How Honest Can You Be With Your Partner?

Are you honest with your partner about your true secret desires. Do you tell him or her everything? Do you even think this is a good idea?

Talking about sex especially in a relationship can be a tricky area. Jealousy, insecurity and other fears often prevent men and women from being honest about their sexual desires and needs.

For example:
The man might want a threesome with another woman. The woman might want to try anal sex but fears that he will think she is too dirty if she asks so she pretends the idea doesn’t turn her on. The man might like to try having something up his ass but is scared because he is worried she might think this means he is gay. In my opinion all this stuff is BS, its just our own personal fears getting in the way of us having more fun!

How to overcome this?

There are no answers as such, but there is common ground and common sense, and there are some steps you can take to get this handled. Make sure you are honest with each other and that by being honest you are trying to improve your sex life rather than to cause unnecessary pain, stress and drama.

You must fight your fears of being judged because if you don’t, then not only will you be always wondering “what if?” but you may also be tempted to stray as time goes by (and you don’t want that!).

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