’t matter who is doing the spanking and who is being spanked. Paddles, whips and crops make it feel so much kinkier and they hurt a lot more as well! (If you want them too…Tee heee hee! 😉 )
  10. Butt plugs and anal toys – Both men and women can orgasm from anal play and it is a great way to add a new dimension to your sex life. The important thing to remember is to always use lots and lots of lube whenever you are experimenting with anal fun and games.

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What are the Best Sex Toys for Couples?

Want to know what the best sex toys for couples are? Do you need something fun to add to your love life? Have a look at this list for ideas and sexy inspiration…

Naughty adult toys are a great way to spice up a relationship. They add extra fun and can be a great way to build sexy shared experiences together.

  • Sex swings – These are great fun. You know that hot sex where the guy holds the lady up against the wall and fucks her senseless? Do you also know the reality of this being hard work for the guy and nowhere near as sexy in reality as the fantasy might suggest? Well the solution is a door mounted sex swing. The swing holds the lady up against the wall so that he can focus on fucking her and not worry about collapsing or putting his back out!
  • Sex furniture – Ever wanted to get in that perfect position but not been able to manage it? No matter how many cushion or pillows you wedge under your booty to prop you up? Sex furniture is specially designed to help you find the perfect spot for intercourse (or whatever else you might be getting up to!).
  • Vibrating cock rings – The ring goes over his erect penis and restricts the blood flow. This gives him a slightly bigger, slightly harder erection. It also allows him to last longer and have a much more intense orgasm. If this already sounds like the perfect sex toy to you it get’s even better. His lover gets to grind her clit against the vibe and then it truly is an amazing sexy toy for couples to enjoy.
  • Remote controlled vibrators – One of my absolute fave toys. It can be a butt plug, a clit stimulator or a vibrating vaginal toy. The lady wears the toy under her clothes and the man takes the remote in his pocket. He can then send waves of pleasure inside her at a moments notice. All she has to do is not give the game away!
  • Fifty Shades of Grey beginners bondage kit – This kit is a great way for couples to experiment with bondage for the first time.
  • Anal toys – Prostate vibrators for men, butt plugs and anal toys for men and women. Once you get over the fear of pain and the worry about it being dirty, anal play really is lots and lots of fun for both sexes.
  • Sex machines – If the man is feeling lazy then this is the toy for him. The machine is basically a box with a large thrusting dildo attached to it. All he has to do is plug it into the mains, insert the dildo into the lady and then turn it on using the remote. Simple, easy and very good at its job.

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Three quick tips for using sex toys for couples:

  1. Communication is the key – As with everything else in relationships talking things over is the key. The more you talk about your sex life the better it will get.
  2. Practice makes perfect – It is an old piece of advice but it is still very true. Still getting your toys out and having a play isn’t the worst kind of practice I can think of!
  3. ALWAYS use lube for anal play – The butt doesn’t make its own lubrication so you need to use lube and usually a lot more than you think you will need.

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What are the Best Male Sex toys?

What are the best male sex toys? Toys he can use on himself? Toys than can be used on him? Toys that he can use on other people?

Check out this list of the top adult toys for men…

  1. P-spot vibrators – The male prostrate gland is very much like the female g-spot. Often called the male g-spot or the p-spot, when stimulated it can give a man an intense orgasm. Believe it or not a man can orgasm from just having his p-spot stimulated with no additional stimulation to his cock! P-spot vibes are amazing at hitting this spot and highly recommend for any man wanting to experiment with prostrate orgasms.
  2. Vibrating cock rings – Cock rings are designed to slightly reduce blood flow to an erect penis. This makes the cock slightly bigger, slightly harder and helps the man last longer in bed. (Does this sound like a great male sex toy or what?). If you use a vibrating cock ring the man’s partner can grind against the vibe and then both partners get lots of lovely pleasure from this tiny little toy!
  3. Plastic pussies – These are becoming much more common and socially acceptable. After all if us ladies can fuck ourselves senseless all day long with plastic cocks, why cant guys fuck the life out of a plastic pussy?
  4. Sex swings – For couples, but if it is the guy doing the fucking he will love one of Sex Furniturethese. They allow the person being fucked to be held in the perfect position. They also make sex much less like hard work as all the weight of the one being fucked is taken up by the swing. (Imagine lifting someone up and fucking them against a wall, sex swings make this so much easier).
  5. Bondage tools and toys – It doesn’t matter if a man likes being tied up or he likes doing the tying up! Handcuffs, bondage straps and body restraints are great fun and much easier than learning how to tie complicated knots!
  6. Strap-ons – Not every man’s idea of fun, but some guys love the idea of being fucked by a woman wearing a nice plastic cock. Never forget with anal play always use plenty of lube to stop it hurting and make it nice and sexy.
  7. Spanking paddles and riding crops – To spank or to be spanked… That is the question!?! 😉 No matter which you prefer, spanking is always better with the right tool for the job. Paddles are much more powerful than using your hands and they don’t get tired after a hard session.
  8. Sex machines – For when the man needs a rest! All he needs to do is plug the machine into the mains, position the dildo and thrusting rod into whichever hole he wants it to fuck, then he can sit back and relax. (He can of course control what’s going on with the wireless remote).

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Spanking Paddles – Everything You need to know

Are you interested in spanking? Do you want to give it a go? Have you tried using spanking paddles or other types of spanking toys? Read more and get inspired on this blog post…

Here are some common questions I get asked about spanking toys and implements.

  • What are the best paddles for spanking?
  • Are there other toys you should consider as well?
  • Are there any tips or techniques that can help you have more spanking fun?

Read my answers below:

What are the best paddles for spanking? – My own personal favorite (both for giving and recieving) are the long leather paddles. They have a really nice swing to them and when they strike they both feel and sound amazing.

Are there other toys you should consider as well? – Riding crops, walking canes, leather whips and large wooden paddles are all great fun. Generally speaking the longer the implement the more pain you can dish out!

Are there any tips or techniques that can help you have more spanking fun? – Yes! Buy at least one paddle or crop, they are much more fun than spanking by hand and also you can do much more spanking as your hand won’t get sore.

Practice…A LOT! – Spanking isn’t hard but it does get better with practice. There is a sweet spot that once you find it you will know it is the perfect spank.

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PPS – Finally make sure you read this blog post for some in-depth advice on spanking.