The Secret Spots Inside a Woman

Learn exactly how to give a woman a vaginal orgasm with no clitoral stimulation. Learn these skills and she will love you forever..!

Giving Her a Vaginal Orgasm

Some interesting facts about men, women and vaginal orgasm:

  • Most people have heard about the G-spot. Some know where to find it. Some even know how to use it to give a woman an orgasm.
  • Very few people have heard of The Deep Spot. Even fewer know where it is. Even fewer know how to use it to make a woman cum.
  • Very few women know how to give themselves a vaginal orgasm.
  • Very few men know how to make women cum vaginally.

Why is this even important?

Clitoral orgasms are GREAT but for most women vaginal orgasms are MUCH, MUCH BETTER! They are more intense, more powerful and more satisfying (for most women, most of the time).

So, for men if you want to give your women deeply powerful, and satisfying sex you NEED to learn how to give her vaginal orgasms.

Ladies, trust me on this one, if you’re not cumming from vaginal stimulation you need to! It feels fucking amazing, I much, much prefer it to just cumming from my clit and when I combine the two together my pleasure goes off the scale!

The G-spot

About two inches inside the front wall of the vagina. This special little love button likes firm pressure from a cock, a toy or fingers.

The Deep Spot

About as deep inside the front of a lady’s pussy as fingers can reach. It can be stimulated with a cock, toys or a partner’s fingers, but it’s not easy to hit it DIY (without a toy).

Anal Orgasms

The right sort of anal stimulation can hit the Deep Spot from the back and give powerful anal orgasms.

Combination Orgasms

All of these spots can be used in combination with each or the clitoris to give even more powerful and satisfying orgasmic experiences.

Some useful links:

Both in this blog and in our library of sexy articles, Jack and I have gone into detail on how to target both of these spots in the best ways possible…

  • Guys check out this post Jack wrote on the deep spot
  • Also check out this one on ejaculation control
  • Ladies check out this one on giving yourself vaginal orgasms…

(TIP: Ladies – You might also want to share the guys’ links above with your man if you think he needs it 😉 ).

So, this was just a nice and short blog post. All I wanted to do was let you know how totally awesome vaginal orgasms are and share some cool advice to help you or your lady get there.

One final thing I want to say to the ladies…

All women can have vaginal orgasms. Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can’t do it. All it takes is learning some techniques and then practicing them either on your own or with a partner.

Good luck and please let me know how you get on.


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