What Turns Women On

When it comes to sex us ladies are strange creatures. We get turned on by all sorts of things that guys would never, ever realize…Until now that is..! 😉

12 Random Things That Make Me Horny!

I am writing this blog to give men a better understanding of just how secretly horny most women are. In my last post, women love sex, I talked about the same subject and why women suppress their true feelings. The list below shares some of the day to day experiences that I come across that get me hot and horny. As you will see some of them are very random! 🙂

If you are a man reading this, then these might surprise you. If you are a woman reading this, then you will probably have your own list so please, do me a favor and list them below in the comments section. If it helps give men a better understanding of how we work then it’s worth the effort!

In no particular order…

The harmonica: The men that usually play this beautiful instrument are old, fat and ugly. For some reason every time I hear and see them my mind will fantasize about how they would make love to me. I suddenly don’t care one bit what he looks like, he is sexy as hell to me.

A man that has just finished work: (Especially a construction worker or mechanic) I think it has something to do with them working hard all day. Usually, as soon as I see one, I have mind flashes of helping them release their tension and aching muscles.

Tractors. Yes tractors!!! – I instantly get horny from seeing one and if it’s a young farmer driving them then watch out if you’re on the road because my eyes are not where they should be!!!

Talking to hot girls: This one is really naughty of me because they probably won’t know that I swing both ways. They are chatting innocently to me all the while I am eyeing them up and imagining what it would be like to fuck them.

Bald heads: I’m a sucker for them (think Bruce Willis and Jason Statham). It must have something to do with the way they are portrayed as ‘The tough guy that will protect me’. He can be twice my age with a beer gut, but I will still look at him with a sexy curiosity if he has a sexy bald head.

Feminine men: Yes, this type of man also makes me wonder a lot. I am sure it is because they are in touch with their feminine side, which gives me hope that he will understand me on a deeper level than your average tough guy.

Chocolate: As soon as it starts to melt in my mouth, I am reminded of sex!!!

Vibrations on a bus: Before I passed my driving test I used to ride the bus everywhere I went. I’ve had plenty of experiences where my mind wanders off on a shaky bus and I cannot wait till I can get home to finish the job!

People bending over: “Would I, wouldn’t I?” I can’t help myself… It just turns me on.

Feet: I have a foot fetish (most of us love something that’s weird, right?) and I just love summer because of it! I get instant images in my mind of sucking toes when I see nice feet.

Wind between my legs: OK, so I go commando here and there for the thrill of it. I am fine most of the time until the wind hits me between my legs. It makes me think sexy thoughts and then my mind starts racing!

Music: Certain music gets me wet and takes my mind into the world of fantasy.

This should give you an idea on how many times a lady can get horny through the day! You may think this is strange, but I promise you it’s not. I may be at the top end of the scale for horny women but believe me the majority of ladies think like this.

Guys… I challenge you to find out what random things your lady finds a turn on and use it to amplify the fun you have together.

Ladies… The more of this you share with your man, the better your sex life will be. If you feel shy, then send your man this blog post to get you started.

We have a huge community that loves to delve into the world of fantasy so come and join us here.


Women Fantasizing During Sex

(From a Woman’s Perspective)

A lot of women fantasize during sex (whether they admit it or not). It can be as small as her thinking about her partner in a different scenario with him/her involved, to fantasizing about somebody else making love to her. Personally, most of the time I fantasize about the person I’m with but, on some occasions, I do think about other people.

It just happens

Sometimes I can’t help fantasizing about other people. It will be dark or maybe I’m a little drunk and he/she looks different and that’s it I’m off into my fantasy world. Sometimes my fantasy involves other people, other people that I should not be fucking! Sometimes it’s people I don’t like but it’s too late. They pop into my mind I’m already fucking them in my fantasy. I don’t mean it to happen but it just does, I can’t help it happening and my guess is that some men do it while they are fucking me as well.

I am not alone

Lots of women fantasize during sex, some won’t admit it, some don’t even know they are doing it and a small proportion are like me and know just how naughty they are! What men need to realize is we do it and that we probably do it a lot more than they think. A lot of guys feel threatened by this because they don’t understand it. Especially if the fantasy involves other people which it quite often can.

Why do women do this?

Women orgasm with their minds, this is how we cum! We talk to ourselves and run mental movies in our mind’s to help us climax. We have to do this or quite often we might struggle to even reach a climax and you wouldn’t want that would you boys? We often need to fantasize to reach orgasm and the fear that you won’t understand this makes us feel the need to keep it a secret.

We feel that by withholding the truth we are saving ourselves from being judged unnecessarily. We know some men don’t understand the truth and because men cannot see what is happening then it’s easier for us to keep quiet.

What scares men about it?

Men feel that they have lost control because they can’t see what is happening or that their woman is being unfaithful if she fantasizes. I can understand this to a certain extent. If a man is focusing on his lover and she is thinking about another person I appreciate how this could be hurtful. But from her perspective she does not mean to cause him harm she is merely helping him bring her to orgasm. So ladies if you do fantasize about other men while sleeping with your lover you do need to be sensitive about his feelings. Imagine if it was the other way round, you were totally focused on him and he was think about fucking some other girl… How would you feel?

Together it can be better!

Ladies… You might be able to turn this situation around by being honest with your partner. Talk to him about your fantasies, why you have to fantasize and what can be done to involve him. Instead of them being a guilty secret they can be used to increase the fun you have TOGETHER.

Men… You need to accept that most women fantasize during sex and that might be about other people. If you can accept that it’s completely natural then you can share this with her instead of running away from it. Try coming up with a naughty scenario during sex and order her to act it out in her mind (it’s bound to work!)

Find fantasies that you can share together and use this to enhance your sex life. Remember guys that a women’s orgasm starts in her mind not her body. If you can turn her mind on then you will have a great level of control and power over her (in a good way!).

Why not check out our community to find like-minded friends that share your passion for sex and sexy fun?

PS – Nancy Friday wrote a lot about female fantasies in one of her most famous books “My Secret Garden“.

Secret Erotica and LGBT – A Note of Welcome

LGBT members are always very, very welcome here at Secret Erotica. Please read this post to understand where we are coming from…

Whilst writing the first few blog posts for the website Lola and I realized that there was something missing. I am totally straight and Lola is bi but definitely on the straighter side of bi (if you get my meaning).

What this means is that this blog, the articles in our library and the help and advice we offer is mostly targeted at straight guys and girls (and bi girls). While we don’t feel there is anything wrong with this we do realize it isn’t ideal. We do have a concern that our LGBT friends might not feel as welcome here as they should.

To be honest, it’s not easy for us to address completely. It would for example be ridiculous if I started trying to blog about sex tips for T-Girls etc. If we are to be genuine we can only talk from our own experiences and coming from a place of truth and honesty is very important for both of us.

So, firstly from me and Lola we would just like to say everyone is welcome no matter your gender, ethnicity, sexuality orientation or any other demographic you can think of! It’s very important that whoever you chose to fuck, date or fall in love with, you know you are welcome within this site and community.

Secondly we ask that if there is anything we can do to make you feel more welcome and a valued part of the community please just let us know. If in any way we can help we will do. You can contact us here or via the community here.

Finally we work very hard to keep Secret Erotica a troll free zone. We are intolerant of intolerance, so please let us know if you have any issues and we will resolve them immediately.

Warm welcomes!
PS – This site might be of interest for keeping up-to-date on LGBT news and current affairs etc.

How Taking a Leak Can Improve Your Sex Life!?!? (Tip for the men)

Simple, easy to follow tips to improve a man’s sex life. And yes it does have everything to do with taking a leak…

Yes, you heard me right. Taking a leak can improve your sex life. No this isn’t a joke and no it isn’t some dumb internet scam to try and get you to spend money. It’s just a simple technique to help you to…

Improve your ejaculation control (You get to choose when you cum!)
Increase the intensity of your orgasms.
Give you the capability to have multiple orgasms!

Yes you read that right, it’s little known fact that men can have multiple orgasms. So what the hell am I talking about?

How to do it:

EVERY TIME you take a leak stop mid flow 5-10 times, pause for a second or two before carrying on. It’s that simple. Just stop and start your flow as many times as possible.


This strengthens your pelvic floor muscles (also known as PC or kegel muscles). These muscles (the same ones that lift your balls up and down) and their strength dictate how intense your orgasms are, how much control you have over ejaculation and can also help you have multiple orgasms!

Ejaculation control:

The stronger your PC muscles are the longer you can last during intercourse. As your PC muscles improve you will have much, much more control over when you cum.

Increase the intensity of your orgasms:

I have no ideas why this is, but I know its true from my own experience. As your muscles get stronger your orgasms increase in intensity. You should start to notice a difference within a few weeks of starting this exercise.

Male multiple orgasms:

This is more complicated and needs it’s own blog post to explain it fully. But if your PC muscles are well trained it is possible to use them to stop ejaculation during orgasm. This means you can have a dry orgasm without losing your erection. This of course means you can carry on and have multiple orgasms in a similar way to a woman.

Give it a go:

Try it out for a few weeks and you will notice a difference. Like I said before just stop mid flow as many times as possible, every time you take a leak.
I will post a longer blog post on kegel exercises, ejaculation control and multiple orgasms soon but for now just practice this one tip and you will be amazed!


(Please note I am not a Doctor! If you have any serious concerns around your health please consult a professional health worker).

Feel free to comment or ask any questions using the form below. If you haven’t already you really need to join our sexy online community now! The members are awesome; it’s rammed with sexy stories, advice, chat and lots of very horny people.

Have a good one!

10 Things Women Do In Bed That I Love

I love fucking women. Not only do I find them very attractive but they do some little things that just blow my mind and get my cock throbbing with excitement and pleasure…

My last blog post was a bit of a rant. I listed 20 things women do during sex that really piss me off. This blog post is going to be much more positive, it’s about the things women do in bed that I love.

If you are a woman and you don’t do any of these things perhaps you should think about giving them a go? If you are a guy and would like your lady to do any of these why not send her this link as a not so subtle hint? 😉

Give blow-jobs (and expect nothing in return) – This is one of my all time favorites. I love it when a woman sucks my cock and then lets me chill out. No expectation of a favor being returned, no need to fuck her, go down on her or anything else. JUST a blowjob and that’s it! (Trust me ladies you will reap the rewards for this in the long term.)

Give massages – Sexy ones or even non-sexy “sort out my tired muscles” ones. Either is good and a combination of both at the same time is even better.

Dress up – Lingerie rocks. I know you ladies sometimes have different tastes than us men but there is always some common ground. Find something that makes you feel sexy and turns your man on and it’s a win-win situation. (IMO win-win is the way forward wherever possible in all aspects of life including sex)

Fly solo – There is nothing that turns me on more than watching a woman play with herself until she cums (preferably more than once). It’s so sexy it hurts!

Help me out from time to time – I love being a good lover, I work hard at learning as many sexual skills as possible and always want my woman to feel sexually satisfied. But sometimes it’s not that easy. Women are complicated so any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Just show me the path and I will follow it.

Swallow – You might not want to hear this but IMO unless you swallow my cum it’s not a proper blowjob! I don’t really know why I like this so much but I know that I do. BTW never spit it into my mouth I DO NOT WANT TO EAT MY OWN CUM. Unlike some guys I have no issues with kissing you straight after you’ve swallowed but that’s as far as it goes for me.

Share naughty secrets – I know what you women are like! You are all very horny, very dirty and fantasize A LOT. Don’t be shy, share that stuff with me and then I can use it to improve our sex life!

Bite me – HARD…But only when I’m having an orgasm. I love it and it makes my orgasm much more intense.

Take control – Most of the time I’m a very dominant lover but on occasion there is nothing nicer than lying back and letting a woman take control.

Squirting – This one is very rare. All women can squirt but very few know how to. Watching a woman have a whole body orgasm and squirting from her pussy is very, very sexy!

Guys – Leave your comments and add your personal faves to the list.
Girls – Take note and hit me up with any questions or thoughts.

Have a good one!