Pleasure and Pain in the Bedroom

Do you like to feel pain during foreplay and sex? Do you think you might but you aren’t sure how to give it a go, or how to bring it up with your partner…?

My Personal Take…

I’m addicted to pain in the bedroom. I can say without a doubt it increases my libido and heightens my sexual arousal A LOT. In fact I can’t get enough of it.

Here’s an interesting thing about sex and pain…I have a friend (who’s gay) that thinks it’s funny to give me agonizing “nipple cripple’s” (he twists my nipple through my clothes to make me squeal) whenever he sees me. This hurts, a lot and I don’t enjoy it! But when I am enjoying foreplay and sex then all of a sudden I’m begging my partner to do the same. In that frame of mind the exact same thing feels like a sexy tickle. Something that would normally be painful becomes arousing and pleasurable during sexual contact.

Why is this?

During sexual intercourse there are endorphins that are released in the brain. These compounds have pain killing properties which increase the threshold for pain. Consequently pain tolerance is increased during sex.

When I experience pain during sex I can’t help but think thoughts like ‘he’s hurting me but it feels so good’ or ‘I’m such a dirty bitch’. This increases my levels of arousal and gets me hornier. Don’t get me wrong, soft, sensual strokes and caresses can feel amazing but sometimes I prefer it rough and painful!

Here are some examples of play-pain that I like:

Having my hair being pulled not only increases my pleasure because of the pain but it also helps my mind fall into fantasy world that I secretly desire.

Having my nipples bitten and squeezed hard drives my libido up the wall… I can’t get enough of it.

Spanking is horny as hell. I like the pain of a good hard spanking but also love the feeling being dominated and punished for being a naughty little bitch.

Giving and receiving pain can be a great addition to any sexual relationship when done within boundaries and when both partners are aware of what is happening. Why not give it a go? Start slow and know your limits. Experiment with each other and have fun.

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