Curious about Sex Machines?

What are fucking machines? How do you use them? Are they much fun? How much do they cost? How do they work? Find out on this post…

Yes, that’s right they exist! You might not have known it but they do and they are becoming increasingly popular.

  • What are sex machines?
  • Where can you buy them?
  • How much do they cost?
  • What types of fucking machines are there?

What are they?

Sometimes known as fucking machines or dildo machines they are basically a box with a dildo attached to it. The dildo is powered by an electric motor and it makes a thrusting motion with the toy so users can fuck themselves silly with it.

This means no floppy cocks, no tired lovers who need to rest, no awkward sex positions, just non-stop, perfectly rhythmical, hard, fast thrusting to blow your mind!

Ok, this might sound perfect, but there is no human interaction so let’s not hit the divorce courts just yet!  😉

Where can you buy them from?

We have a collection of top quality machines for sale in our in-house sex toy store. Our prices are as low as possible and we only stock quality goods, so just click on this link to browse through the selection and see what takes your fancy.

How much do they cost?

This is a very good question as they can be very expensive. So you need to know the prices before you decide to buy one and ditch your current human thrusting device. 😉

BUT don’t worry in our in-house adult toy store we have a range of options from lower priced versions to the top of the market. This means they are affordable if you haven’t got a lot of cash. But if you want to then you can treat yourself to a high-end luxury fuck machine!

What different types are there?

They basically come in two types, either a box or a stand. The ones on a stand are great for positions like doggy style while the ones in a box are often suited for when when you are lying down. (They can of course be fixed to a piece of furniture so that you can access more fun positions).

The choice is yours and it really boils down to your budget and your personal preferences.

What features do they come with?

Of course each brand and model is different and has different features but here is a list of general options you will find…

  • A choice of dildos for you to have fun with.
  • Varying speed and thrust so you can find the perfect rhythm.
  • Vibrations to add even more to the intensity of the thrusting.
  • Either a stand or foot attachments so you can get fucked all day long without moving about too much.
  • Either remote control or a controller on a wire so that you or your lover can set the tempo.
  • Some rotate, some pulsate, some thrust, some do all three at the same time!
  • Low noise motors to make sure no one hears you getting fucked senseless!

So are you tempted? Would you like to know more? Do you think a sex machine could be fun?

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PPS – I hope if you do buy one of these toys it doesn’t end you up in the divorce courts! 😉 😉 😉

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