What are the Sexiest Social Media Sites for Naughty Fun?

Social media is an amazing online phenomenon. Social sites can be a great place to share erotic stories, flirt and even meet people for sexy fun. But some sites are definitely better than others…

Do you like flirting and chatting with sexy people online?

I love it! In fact that’s why I built this website (well actually I got some geeks to build it for me but you know what I mean lol).

With the explosion of social media websites over the past few years there are some great choices out there and most people tend to play around with at least two or three.

I’ve made a list of my faves below, I’ve put the good points and the bad points for each one and also links so we can hook up and play together… Yay! 🙂

Secret Erotica

Ok, ok, I admit I’m biased BUT the reason Secret Erotica exists is because I wasn’t happy with the other networks and wanted to make a much better one for me and everyone else to enjoy.

Good points:

  • As it’s purely for sexy fun there is (almost) no censorship and no one who gets offended if they find something naughty.
  • Simple to use and easy to interact with other members.
  • Instant chat (yes it can be used one handed 😉 )
  • STRICT policy on trolls, bullies, idiots and weirdo’s.
  • Library packed with free erotic stories.
  • Writers can share their own sexy stories.
  • Personal touch, the owners of the site are active members.

Click here to claim your free Secret Erotica membership…

Not so good points:

  • It’s new so there are still a few little glitches to be ironed out.
  • As it is new there aren’t millions of users (…yet).


Good points:

  • Quite random this can be a lot of fun.
  • Lots of sexy people to play with.
  • Good for finding offers on sex toys etc.

Not so good points:

  • No sexy library.
  • Some censorship, but you can get away with a lot 😉 .
  • Quite a lot of weirdo’s.
  • Impersonal, I have no idea who owns Twitter but I’m sure they aren’t following me…!

To follow me on Twitter click here…


Good points:

  • Plenty of people to play with.
  • Not too much censorship.
  • Easy to use.

Not so good points

  • Doesn’t let you add people you don’t have a connection with, which makes it really hard to make new friends.
  • Not a dedicated sex site so non-flirty members often won’t approve of your shenanigans.
  • The way the feeds work mean you can easily lose touch with people.
  • They will restrict your account at the drop of hat.
  • LOTS of creepy guys.
  • No erotic library.

You can hook up with my personal Facebook page here…


  • Lots of sexy people.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lots of groups to join.

Not so good points

  • Really strict censorship, accounts get banned all the time.
  • Not a dedicated sex site so non sexy members can get a bit grumpy or judgmental.
  • Google has this annoying habit of trying to make all your Google accounts join up! I might not want my YouTube friends to know what I’m up to on G+ thank you very much!!!
  • You can’t send private messages. You have to go through ‘Hangouts’ – WTF..!?!?!
  • Google hangouts mean you can get hounded a lot by idiots.

Check out the Secret Erotica G+ page here…


Good points:

  • Very little censorship
  • Lots of sexy people
  • Some good adult stories

Not so good points

  • Not great for one on one interactions, no chat etc.
  • Really it’s more of a blog platform than a social media site.

You can hook up with me on Tumblr here…

So, my honest opinion is that if you are looking for a sexy social media community to play in Secret Erotica is the best!

Check out this video to find out why…

Claim your FREE membership here

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