Reading a Woman’s Signals…

Most women communicate a lot with non-verbal signals like body language and eye contact. Once you crack this code you can learn what she really wants and then take her sexy pleasure up to a whole new level…

She’s Telling You What She Wants!

If you are a man reading this you need to learn one very important thing about women.

Women are much better at (and often prefer) non-verbal communication to verbal.

What do I mean by this? Women are very skilled at communicating without speaking. They are much more likely than men to communicate this way and because of this are much better than men at doing so.

Ladies, if you disagree with this just think for a moment. How many times have you sat waiting for a guy to kiss you, thinking you are making it stupidly obvious but he doesn’t make a move? Do you think that same guy would hesitate if you said, “kiss me”? Probably not!

There is a long and complicated evolutionary theory for all this that I might blog about if there is enough interest. (Let me know in the comments section below if you are interested?)… But for the sake of this argument just accept that women communicate using non-verbal signals A LOT.

Another point worth bearing in mind, relates to the point above, women sometimes forget or aren’t aware that men aren’t great at reading their signals. This leads to all sorts of confusion and miscommunication.
Think about this one for a while, it could help you out with the opposite sex in ALL aspects of your life!

What has all this got to do with sex?

Most men have very simple needs, but for women it is different. Women are complicated and have wide a range of sexual needs and desires. They all have different needs. Even the same woman will have different needs depending on what day it is. All this can make it tricky for a man who wants to satisfy one or more women!

To make it even more complicated a lot of women have this ideal fantasy of a man knowing exactly what to do to please her without needing any help or advice? Yes fellas, this is annoying and makes it even harder to learn how to turn a woman on! (You gotta love ’em though…Right? 😉)

So, the secret to learning how to turn your woman on and the secret to being the guy “that just knows what to do” is simple, powerful and very effective:

Get very good at reading her non-verbal signals

  • Watch her body
  • Listen to the noises she makes
  • Keep an eye on her breathing
  • See if her skin is flushed
  • Check to see if her pupils are dilated (wide open)

Important note number one
Not all of these signals are always accurate, especially things like the size of her pupils or if her skin is flushed. BUT if you watch all of these when you are with her you will get the picture of how she is feeling.

As you practice this with one or more women, you will get a sixth sense for it. You will notice and react to any changes in her body and you will be able to use this sense to increase the amount of pleasure you give her.

Important note number two
Don’t act like some crazy scientist studying a creature from outer space! Don’t spend all your time obsessively watching every move she makes! Instead just become aware of the signals she is giving you and use them to change the way you touch her.

As you get good at this, you will be able to read all sorts from her:

  • What she likes
  • What she doesn’t like
  • What speed she likes
  • What pressure she likes

And that’s just the start, the better you get at reading her body, the more you will be able to get out of it. Not only will you be a much better lover but you will also be able to create a deeper emotional bond with the women you sleep with. She will feel more understood, more satisfied and happier with her love life. One thing I’ve learnt over time is that the happier a woman is with her sex life the more sex she wants…!

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Have a good one!
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