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Dating people on the internet can be great fun or it can be a huge nightmare. It all depends on the site, the people on the site and how many lies they telll..!?!

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Over the years I have spent a lot of time on internet dating sites (both normal and naughty). I have found most men fall into two categories. They either ‘get it’ or ‘don’t get it’ when writing profiles and chatting. The guy’s that get it at the very least have “normal” profiles and send “normal” messages. The ones that don’t “get it” have weak, lame or ridiculous profiles and send rude or badly written messages.

Side note – Sometimes I do chat to the guys that “don’t get it” because they have one shining quality like a cute smile or send me a funny email. But as a general rule the guys that “don’t get it” either get ignored or blocked.

Before we go any further, I don’t want this to be a man hating rant. I love men and I want more of you guys to get it. So if you make any of the mistakes below my hope is that you will change from being one of the guys that “don’t get” it to one of the guys that do “get it” and then you really will “get it”! Pun intended 😉

The men that “get it” who I speak with on the internet are sexy, funny, flirty, respectful and interesting. They don’t push me, get clingy or show signs of jealousy.

The men that “don’t get it” that I speak with are aggressive, sleazy, needy, pushy, manipulative, pathetic, angry idiots. While I’m at it what is it with the cock pics and flashy sports car profile pictures?

To any of you men out there that would like to increase your pulling power on the web, check out my lists below of the most common things I have noticed both good and bad in my time dating on the internet.

The top mistakes men make

  • Lying, lies and liars! Don’t say you’re a non-smoker when you obviously are, or you’re 6ft when you’re really 5”10. Because when women find out the truth all their respect for you is lost.
  • Aggression turns women off. Why do some men think that by trying to bully a woman into a date that they will accept?
  • Being too forward. Women don’t like men telling them how they want to fuck their tight little pussy, ETC. When a.) How do they know the woman even wants this? and b.) How do they know it’s tight and c.) This is not a good starting conversation – so don’t do it! (There is a time and place for this…Learn it!)
  • Not spelling/writing correctly and using too many abbreviations. This is not cool.
  • Not listening. When someone says ‘I am not interested’ then listen. Do not take that as a challenge.
  • Taking rejection personally is just wrong. Move on and get over it. People are entitled to their own opinion.
  • Either one word messages like ‘Hi’ or stupidly long messages to plough through. Both of them bore women.
  • Stalking worries women. Don’t try interacting with someone the minute they come online, it’s freaky.
  • Fake photos, or pictures of cocks, naked bodies, grotty underpants or flash sports cars. Ask yourself… What are you trying to achieve?
  • Obvious copy and pasting does not make a woman feel special.
  • Receiving one email and then presuming the lady will jump straight into bed with you. This rarely happens.
  • Starting live chat before you have even messaged or emailed the poor girl.
  • Stop yourself from making too many ‘you’re beautiful’ comments, declaring your undying love or offering to spend money on a hook up.
  • Treating the lady like she is a real princess does not work either (unless she is a little diva in which case do you really want to date her???).

What catches a woman’s interest?

  • Honesty is always the best policy.
  • Gentle flirting while you get to know someone is exciting.
  • Being funny is always good. Even if she chooses not to date you, she will still like you.
  • Letting conversation flow naturally lets the lady feel at ease, with no pressure on her she is morel likely to feel sexy and attractive.
  • Keeping a woman intrigued keeps her replying to your emails and her wanting to find out more about you.
  • Good writing is sexy, fun and lets the woman you are trying to date see that you have some intelligence.
  • Read the woman’s profile before you interact with her. It gives you a good head start and shows you are genuinely interested.
  • A short, interesting email written just for the lady you are emailing.
  • A clear picture showing your face is the best sort of profile picture.
  • A good profile showing who you are and what you are into.
  • Keep the vibe chilled out and laid back… Have fun.

For some men there is no hope, they should be banned from the internet, confined to wanking and be charged triple by the working girls that have to put up with them. 😉

For the men that are just a bit useless then there is some hope. Learn about women, treat them with the respect that they desire but don’t put them on a pedestal.

Join our community to chat with real women who will help you and advise you as much as possible. Leave your comments below and ladies please tell me what I have missed off the list.

PS – Here are some good tips to help you stay safe online!

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