Sex Toys for Boys

What are the very best sex toys for boys? There is such a huge range of adult toys for men on the market and it is difficult to know which ones to go for…

For many years adult toys for the boys  were way behind women’s in both range of choice and in quality. But that has all changed and the choice of adult toys for men and women is now pretty equal.

I think this can only be a good thing. In my opinion the more people there are in the world having better sex the better we will all be!

Check out this list of the best adult toys for the boys…

Anal vibes – The man’s prostrate gland (aka the male g-spot or the p-spot) is similar to the female g-spot. If stimulated with the right amount of pressure and vibration it can give an intense orgasm to a man. (Even without any stimulation to his cock!).

Plastic pussies – While there used to be a certain amount of stigma about plastic pussies they are now becoming more accepted and popular. In my opinion this is about time and only fair. After all us ladies have been playing around with plastic cocks for a long, long time. So why shouldn’t the guys have plastic pussies to fuck when they are flying solo?

Sex furniture – Really sex furniture is for couples but guys love it, as it is a great way of allowing them to fuck in more fun positions. What guy wouldn’t like that?

Sex machines –Ever feel like taking a rest? Ok lets be honest we all get lazy sometimes. With a fucking machine the guy can plug it in, insert it into his partner, switch it on, lie back and enjoy watching the action (all whilst staying in control with a nifty little remote!).

Spanking paddles – There is very little that I like more than being told I’m a very bad girl and being punished by a dominant man. If that man happens to have a nice firm leather spanking paddle then all the better!

Cock rings – Cock rings help a man have a harder, bigger firmer erection and I haven’t met a man yet who doesn’t like the sound of that idea! If the cock ring also has a vibrating bullet attachment on it then the woman can easily grind her clit against it and then this truly becomes a great sex toy for couples to enjoy in bed together.

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