Up the Bum No Harm Done…

A lot of men would like to experiment with anal play but are worried about appearing gay or even just too submissive. BUT it doesn’t have to be like that, lots of straight alpha guys love anal fun and you can as well

Anal Play Does Not Make You Gay!

FACT – Most men are scared of a woman going anywhere near their ass.

What’s the big deal boys? You get turned on by playing with girls’ butts and you know most girls love it. Why can’t women repay the favor and give you some anal pleasure? Did you know men can orgasm from the prostrate gland (sometimes known as the male g-spot)?

You need to realize that a lot of women like fantasizing/playing with your ass. Personally I like playing with a man’s ass because I know how much fun I can give him. Also it’s like breaking down the last barrier. It only happens when there is a lot of trust and respect. The fact that a man let’s me play with his ass means we are comfortable with each other.

Losing your fears opens up doors! (Pun intended!)

Anal play does not make you gay!
It just means you like your butt to be played with. It would only be gay if it was a man playing with your butt (derrrrrh! 😉 ). If this is what scares you then you need to let go because you’re missing out on a whole new world of fun!

You will not be covered in poop!
There is a time and a place for anal play. You need to make sure you are showered and preferably hair free. That you don’t need to break wind or use the bathroom and if you struggle with constipation then you should think dramatically about increasing your water and fibre intake, this BTW is for more reasons than just butt play!

No pain no gain… (Only joking! 😉 )
Feeling pain is a legitimate concern but anal play does not have to be painful. There are 3 easy steps to follow… You need to stay relaxed, use plenty of lube and go slowly. If you follow these three steps there is no need at all to suffer for your pleasure.

Now we have the fear out the way we can look at the ways of stimulating your butt hole:

Rimming (licks to the butt hole)
It feels amazing and trying this can be your first step to anal pleasure. Try giving and receiving in the good old 69 position.

Finger (up your butt)
Get your woman to slide one in and curl it round to find and pleasure your prostate. Make sure she lubes up!

Anal beads
You can have a lot of fun with these. Try getting your woman to pull them out as you cum and your orgasm will be much more intense than usual. (Very good fun!).

Vibrating toys are awesome…
Give it a try. Don’t worry you are NOT gay if you play with one of these. The vibrations will stimulate your anus and massage your prostate YOU WILL ENJOY IT A LOT!

Strap on
Your woman can use one of these on you for some seriously fun role play (if you dare!). Its important to get the right strap-on!

There you go! Some advice to help you get started. Do your best to let go of your fears and it will be worth it. Anal play can increase intensity of orgasms, give you a new type of orgasm and add a whole new element to your sex life. So check out these toys and get started…

I understand that this might be scary so comment below and make sure you join our community for help, advice and encouragement.


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