What are the Best Male Sex toys?

What are the best male sex toys? Toys he can use on himself? Toys than can be used on him? Toys that he can use on other people?

Check out this list of the top adult toys for men…

  1. P-spot vibrators – The male prostrate gland is very much like the female g-spot. Often called the male g-spot or the p-spot, when stimulated it can give a man an intense orgasm. Believe it or not a man can orgasm from just having his p-spot stimulated with no additional stimulation to his cock! P-spot vibes are amazing at hitting this spot and highly recommend for any man wanting to experiment with prostrate orgasms.
  2. Vibrating cock rings – Cock rings are designed to slightly reduce blood flow to an erect penis. This makes the cock slightly bigger, slightly harder and helps the man last longer in bed. (Does this sound like a great male sex toy or what?). If you use a vibrating cock ring the man’s partner can grind against the vibe and then both partners get lots of lovely pleasure from this tiny little toy!
  3. Plastic pussies – These are becoming much more common and socially acceptable. After all if us ladies can fuck ourselves senseless all day long with plastic cocks, why cant guys fuck the life out of a plastic pussy?
  4. Sex swings – For couples, but if it is the guy doing the fucking he will love one of Sex Furniturethese. They allow the person being fucked to be held in the perfect position. They also make sex much less like hard work as all the weight of the one being fucked is taken up by the swing. (Imagine lifting someone up and fucking them against a wall, sex swings make this so much easier).
  5. Bondage tools and toys – It doesn’t matter if a man likes being tied up or he likes doing the tying up! Handcuffs, bondage straps and body restraints are great fun and much easier than learning how to tie complicated knots!
  6. Strap-ons – Not every man’s idea of fun, but some guys love the idea of being fucked by a woman wearing a nice plastic cock. Never forget with anal play always use plenty of lube to stop it hurting and make it nice and sexy.
  7. Spanking paddles and riding crops – To spank or to be spanked… That is the question!?! 😉 No matter which you prefer, spanking is always better with the right tool for the job. Paddles are much more powerful than using your hands and they don’t get tired after a hard session.
  8. Sex machines – For when the man needs a rest! All he needs to do is plug the machine into the mains, position the dildo and thrusting rod into whichever hole he wants it to fuck, then he can sit back and relax. (He can of course control what’s going on with the wireless remote).

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