Can Men and Women Be Friends? – A Man’s Perspective

It is an age old question and it is an important one. Can men and women be friends without attraction, love or sex getting in the way of it?

Some people are of the opinion that men and women can’t really be friends without attraction getting in the way of that friendship and causing issues either between the two friends or between the friends and their partners.

What’s my opinion of this? I completely disagree!

I have tons of female friends, some of whom I think are attractive and some I don’t, this doesn’t affect the friendship in any way shape or form. I also know at various times some of my female friends have been attracted to me (hard to believe, I know lol 😉 ).

First of all I think it’s very easy for men and women to be friends with no physical attraction between them. Not everybody fancies everybody else!

Secondly, I think it is possible for one friend to find another attractive without it getting in the way of the friendship. I have some very hot female friends and if I let my attraction towards them get in the way I would lose some amazing friends. We are all human we find people attractive all day, every single day, it’s what we do. It’s no biggie.

Thirdly, I think two friends can have mutual attraction act on it by getting it on OR not act on it and just accept the fact that they find each other hot and still be good friends. I have female friends who I’ve slept with and then gone back to being good friends with. Again no biggie!

To be honest I think this whole myth stems from insecurity. I think people who are insecure and scared of being not good enough or worry about being cheated on (or dumped) do a few things.

They assume that their partners will always be looking for a chance to cheat and see any close friendship as a perfect opportunity for this to happen.

Also, they assume because they are worrying about sex and cheating all the time that everyone else is thinking about it and that everyone is having sex behind their back.

Finally, they see genuine attraction and assume the absolute worse. Instead of realizing their partners will always find other people attractive, they worry about it and try and control their partners desires.

Ok I’m almost done with this rant. I’m sure as our readers are so awesome they won’t buy into this belief. If you do lets debate it using the comments below 🙂 .

If you do suffer from jealousy or insecurity, I feel for you. I’ve been there and it’s not nice! I suggest you do your best to get it handled. Read some books, take up meditation or get some therapy, you deserve better and so do your partners.

My final point is this, I think we all need to accept the fact that we all find people attractive all the time. Like I said it’s what we do. I get that it can be a little scary but the sooner we all get over our fears and accept that our lovers fancy lots of people the better. Who knows we might even think about sharing them and getting some more action ourselves and then the fun can really start…! 😉

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Have a good one!
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