Sex Swings – Seriously Good Fun!

Sex swings are great. They are a really cool way to get into all sorts of sexy positions that you wouldn’t normally be able to! If that sounds like fun then check out this blog post for more info and ideas…

Everything you should know before buying

Before you invest your hard earned cash in a sex swing you might want to know a little bit more about them…

  • What are they?
  • How do you use them?
  • What is so cool about them?
  • Where can you buy them from?
  • How much do they cost?
  • How do you hang them? Do you need special equipment?

What are they? – A sex swing is specially manufactured harness designed to be sat in during sex. One person sits in the swing and can move freely while the other partner kneels or stands.

Some are hung from doors, some are fixed to the ceiling and some come with a special stand (similar to the stand you might see on a kiddie’s garden version).

How do you use them? – There are easy to use. The first thing to do is to follow the instructions and make sure they are safely and correctly mounted. After this one person is suspended in the swing and the other is on the ground. Beyond that well, whatever feels good is all good baby! 😉

What is so cool about them? – Because it takes all the weight of the person sitting in it, it is really easy to have sex. The person doing the fucking can really easily move the person in the sling so it’s great for long sessions or sexy intercourse.

Where can you buy them from? – That one is easy we have a wide range of these and other furniture for sale in our in-house toy store.

How much do they cost? – From thirty buck to over four hundred. Of course it’s up to you and your budget which ones you go for but I suggest you spend as much as you can. Unlike some adult toys the more you spend the better quality you get.

How do you hang them? – Do you need special equipment? – It all depends on the type of swing that you buy. Some can easily be hung from a door. Some require an eye-bolt fixing in the ceiling and some come with a metal frame that the swing can be suspended from. All you have to do is pick the best option for you and your home (or dungeon 😉 ).

So now you have learned a bit more about them check out our in-house sex toy store and find the best swing to suit your needs…

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