What are the Best Sex Toys?

Do you want to know what are the best sex toys for women, men and couples? I’ve complied a list of the best out there so feel free to check it out…

Check out this list of the top ten best adult toys:

  1. Luxury vibes and dildos – While budget sex toys are great fun and they will give you lots of nice orgasms there is something really awesome about spending a little bit more on a luxury toy. The more expensive toys look better, they feel better, they work better and they last almost forever. Also they have cool little features, like being easy to clean, fully rechargeable and offering much better control of the speeds and intensities. Well worth the money if you can afford it!  Glass Dildo
  2. P-spot vibes – Designed to stimulate the prostrate glands and give the man a very intense full body orgasm even without any stimulation of his cock! Once a guy gets over any concerns he might have about putting a toy up his butt he will start to love playing with his p-spot vibe.
  3. G-spot vibes and dildos – Specially designed to hit that sweet and sexy spot inside a lady. Fingers sometimes just won’t do the job and that’s where the g-spot vibe comes in very, very handy!
  4. Sex machine – A thrusting dildo in a box. These machines never go limp, they never get tired and they can last all night long. But to be fair they aren’t much good at pillow talk or cuddles once the fucking is over!
  5. Vibrating cock rings – The ring gives him a firmer, larger erection plus helps him last longer and have a much more powerful orgasm. She gets to grinds her clit against the vibe as he fucks her. I think that’s what’s called a win-win arrangement!
  6. Sex swings – These allow couples to fuck in all sorts of exciting new positions but without the guy having to hold the lady up, so he has more energy for fucking her.
  7. Remote controlled toys – One of the best adult toys for couples to play with. She wears the vibrating toy on her clit or inside her. They both go out for a walk, to a bar or for a meal. He drives her wild by turning the toy on and off with the remote. She does her best to not let it show but perhaps it doesn’t always manage to conceal her sexy pleasure!?!?
  8. Bondage toys and kits –It doesn’t matter who is tying who up if you have some cuffs and restraints if feels a lot sexier and it’s much better than just tying knots in scarves or belts.
  9. Spanking implements – Again it doesn’t matter who is doing the spanking and who is being spanked. Paddles, whips and crops make it feel so much kinkier and they hurt a lot more as well! (If you want them too…Tee heee hee! 😉 )
  10. Butt plugs and anal toys – Both men and women can orgasm from anal play and it is a great way to add a new dimension to your sex life. The important thing to remember is to always use lots and lots of lube whenever you are experimenting with anal fun and games.

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