What are the Best Sex Toys for Couples?

Want to know what the best sex toys for couples are? Do you need something fun to add to your love life? Have a look at this list for ideas and sexy inspiration…

Naughty adult toys are a great way to spice up a relationship. They add extra fun and can be a great way to build sexy shared experiences together.

  • Sex swings – These are great fun. You know that hot sex where the guy holds the lady up against the wall and fucks her senseless? Do you also know the reality of this being hard work for the guy and nowhere near as sexy in reality as the fantasy might suggest? Well the solution is a door mounted sex swing. The swing holds the lady up against the wall so that he can focus on fucking her and not worry about collapsing or putting his back out!
  • Sex furniture – Ever wanted to get in that perfect position but not been able to manage it? No matter how many cushion or pillows you wedge under your booty to prop you up? Sex furniture is specially designed to help you find the perfect spot for intercourse (or whatever else you might be getting up to!).
  • Vibrating cock rings – The ring goes over his erect penis and restricts the blood flow. This gives him a slightly bigger, slightly harder erection. It also allows him to last longer and have a much more intense orgasm. If this already sounds like the perfect sex toy to you it get’s even better. His lover gets to grind her clit against the vibe and then it truly is an amazing sexy toy for couples to enjoy.
  • Remote controlled vibrators – One of my absolute fave toys. It can be a butt plug, a clit stimulator or a vibrating vaginal toy. The lady wears the toy under her clothes and the man takes the remote in his pocket. He can then send waves of pleasure inside her at a moments notice. All she has to do is not give the game away!
  • Fifty Shades of Grey beginners bondage kit – This kit is a great way for couples to experiment with bondage for the first time.
  • Anal toys – Prostate vibrators for men, butt plugs and anal toys for men and women. Once you get over the fear of pain and the worry about it being dirty, anal play really is lots and lots of fun for both sexes.
  • Sex machines – If the man is feeling lazy then this is the toy for him. The machine is basically a box with a large thrusting dildo attached to it. All he has to do is plug it into the mains, insert the dildo into the lady and then turn it on using the remote. Simple, easy and very good at its job.

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Three quick tips for using sex toys for couples:

  1. Communication is the key – As with everything else in relationships talking things over is the key. The more you talk about your sex life the better it will get.
  2. Practice makes perfect – It is an old piece of advice but it is still very true. Still getting your toys out and having a play isn’t the worst kind of practice I can think of!
  3. ALWAYS use lube for anal play – The butt doesn’t make its own lubrication so you need to use lube and usually a lot more than you think you will need.

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